Arrow-thon Thoughts

Malcolm Merlyn holds Oliver Queen hostage.

Gotta love a man in green leather pants

About two weeks ago (and a day or two before I discovered Outlander, which has consumed me),  I decided to spend the torturous Arrow hiatus by watching two Arrow episodes a day from the beginning.  (And yes, I counted the number of days and episodes so that they would evenly end—unlike how you can never finish a sundae’s ice cream and topping at the same time.)

Yesterday The day before yesterday (because I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator), I finished season 1 and began season 2, watching “Sacrifice” (123) and “City of Heroes” (201).  I’d forgotten how emotional “Sacrifice” was.  Not just Tommy’s death, but many other interactions.  Oliver telling Moira how his father really died, Detective Lance’s calling Laurel when he thought he was about to die, Diggle and Felicity unwilling to let Oliver fight alone. I teared up several times, letting those tears fall when Tommy died.  And now I find the episode didn’t even make my top 5 list.  We may have to rectify that.

Oliver makes sure Felicity is ok after an attack.

Just another day at Queen Consolidated.

I began to realize I’m not really excited about season 2.  As I’ve mentioned before, Sara bugs me, and the thought of spending another 20+ episodes with her isn’t something I’m looking forward to.  It’s an unpopular opinion, but it’s my opinion.  I didn’t/don’t like the actress, and the whole setup it just made Oliver look flaky. He professed his love for Laurel in the first season; then he not only did the same thing with Sara, but threw it in Laurel’s face.  Now, I know Laurel is not a popular character, and I’m not a big fan either (the producers should just cut their losses and let Katie Cassidy go), but that was just thoughtless and cruel.  But there’s another reason Oliver’s serial love-fests bother me.

It makes his profession of love for Felicity feel…  less special.  I know their relationship is different because they were/are friends first.  But c’mon.  At the beginning of this season, Oliver told Felicity “Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you.”  He said nearly the same damn thing to Laurel in season 1.   And the way Oliver kissed Felicity on the forehead before he went off to… die!.. was exactly the same as one he gave Sara at some unremarkable time in season 2.

We all know Felicity and Oliver are the end game.  But geez, if it is, make it special!  Make it new!  

I will continue with my schedule, painful as it will be.  At least I know there will be some goodness in the season..  I know it’s hard, but someone’s got to do it.  😉


3 responses to “Arrow-thon Thoughts

  1. One of the benefits of watching a show live and not binge-watching! I don’t remember exactly how Oliver interacted with Laurel. I never felt he was serious about Sara. So I don’t make those same connections. So his feelings for Felicity still feel special for me.

    The thing is, the writers and directors don’t remember, either. They don’t have a detailed memory of every line or blocking from season one and two—they’re just writing and directing what feels true *right now*. Oliver was confident he was going to win that duel. And Felicity had said “no” even more adamantly than he had. So doing anything more would have been violating her wishes. The kiss on the forehead was acceptable for the deep friendship they have, and he would have left without saying “I love you” if she hadn’t asked him about the second thing.

    I also feel that even though Felicity is probably (hopefully!) The One, she wasn’t at the time he was with Laurel, and it was barely a glimmer for either of them when he was with Sara. He meant what he said to both of them. Oliver will always be Oliver at his core, and his expressions of his feelings can logically be similar. Even if they change down the line.

    I find it pretty realistic (in a show that is anything but, overall LOL) in part because I’ve written more than 20 books now, and sometimes I’ll go back and read something I wrote 10 or 15 years ago and find that I *just* used the same phraseology or situation in a new story, with completely different characters in different circumstances.

    People are creatures of habit, alas. Which makes for annoyed viewers when they’re in position to notice. 🙂

    • Thank you! Without knowing, you’ve given me permission to fast-forward through the stuff I don’t really like.

      “the writers and directors don’t remember, either”
      That’s one thing that always annoyed me about Supernatural fans, nit-picking the little things and not enjoying the story-telling. Thanks for pulling me back into reality and normality—such as it is.

      (I must now relinquish the laptop since Romeo is summoning me to empty my lap for him.)

      • Happy to oblige! LOL

        I never fast forward through a show, but sometimes I do fall asleep… Not that it’s always a bad part or even a slow part, but some shows just have a nice, soothing tone…

        But I digress. Binging is awesome, but has it’s drawbacks.

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