Arrow-thon: The Minority Report

About two-thirds of the way through Arrow‘s season 2 (circa episode 216), I came to the realization I was watching a soap opera.  Granted, a soap opera with lots of action and really cool stunts, but still, a show with completely manufactured drama.  It happens when a character’s actions make no sense.  A sudden change of heart, overreaction, and unexplainable meddling all lead to major WTF moments.

Oliver kisses Sara on the forehead.

No! Just. No.

Minority opinion #1:  I do not like Sara.  (And I’m ashamed to say it’s for purely physical reasons.)  When Oliver proclaimed his love for her, I rolled my eyes.  Every time they had a “romantic” scene, I yelled at the tv.   It wasn’t completely out of character for them to hook up, given their shared history and similar experiences, but that doesn’t mean I had to like it.

Minority opinion #2:  I felt sorry for Laurel.  When Sara invited Oliver to the “Lance family dinner” (at Laurel’s house no less), and both admitted they were still together, I understood Laurel’s anger.  She didn’t deserve the verbal beat-down Oliver gave her in the hallway.  I suppose it was necessary for Laurel to hit rock bottom, but it felt wrong, and out-of-character for Ollie to be so heartless towards her.

Then there’s the whole Malcolm-Merlyn-is-Thea’s-father debacle.  What might have been a good storyline has been poorly handled.

  1. Felicity goes to Moira because…?   So Moira can threaten her?
  2. Felicity tells Oliver at the worst possible moment because.. ?  Ok, so Oliver coaxed it out of her because he “knows her so well.”  Whatever.
  3. Oliver decides to break all ties with his mother because this is the worst thing she’s ever done.  Except it’s not.

Like I said, manufactured drama.  Buy hey, at least they didn’t go the romantic route with Laurel and that guy from Orphan Black.

(Favorite episodes will be listed in the End of Season 2 review.)


2 responses to “Arrow-thon: The Minority Report

  1. I’m not sure you’re in the minority about Sara. We dislike her immensely (though we could obviously be in the minority, too), and her upside-down smile was part of it. I didn’t dislike her storyline, just her. When she was killed, we both went “thank God.” Which is kind of awful, but it’s fiction! LOL

    We haven’t liked Laurel much, either. I’ve found her brittle and annoying, though the things you hit on with both her and with the Merlyn stuff are dead on. I’d forgotten how annoyed I was about the writing of that whole reveal. Of course, I blocked it out because I love Felicity. Also, when I like a show this much, I tend to dismiss the stuff that bothered me and focus on the stuff I liked. Which is why I’m not a reviewer/recapper. I don’t want to be objective! 🙂

    It’s funny how I am about shows. Which is probably how most people are without thinking about it, I guess. Some shows, I like okay, but a few annoying things make me stop watching. Parenthood was one. Everyone WHINED so damned much. (That’s my complaint about a lot of shows. Exhibit 2: Heroes). But other shows (Arrow, Scorpion, Falling Skies) resonate somewhere that can’t be quantified, and I enjoy watching and can’t stop thinking about them so even if there’s stuff I don’t like, that’s not what I remember. I won’t hesitate to say “oh, come on” in the moment, but it gets dismissed afterward.

    Have I said lately how much I love you for keeping up the posts here and giving me reason to think about and babble on about my favorite TV? Well, I’m saying it now. 🙂 *hugs*

    • Well, I seem to be in the minority on the one Arrow forum I read. 🙂 But delighted I’m not alone in my feelings.

      Hey, you don’t have to be objective to write reviews. That’s what’s great about blogs.

      Aw, thanks. When the seasons start up again, I might just do a “live response” post, where I don’t say anything, but give others a chance to weigh in.

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