Idol Musings

You know how they say news comes in threes?  Apparently, so do my celebrity crushes.

It all started one summer long, long ago when three of the world’s most eligible bachelors got married:  Britain’s Prince Andrew (the Prince Harry of his day), Mark Harmon, and the daily comic strip’s Peter Parker.  (Oh, c’mon, you know who he is!)

Mark Harmon has had a long career in television.

Mark Harmon then & now: Still going strong.

My types seem to know no bounds.  One year it was Lorenzo Lamas in Renegade, Joe Lando from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and… some other good-looking guy I can’t remember.  Unlike the first two, though, he didn’t have long hair.  Maybe it was Mark Harmon.

The next year it was David Hyde Pierce (whom I still adore), the little-known David Marciano from the early years of Due South, and… crap!  I can’t remember #3.  Again. But he too was of the not-particularity-handsome, follicely-challenged type.  See?  I look for inner beauty as well.

These days, I seem to have reverted to the rugged, handsome type.

Oliver confesses his love to Felicity on Arrow.

Oliver loves Felicity. Aww.

First there’s Stephen Amell, whom I didn’t crush on until recently.  Arrow‘s winter hiatus gave me a chance to catch up on the series, where I became fascinated, not with his abs, but with the way he stands and moves.  He’s incredibly graceful.  His interviews gave me a sense of his personality, which just made me like him more.  Then again, he is Canadian, and they are, by nature, quite charming.  He’s terrific about interacting with his fans, and he’s become quite the philanthropist, raising money first for cancer research with his “Fuck Cancer” campaign (a bit of a tribute to his mother, a cancer survivor), and now with mental health.  (Specific charity to be determined.)  And I can’t seem to stop watching this video .  My specific favorite moments occur at :55 (long jumper in a former life?) and 3:40 where he runs about 6 feet up a freakin’ wall!

Daniel Lissing plays a Mountie in When Calls the Heart.

Gotta love a man in (a red) uniform.

Next we have Daniel Lissing.  I swear, this guy could have chemistry with a fence post.  Along with a host of other Americans, I first saw him in Last Resort, where he played a Navy SEAL.  (I mentioned his prettiness and eyelashes when writing about the show.)  Now he stars in Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heart. where he plays a Mountie—a role originated in a tv movie of the same name by… wait for it.. Stephen Amell.  Besides all the obvious things, I love his American accent.  You’d never know he’s Australian.

Jamie Frasier marries Claire in Outlander.

Jamie gets married—and washes his hair.

And finally, along with millions of other women, there’s Outlander‘s Sam Heughan.  Massive popularity is bound to happen when you play perhaps the most beloved romantic hero of any written work.   (I hesitate to say “literature” because that connotes something these novels are not.)  This new obsession has given me numerous hours of entertainment.  His My Peak Challenge not only raises money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research (it’s UK based, hence the spelling), it encourages us lazy-bones to get off our butts, and gives us yet another workout video I can’t stop watching.  He amuses us (and costar Caitriona [say “Katrina”] Balfe) with unintentional porn[Snort!]  And while I’m not on Twitter or Instagram much, he obliges his fans with regularly posted selfies.  (Which I just leaned is a symptom of narcissism in men.  But he gets a free pass because it is, after all, what women want.)

Sam Heughan works out to inspire others.

Boxing AND a pony tail!

Hmm.  It seems the age of the my crushes remain in the mid-30’s, all the while I’m getting older.  It’s one of the reasons aging is sort of annoying.  But, then again, it is better than the alternative.  😉


2 responses to “Idol Musings

  1. My first real celebrity crush–as in, I went out and rented all the DVDs and VHS tapes I could get of all the movies he’d ever done, wherever I could legally get them–was Brendan Fraser. I think it was after the second Mummy movie. Then it was Orlando Bloom, along with the hobbits, as I became obsessed with the LotR trilogy. Then Jensen Ackles, and now I’m with you on Stephen Amell.

    Usually it’s not their work that hooks me. With Fraser, it was the behind-the-scenes and commentary. With the hobbits and Orlando, it was their relationships, again in the context of BTS making the movies. Jensen is Jensen. Needs no explanation. 🙂

    With Stephen, it started with the photos and captions of him with his daughter. Reminds me of my husband, I think, which would gratify him. LOL And his charm and self-effacement, and those workout videos demonstrating his hard work. And his interview with Aisha Tyler on her podcast, where he’s just SO MUCH the opposite of a dick. And his passion for whatever he takes on, like his TV show about wine and his charities and even his fans.

    I have secondary crushes, too, that don’t go beyond their shows. It’s usually someone who inhabits a character really well and makes me think about them all week. Tom on Falling Skies (Noah Wylie) did that in season 2, and right now it’s Aaron Stanford on 12 Monkeys (I adored him as Birkhoff on Nikita, and this character is very different but just as charismatic).

    Now I really really want to watch TV, but I have at least a couple of hours work ahead of me… 🙂

    • Yeah, I did the whole buy all the VHS tapes/CDs thing with Benjamin Bratt. I even started a fan site for him back in the web 1.0 days, and it shaped by whole internet presence. But I don’t recall the time as a three-some. Maybe a two-some with Steve Burton, but I don’t think there was a third, unless you want to count my girl-crush on Alicia Leigh Willis. (The last 2 from General Hospital, which I don’t watch any more.) 🙂

      Oh! I need to watch 12 Monkeys. Between that and Black Sails, my weekend tv viewing should be pretty full. (I tried Black Sails one other time, but it was before I read Treasure Island. Maybe it’ll be different now. Plus, the season premiere this Saturday features the first scene from season 1B of Outlander.)

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