Arrow-thon: season 2

Two weeks down, four to go.  Gah!

Stephen Amell has beautiful hands.  Just thought I’d mention that in case you were looking elsewhere.  😉

Stephen Amell stars as the Arrow.So, season 2. Laurel got whiplash from flip-flopping not once, but twice: first on her Arrow vendetta, then with the Ollie/Sara hookup.  (She’s a better person than I, who did not forgive them.)  Oliver broke his “no killing” vow to save Felicity by shooting Count Vertigo (the first) dead.

Things picked up in the last third of the season, what with Slade Wilson’s crazy-ass vendetta.  Oliver made up with his mother just in time  to see her murdered, but not before she told him how proud she was that he’s the Arrow.  If I’m supposed to feel sorry for poor widdle Thea Queen-Merlyn because everyone lied to her, it’s didn’t work.  Brat.

On to my
Favorite Season 2 Episodes
Again, chronological order

I had trouble narrowing down the last two episodes.  Each of the four episodes had things I really liked, but also things I really hated.

1.  The Scientist (208).  Barry Allen visited Starling City in hopes of meeting his idol, the Arrow.  He got more than he wished for—in a good way.  This was the point where Slade Wilson’s five-year revenge plot took off.  We’d had glimpses of Miracuru prior, but this is was where it became a real threat.

2.  Three Ghosts (209).  Perhaps not as shocking as this season’s “winter finale,” but still, two recurring characters whom I thought were safe died: Shado, and Quentin Lance’s partner Lucas Hilton.  😥

(For once, the Arrow writers were spot on in the medical arena: Warfarin, i.e., rat poison, is indeed a medically used blood thinner.  I know because I was on it for a couple months a few years back.  If prescribed, you have to have your blood tested every week or so to make sure it’s not too thin.  It’s that scary.)

3.  Suicide Squad (216):  The flashbacks were of Diggle and Lyla meeting in Afghanistan, so it was  Diggle-centric, always a treat.  He did another job for ARGUS, along with Lyla and the Suicide Squad.  We learned something about Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot.  He has a heart!  In Starling City, Oliver rebelled against the Bratva’s way of doing things, and Alexi the mechanic ended up with an arrow through his eye (courtesy of Slade Wilson).  I’m not sure what that accomplished, but whatever.  [I blocked out any romance between Oliver and Sara.]

4.  Deathstroke (218)  Slade kidnapped Thea, but only to mess with Oliver’s head.  It worked.  Oliver signed Queen Consolidated over to Isabel Roschev.  I actually felt Oliver’s sense of helplessness and fear.  Slade told Thea “Oliver’s secret,” that Thea is Malcolm Merlyn’s daughter.  How is that Oliver’s secret when Ollie only found out a few episodes ago?  But Slade did tell Laurel that Oliver is the Arrow.  Not sure what he planned to gain by that, but on this show, peoples’ motivation doesn’t always make sense.

5.  Unthinkable (223):  Oliver tells Felicity he loves her.  Aw.  Damn it!  It was all a ruse to slip her the Miracuru cure.  (I didn’t catch that until the third watch.)  Take heart Oliciy fans.  Both producers and actors commented at Comic Con last summer that he really meant it.

Honorable Mention:

Time of Death (214):  The actually handsome Robert Kneppler guest stars as the whacko Clock King.  Unfortunately, it’s also the episode Sara invites Oliver to the Lance family reunion dinner.  You really thought that would go well?   But it’s the flashback that has the heart.  A plane crashes on the island and Sara stays with the fatally injured pilot while the guys get the first aid it.  The pilot asks Sara to look after his daughter before he dies.  She promises.  Turns out the daughter is Cin!

The Man Under the Hood (219):  The Flash‘s Caitin Snow and Cisco Ramon show up in Starling City to take inventory of a STAR Labs warehouse.  It’s always nice to see Cisco and Caitlin.  They even help with the plot by agreeing to make a cure for the Miracuru serum.


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