Well Thanks, Arrow: The Climb

Take a viewer who started watching Arrow when it premiered, then stopped because all the flashbacks were a drag, then came back a couple times, only to be confused by all the new characters, so stopped again, was then drawn back in with the Flash/Arrow crossovers, and spent several days on an  Arrow-thon watching previous-seasons episodes.  What does said viewer get for all this newly-found fanning?  (Besides having to watch “The Climb” in SD because the cable company can’t keep a good HD CW signal to save its life?)

Only the most horrible, shocking ending EVER.  Yep, even worse than Supernatural‘s season 3 finale.  You remember, this one:

Dean Winchester awaits Hell.


3 responses to “Well Thanks, Arrow: The Climb

  1. I said that! I said it was bigger than sending Dean to hell!

    I’m a different kind of Arrow fan, though. You know me–when I love a show, I ignore its flaws. And I tend to like the things other people don’t. I love the flashbacks because I’ve enjoyed seeing Oliver’s evolution from what he was to what he is, and I’ve enjoyed some of the secondary players in those (especially Maseo and Takeo).

    Anyway, his parting line to Felicity made my LIFE, man. *sigh* And the ending killed me. I love the showrunner for his willingness to go to these places.

    I’m a little wary of what’s coming, though. A couple of recaps I read referred to the comics-origin likely resolution of what appears to be unresolvable, and it has me concerned.

    • I didn’t know you were an Arrow watcher. Cool. Actually, I’m appreciating the flashbacks more now that I’m getting the whole picture. I think I was initially put off that so many people were on the “deserted island.”

      “his parting line to Felicity made my LIFE, man.”
      Aw, you are such the romantic. You should write romance novels for a living. 😉 I too am enjoying the Oliver/Felicity relationship.

      I always watch shows on delay (to ff through commercials) and read the message boards before seeing the ending. And I STILL gasped.

      I read those same recaps (and message boards) and am not keen on having a deus ex machina that gives death a free pass. Perhaps the writers will surprise us.

      Off topic: I’m thinking of sending you a particular birthday/Christmas present. You DO NOT reciprocate! In fact, I’d prefer you didn’t because it actually costs less than $20. That’s less than $10 an event. Not sure I’ll the semi-homemade Christmas cards out this year.

      • Yep, Arrow’s one of my favorites.

        I’m totally into the romance, always. LOL But like you said… 😉

        The deus ex machina part doesn’t bother me *that* much because of the comic book origins. I figure I have to accept some of the ridiculous/outlandish things they might carry over. But I don’t want a Crazy Ollie! I think the writers are good at walking the line between honoring the source material and mixing things up (gotta keep people surprised) so we’ll see where they go. Before I read about the Lazarus Pit, though, I thought about the mirakuru. We always thought Oliver had taken/been given some, so we assumed that would keep him alive.

        Re: off topic… You’re such a sweetie! It’s hard (upbringing, you know), but I will honor the DO NOT reciprocate order. For now. 😉

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