We Interrupt This Arrow-thon to Bring You…

… the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

The Doctor meets Santa Claus.

It’s Santa vs. The Doctor

Except that I tuned it out after 15 or so minutes.  Nor was checking in at various intervals enough to interest me.  Even the appeal of Danny Pink didn’t lure me in.  Instead, it felt as though Steven Moffat is running out of ideas.  The dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream-(ad nauseum) has been done before, and better, in Inception.  Even the spinning jack was present, albeit replaced by the first word on a randomly chosen page of text.  Perhaps it’s time to turn the writing over to someone else.

As much as Peter Capaldi makes a marvelous Doctor, and as good as Jenna Coleman was last season, the prospect of the two of them journeying through all of space and time for another year holds little interest for me.


I have been distracted. 

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan star in Outlander.

Jamie (Sam Heughan) wraps his “plaid” around Claire (Caitriona Balfe).

Arrow has taken a passenger (as opposed to back) seat to Outlander.  Sure, Outlander has history, blood, mud, and nudity (it’s on pay cable [Starz], after all), but at its essence Outlander is a romance—with men in kilts!  I know this because the (male) reviewer at Previously.Tv said:

There’s a moment where Jamie Fraser, the handsome Scottish fella, tells an AWOL Claire, “Shall I pick you up and throw you over my shoulder? Do you want me to do that?” and you, if you’re a male viewer, realize: oh, this was not actually made for me. Which is a crazy feeling, let me tell you! Because most everything on cable TV is made for dudes! So while there are moments where things get sci-fi-corny — Claire’s ominous palm-reading in the reverend’s kitchen; all the misty portent around MacStonehenge; Bear McCreary’s Hobbits-on-the-Titanic score — Outlander is a nice break from the pummeling of BROOD BROOD BROOD SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT that so populates the cable landscape, especially pay cable. Outlander is an epic, dark, expensive production that doesn’t give a fuck if it ever gets watched in a “man cave,” and that is goddamn refreshing.

Also refreshing?  A male viewer who finds a basically “chick flick” show entertaining.  ❤

(Incidentally, that shoulder that Jamie threatens to throw Claire over was recently dislocated and even more recently shot through.  How’s that for a rugged hero?)

The lead actor, Sam Heughan, reminds me of a beefy Jared Padalecki.  At 6′ 2½” he’s not as tall as Jared (but then, neither is 98% of the male population), but he has the same high forehead, prominent eye brows, and sharp cheekbones.  It’s rather uncanny.  And quite pleasant!

(Even so, my current mom-crush seems to be Stephen Amell, if recent dreams are any indication.)

11 responses to “We Interrupt This Arrow-thon to Bring You…

  1. I haven’t watched any Outlander, as I don’t get Starz, but I have to laugh at that reviewer quote. Did he not realize the series is based on a series of books typically found in the Romance section of many bookstores?

    Still trying to find a way to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. My usual outlet has been having server errors all weekend. However, BBC America has been running reruns of 10, 11, and 12, so I’ve had my fix. 🙂

    • Have you read the Outlander books? I might look for them at the library, but I imagine they’re super popular right now;

      I almost included a quote from another reviewer at Previously.tv (this one female), just for you. She’s talking about Black Jack Randall, the violent, sadistic British officer.

      “Also not that interested in the dude who’s spending the best years of his life oppressing Scottish people. What if he kills David Tennant’s twenty-eighth-great-grandfather before he has a chance to spread his seed? I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES.”

      • I read one, ages ago. I don’t think it was the first one, but I don’t remember much about it.

        LOL at that reviewer’s thought process! Yes, the McDonald clan must live on! There cannot be a world without a David Tennant. 🙂

  2. I problem with saying that DW was basically Inception because that concept has not been done so many times. It’s like saying “Get on Up” was like “Jersey Boys” because they broke the forth wall.

    The only thing that Inceptions had in common with Last Christmas was that there were dreams within dreams. The concept that you wake up and not realize it’s a dream is just a “scary “experience that we all sometimes have. Fair Game.

    I admit that when I saw DW I thought of Inception but only for a moment. Maybe they shared themes about dealing with emotional stuff but “Inception was a heist movie and DW was Doctor Who. It Takes inspiration from everywhere and mashes it up into something new. Doctor Who just eats up 2 or 3 movie concept in one episode.

    • That’s what I get for not watching the entire episode. 🙂 Perhaps if I’d watched it in its entirety I might have come to similar conclusions as you. The problem was, the episode just didn’t pull me in. From what I’ve read of fan reaction, the majority of it has been favorable. I still have it on my DVR so perhaps I’ll get around to it this week. But man, those were some creepy creatures!

  3. I’m surprised I never commented on this post. You know why I am now? OUTLANDER! Yes, we started watching. 🙂 We got through episode 5, though I had to bribe my husband to watch one more with me last night by running out to get ice cream.

    He tends to get a little restless if doing too much of one thing for too long, but I would watch straight on through without stopping for one reason: Jamie. Any moment he’s not on screen is wasted. 🙂 No, actually, I love Mrs. Fitz and like everyone else. The story is compelling, albeit slow. Very, very slow. Though not as slow as the pilot. And the production values are incredibly high, so I feel as though I’m there, and don’t want to leave.

    • I am so flipping excited you are watching Outlander thatIcannotbebotheredwiththespacebar!!! Outlander starts slowly, but it will ramp up quickly enough.

      Mrs. Fitz is awesome! (She’s also a Doctor Who veteran.) I also love Murtagh and Rupert. Angus is pretty fun, but not quite as delightful as Rupert.

      Episode 6 is pretty gruesome, but extremely well done. Episode 7 features sex, sex, glorious sex. Episode 8 starts to ramp up the action.

      “I feel as though I’m there, and don’t want to leave.”
      This thrills me beyond anything you can imagine! I am so thrilled when people actually listen to me and follow through! It’s a unique experience and one that I treasure!

      Oh yeah, starting with episode 9, Jamie really comes into play and leading man status. Up until then he’s been underrepresented.

      (BTW, I have been drinking the remaining Scotch from my most recent review, so I am totally buzzed, and cannot be held accountable for any gibberish.) 😀

      • Oh, yeah, the episode with the zipper foreheaded aliens! I knew I’d seen her, but didn’t wrack my brain trying to figure out where, which is unusual for me. 🙂

        I like Murtagh and Rupert and Angus, too. Even Dougal, sometimes. HATE Randall with a passion. The actor does a really good job with the creepy dead eyes as Black Jack but not having them as Frank, but Frank’s affection for his ancestor makes me not like him anymore, either.

        Just watched The Wedding last night. Guh. Sam Heughan does the best eye sex ever. LOL I’m really glad I had the opportunity to watch season 1 now, without having to wait for the DVD. That might not be the case with season 2, but we’ll see. I have a plan for canceling our subscription, then waiting until a season of a show is almost over and getting it on demand to bingewatch in one month. 🙂

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