Revenge of the Rogues (110): The Flash Is Back!

Wentworth Miller and Domic Purcell guest star on The Flash.

(Sing it!) Reunited and it feels so good.

The Flash pulled off a terrific casting coup (again!) by reuniting Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell.  I never watched Prison Break, but understood their relationship was what made the show a success.  (Much like Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki make Supernatural.)  Allowing them to play off each other as Captain Cold and Heat Wave was genius, and it makes them a great pair of villains.

Among the regular cast, nearly every character is interesting.  Their well-defined and continue to grow and evolve.  How did they stack up this week?

1.  Cisco:  Hamilton Wells let him out of the lab and in front of the police force.  Not only did he demonstrate the new cold-preventing shield, he also fielded the tough questions with aplomb. Nary a joke in sight.   Captain Captain Singh even shook his hand.

2.  Caitlin:  In recent episodes she’s helped Barry with his girl woes, alternately chastising and encouraging him as necessary.  Here, she stepped out of the lab to research the FIRESTORM angle.  And she was kidnapped.  It was a nice change of pace to draw Barry out with Caitlin vice Iris.  Plus?  “My dead fiance can fly.”

3.  Barry:  Hey, he is the star of the show, so why isn’t he higher?  After losing his focus (how much of it was brain-washing by Harrison Wells?), he realizes what’s truly important.  His talk with Iris doesn’t move the relationship anywhere except to back to where it was, but there’s one shot of Grant Gustin where he actually looks like he’s over the legal drinking age.

4.  Joe:  Joe knows that Barry’s lack of focus was likely induced by Dr. Wells, so once again his spidey-sense (or parental concern) has been alerted.  Given last month’s Big Reveal, I look forward to some good detective work.  On the home front, Barry moves back in with Joe.  Maybe we’ll get to hear Grant Gustin and Jessie L. Martin sing together.  (Since my Law & Order dream of a Jesse Martin/Jerry Orbach duet never happened.)

Eddie Thawn saves the Flash from the Cold Gun.

Eddie Thawn for the win!

5.  Harrison Wells:  There’s got to be more to the story with the Reverse Flash!  Right?  Why else did Wells’ prepare to rescue Barry when it looked like Cisco’s missiles had done him in?  My mind has begun its boggling

6.  Eddie:  Eddie saved the Flash!  Aww.

7.  Captain Singh:  His first concern is for his officers (as it should be), and he shook Cisco’s hand.  🙂

8.  Iris:  Poor Iris, relegated to love interest/coffee house waitress.  Didn’t they say in the pilot she was a Ph.D. candidate?  Why can’t we have two intelligent young women on one show?  I’m sure Candice Patton could handle the challenge.

All in all, a terrific way to come back from the winter hiatus.


5 responses to “Revenge of the Rogues (110): The Flash Is Back!

  1. I agree with everything!

    My daughter binged on The Flash and Arrow over college break. She hadn’t wanted to watch The Flash because…well, because she didn’t have time, but also because she couldn’t buy Grant Gustin as a forensic specialist with a job, after knowing him on Glee and something else where he played much younger. She looked up his age and was flabbergasted that he’s 26 (or something). And she’s 19, so it’s not like she has a skewed older-person perspective! LOL

    I feel about Iris the way you and others feel about Sky on SHIELD. She’s uninteresting and uncharismatic. Lovely, a decent actress, but whether it’s a lack of chemistry or weak writing, she falls flat. I can’t see it being different even if she gets better storylines, which might be unfair to the actress. We’ll see, I guess.

    • I never watched tv in college. Of course, that was in the days before tvs were ubiquitous, not to mention internet streaming didn’t exist. 😀 I checked Grant Gustin’s age on IMDB. He’s 24(-ish).

      • I knew I should have looked up his age. Right range, though. 🙂

        I only watched football in college, and that was on a black and white screen with rabbit ears that I sometimes had to hold. I couldn’t get anything else that was worth the effort. LOL She’s not going to be watching much. She’s got her classes, two jobs, and an internship. Her Wednesdays go from 6 a.m. to 9:45 p.m., when her 3.75-hour class gets out. She MIGHT have time to eat one meal in there. It’s mind-boggling. So I think she’ll be binging again this summer on the few shows she does watch. LOL

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