Three Yays for Arrow: Left Behind (310)

John Diggle takes up the slack in Oliver's absence.

John Diggle—the Un-Arrow

Yay!  :mrgreen:

(Green Arrow—get it?)  Oliver is alive!  Ok, we knew that would happen, but still.  Heck, even Stephen Amell said Oliver was dead (as a deterrent to Olicity) on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Yay!  |_|

The Lazarus Pit wasn’t used.  (That we know of…)

Yay!  🍸

The whole resurrection scenario dovetailed nicely with the flashback.  And Maseo really is Maseo, not whatever League of Assassins name he gave in the last episode.

We shall not dwell on the episode’s negatives.

Your thoughts?

[The Flash and Supernatural thoughts coming soon.]


5 responses to “Three Yays for Arrow: Left Behind (310)

  1. I was really pleased with so much of the episode. That Takeo isn’t dead (but she and Maseo obviously are on the outs–now I’m really hopeful this will get them back together!).

    That his death/resurrection wasn’t dragged out for too many episodes. I liked seeing the effects of his apparent death, but as they all said–there’s no “this” without him. So now I hope he’ll get back to them soon.

    That if they *did* use the Lazarus Pits (and at the TCA’s, the network guy or somebody confirmed that they are a part of the show, which doesn’t mean they used them for Oliver) that he didn’t wake up raving mad (so far), which is an effect of the pits in the comics (I hear).

    I have to say, every time they showed present-day Oliver, my reaction was “He’s so cold!” LOL

    People have often complained about the flashbacks, but I love seeing Oliver’s development. Things like the dichotomy between his integrity (going around Waller to go after Takeo) and his capitulation (doing what she wants, even when he knows it’s wrong, like the torture).

    • I figured Oliver would be alive by the end of the episode, so wasn’t surprised by that.

      This flashback was really good. Have you ever noticed how flashback Oliver isn’t as agile as today Oliver? When he was running down the hallway, it wasn’t at all like his Arrow running. I like how Stephen changes his whole demeanor when being flashback Ollie. But I noticed how smooth he was when he took to the “zip line” (or whatever it’s called). Other than the montage of him running, training, & arrowing on the island (in prep for boarding the ship), this was the first time he showed what would become his Arrow persona.

      • I didn’t think about it with that much detail, but when I did notice he wasn’t as smooth with the arrow, and then when he ziplined I was like “whoa, one-handed! he’s come a long way” and then BAM he banged into the window. LOL And thinking back, yes, he was less light on his feet on the fight inside, too. But way more adept than on the island.

        • Hey, off topic, but Starz is having a free preview! Check out Outlander and let me know what you think. (Please?)

          Also off topic, I didn’t get your birthday/Christmas giftie on time and they ran out of stock. Should be in soon. Now, if I’d stop procrastinating…

        • I’ll try! Though only if I can watch the first episode. Hey, I have credit on iTunes. Maybe the first ep is available there. I’ll check. 🙂

          Aw, you don’t have to get me anything! *scuffs toe*

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