Doctor Who Season 8 Finale

Cybermen take over London.

Been there, done that.

What did you think  of the Doctor Who season finale (both parts)?  Yeah, yeah, the finale aired over a week ago but Doctor Who is usually pretty memorable, for good or bad.  It seems fan reactions are all over the place.  You might count me among those who didn’t like it, but “dislike” is too strong a word.

Michelle Gomez played foil to The Doctor on the season 8 finale.

BFFs for… never.

In general, I don’t care for episodes that focus on the Master, now Missy.  (“The Mistress”is a terrible name for her.  It sounds like a kept woman.)  The character is so off-the-charts whack, it’s hard for me to understand his/her motivation.  It seems to boil down to Missy’s desperate desire to win back The Doctor.  But how is destroying the planet he loves going to do that?  Then again, she is insane, quite literally.

A few weeks ago, YouTube’s Emergency Awesome/Charlie had said he felt that Danny was going to be tragic figure, likening him to Rory Williams’.  But Rory was well-defined, where Danny wasn’t.  We saw Rory’s interactions with Amy and felt their love.  With Clara and Danny, we were only told they loved each other.  We didn’t see it.

Even so, I was disappointed Danny died.  I suppose it was integral to the plot, but it left a gaping hole through which Orson Pink fell.  It’s not like Moffat to drop something that significant.  Speaking of the Moff, why does he feel the need to fuck over every companions?  Can’t they just have a happy ending?  Clara’s departure was possibly the most “normal,” but it was tarnished by lying to The Doctor.  Then again, The Doctor lied to her, too.

I did love the unexpected return of the Brigadier.  Not only did he finally get his salute (and save his daughter, an awesome character), The Doctor’s comment about him “of course” being there in Earth’s darkest hour spoke volumes about his character.

Peter Capaldi has done a great job of making the Doctor his own.  He’s not a particularly likeable Doctor, but he certainly is entertaining.

5 responses to “Doctor Who Season 8 Finale

  1. I would be very happy to never have the cybermen return, ever. Or the Daleks. I can’t argue with you about the Master, but I feel I haven’t seen him/her as much, so he/she is more entertaining. I found the actress’s whackadoodlyness delightful, insofar as anything evil can be delightful.

    This season as a whole would definitely rank as the poorest of them all. There’s not much depth anywhere, except on a moment-in-a-moment basis. So the finale was hampered by all of that from the start. That said, I really enjoyed how things tied together in the end. The doctor’s revelation (taken as superficially as it has his dilemma has been presented to us) was great. And I did love the Danny stuff, as much as it missed the boat of potentiality.

    I’ve decided Clara’s pregnant. She HAS to be. She just might not know it yet. Maybe we’ll get to see something about it in the future, a la Martha coming back as part of Unit. (Martha probably had the happiest “ending” because nothing ended. And Amy and Rory were presumed to live a long and happy life together, though their vanishing was very painful from this side of things.)

    Overall, I have to say all this season of Doctor Who did was make me want to go back and rewatch better seasons. 🙂

    • I did highly enjoy the Orient Express in space and the 2-dimensional guys.

      ^^’ Um, what was the Doctor’s revelation? It may have too subtle for my pea-brain to register.

      • “Thank you! Thank you so much! I really didn’t know. I wasn’t sure. Did I say sometimes, thank you! I am not a good man. And I’m not a bad man. I am not a hero. I’m definitely not a president and no, I’m not an officer. You know what I am? I am an idiot! With a box and a screwdriver, passing through, helping out, learning. I don’t need an army. I never have! Because I’ve got them. Always them! Because love, it’s not an emotion. Love is a promise and he will never hurt her. PE, catch!”

  2. You were complaining about how Moffatt always fucks over the companions. I’m not sure when Davies handed over the reins, but Martha was just fine. 🙂 Donna was the worst. One of my friends was so heartbroken by that she never watched another episode. Rory and Amy were okay—we were more fucked over than they were. LOL (Remember “Blink”? Those sent back lived long, normal lives, just not when they were supposed to live them.)

    I’m getting sad now that I’m on the last Smith season. I can’t decide if I’m going to rewatch the Capaldi season or not.

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