Fandom-meter Readings

The winter hiatus is upon us.  With several posts sitting in my Draft box, perhaps it’s time to try a new tactic. The authors at Previously.TV use several different formats for their reviews, one of the being “Rankled,” in which characters (and maybe events?) are ranked according to their actions in various episodes.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on the shows I’ve been watching.  What are these shows and how do they fare on my current “fandometer”?  More importantly, which shows are interesting enough to cover?  (The photos below should give you a hint.A)

(How funny that these three shows are on the CW, because I am far from the demographic they’re aiming for.)

1.  The Flash is living up to its pre-season hype.  It’s been rather light-hearted (for a series that deals with crime, death, and evil).  Will that continue now that we’ve had two (re-)defining episodes?  More thoughts will be forth-coming.

2.  Arrow.  Yep, The Flash/Arrow crossover did exactly what it was supposed to do—pique my interest in a show I hadn’t watched recently.  I don’t know if Arrow will remain in the #2 spot, but since I’ve been watching seasons 1 and 2 nearly non-stop, this is where it stands as of today.  Again, more thoughts will be posted during the hiatus.

3.  Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  (That’s the last time you’ll see me type out the “official” title for a while.)  This show has been so good this season, it’s currently out-ranking Supernatural on the fandometer.  But a great first part of the season does not guarantee a great second part, especially given a watershed episode such as “What They Become.”

4.  Supernatural.  It’s hard to maintain momentum when a show’s been running as long as Supernatural.  The second half of season 8 proved the show still has some juice in it, and the Dean’s Mark of Cain could prove to be as engrossing as the Trials of season 8 if the show doesn’t veer too far into its “brother lying to brother” mode.

5.  Gotham.  Unlike The Flash, it hasn’t quite lived up to its pre-season hype.  The show has become so bogged down with the “Making of the Penguin” story, I’m not sure I’ll continue watching.

6.  Constantine.  It might have been ranked higher than Gotham, but I’ve yet to watch the latest episode, so how high can my interest be?  Actually, “A Feast of Friends,” in which John Constantine convinced an old friend to host an unbeatable demon nearly turned me off the show.  But the subsequent “Danse Voudou,” along with the introduction of recurring character Joe Corrigan, changed my mind.

7.  Grimm is another show I watch, but am seldom moved to discuss.  Nor do I see that changing in the near future.

8. Sleepy Hollow.  I’ve officially given up on the show.  “The Akeda” was yet another “end of the world is nigh” episode, and was a solid zero on the fandometer.  Not only did I stop watching after the first three minutes, I immediately deleted it from the DVR.


3 responses to “Fandom-meter Readings

  1. I think The Flash will continue to be a lighter, more colorful, more gleeful version of the DC universe, but I’m impressed with Greg Berlanti and his team with how they blend that with serious subjects. Just like Arrow isn’t humorless or without anything positive, The Flash won’t be all fluff–but it will always be fun in its direness.

    We already discussed Arrow a bit. It’s a show that lodges itself in my head and won’t go away.

    My only real quibble with SHIELD is not enough FitzSimmons. 🙂 Hopefully that’s about to change. I loved in the last episode how Fitz kept blowing off Simmons’ assumptions that he was still wallowing. He’s got a confidence and strength he didn’t have before he almost died. I think their partnership will be ever more interesting. Okay, not my only quibble. I’m on your side now about not doing justice for Trip (and now getting rid of him! Jerks!) and “replacing” him with Mac. I like Mac, too, and I love Bobbi and Hunter, but…Triiiiippp!

    Supernatural has gotten the boys to a pretty good place. I don’t feel like Dean is so much lying to Sam as to himself. He desperately wants to believe he’s okay. It’s not an OMGmustwatchnow show for me anymore, but I still love having them on my screen every week. 🙂

    Don’t watch Gotham or Grimm. Love Sleepy Hollow, but we’ll just leave it there. 🙂 Constantine, I gave it two episodes, but there wasn’t enough depth and too much darkness for my tastes.

    • Hey, you can disagree with me! What do you love about Sleepy Hollow?

      Constantine took a while to get its footing. But then, I have two episodes waiting on my DVR, so I don’t enjoy it that much. It’s something for me to watch on a Friday night, if nothing else is on.

      OMG Arrow! I could not get to sleep after the last episode. And that’s someone who hasn’t been that invested in the show!

      • Well, it’s not like I don’t think Sleepy Hollow has flaws. It’s definitely derivative (not that it can help it) and some leaps are too easy, and we don’t like Katrina very much at all. But the relationship between Abbie and Crane still trumps everything for me, and I like Jenny and Hawley (though the hook-up still confuses me, as dead-end as it was). I can endure some meh-ness when they can do an episode like “Mama.” 🙂

        Maybe I’ll give Constantine another try at some point. Nothing wrong with filler shows to pass the time, right? 🙂

        I love when something I love gets a reaction like that from someone who doesn’t love it! LOL Yay Arrow!

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