Explanations… or Excuses?

It appears that several folks have stopped by in the past couple days to see what’s new, only to find no new content, even though Doctor Who has wrapped up its 8th season and Supernatural celebrated its 200th episode.  Sadly, life and health (not serious) got in the way.

I missed all of Tuesday’s shows, being down for the count with a migraine.  Tuesday!  The best night of television!  I missed The Flash, Supernatural, Agents of SHIELD, and my latest delight, the un-scifi Masterchef Junior.  (It’s so fun to see Gordon Ramsey being kind and not yelling.)  I haven’t caught up with all the missed shows yet, but will try to get some thoughts posted over the weekend.

You may stop reading now if you don’t care about personal trivia.  I won’t be offended.  🙂

In refinancing my mortgage I discovered I have a mold problem.  The first phase has been successfully treated, but I still need some work done.  Holy shit, this work is expensive!  At least I’m earning a hell of a lot of points on my credit card.

Also on the credit card, vet visits.  One of the cats is limping.  We’ve had one trip to the vet, but since he’s not improving, we have to go back.  I’m not sure I can face two trips in one week. He’s probably not too happy about it, either.  At least his bum paw hasn’t slowed him down or affected his appetite, which is a good sign.


3 responses to “Explanations… or Excuses?

  1. Aww, your poor household! I’m really scared to find out how mold-infested our house is. At least it CAN be successfully treated. That’s good!

    I hope you’re feeling better and that the kitty’s paw isn’t anything major. 😦 Poor thing.

    I confess, I’ve been DYING for your writeup on Doctor Who. I’ll just say that everything I felt was missing all season was there in the finale. 🙂

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