Sleepy Hollow: Mama (209)

Abbie, Jennie, and Hawley uncover a mural by Lori Mills.

(No words needed)

Why “Mama” is the Best Sleepy Hollow Episode Ever.  Ever!

1.  There’s hardly anything more potent than the relationships between mothers and daughters, especially one as tragic as that of the Mills girls.  Sleepy Hollow delivered all of the emotion and angst in spades.

Aunjanue Ellis played Lori Mills on Sleepy Hollow.

Perfect casting!

2.  Aunjanue Ellis:  They needed an awesome (and beautiful) actress for the part of Lori Mills, and they got it.  I can’t think of anyone better suited.

3.  The two girls who play young Abbie and young Jennie are absolutely perfect.  I was impressed with them last year, and it’s reinforced with every appearance.  Another coup for the casting department!

3.  Abbie and Jenny tearing at the wall to get at the drawing underneath the plaster.  It began as a curiosity but quickly became more and more frantic, underlying their need to know more about their mother.

4.  Hawley watching as the girls tore at the wall, then joining in.  Kind of made your heart melt.  Perhaps there’s more to Hawley than the happy-go-lucky treasure hunter after all.

5.  Abbie and Jenny begging their mother not to go.  Anyone who’s lost a mother knows reality of this feeling all too well.

6.  Jennie’s becoming integral to the legend!  At least I hope so.  As she read the spell from the journal, it just felt like she was becoming a part of the story, and no longer on the sidelines.

7.  “The journal holds the secrets.”  Perhaps it is just another name for the “Book of Shadows” or “Dad’s Journal,” but it adds a hopeful element to the story, and I’m all for that.

8.  Frank escapes from Tarrytown Prison Psychiatric Hospital!


One response to “Sleepy Hollow: Mama (209)

  1. We watched last night, and they made me cry.

    I’m really liking Hawley. I like the actor (From Harper’s Island, but I just saw that he’s in Ten Inch Hero, and I totally didn’t connect him to the major douche. LOL) and I always assumed there’d be more to him. I also really like that there’s romantic tension (on his side) re: Abbie. I don’t know where that puts him with Jenny, with that odd interlude in a previous episode, but it creates a nice dynamic after the disruption of Katrina. He was, as you indicated, very sympathetic in his support of the girls.

    I also loved that they got a chance to understand their mother’s experiences better, and talk to her, and *see* that they meant absolutely everything to her. That she didn’t choose to leave them, ever. Nice fantasy fulfillment in a fantastic world.

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