Five Things I Learned from Supernatural “The Hunter Games” (1010)

Dean Winchester is worried about the Mark of Cain.

Poor Dean is having a tough season.

1.  ELO rocks… hard!

And here I thought they were more of a soft rock band.  Either way, my love for them has been renewed, and I now have another song to download.  Bonus question:  Do you know what ELO stands for?

Sam Heughan looks similar to Jared Padalecki, aka Sam Winchester.

Sam? Or Sam?

2.  I’m a Sam er, Jared uh … Sam girl.

After years of proclaiming myself “bi-bro,” turns out I was more excited to see Sam than Dean. Granted, that might be because of my new fascination with Sam Heughan, who looks remarkably like Jared Padalecki in some (but not all) photos.  Unfortunately, with Dean having the mytharc story this season (which is awesome), Sam is relegated to support status, which seems to mean doing research on his laptop.

3.  The show is better with the brothers.

I’m sure Jared and Jenson appreciate the ability to spend more time with their families, now that they’re both husbands and fathers.  But the show was built on Sam and Dean, and that’s when it’s at its best.  Castiel and Crowley were excellent additions to the cast because of their interactions with the Winchesters.  But their separate story lines are Bor.Ring.  Castiel has had two dull story lines, first with Hannah, then with Claire.  Give it up, writers.  He’s not that interesting on his own.  Nor am I terribly invested in Crowley’s mommy issues.  Get him back into the Winchester fray with the First Blade.  After all, he is the reason Dean ended up with it in the first place.

Sam and Dean question Metatron.

Extras are great when dealing with the Winchesters.

4.  Some things change.

Crowley’ bones are now in Guam?  Weren’t they in Scotland in… the first episode that Jenson directed?  (What was its title?)  Or was Crowley joking?  After all, there really aren’t seasons on Guam.

Sam tells Dean that Cain still has the Mark and has managed to live with it for eons.  But, didn’t Cain transfer the Mark to Dean?  Meaning Cain no longer has it?  Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Timothy Omundson was available for another appearance so we could clear this up?  Oh wait!  He is!!!   *Squee*  ❤

5.  Other things stay the same.

Seriously, Dean?  You haven’t updated your ringtone in nine years?? ❓


4 responses to “Five Things I Learned from Supernatural “The Hunter Games” (1010)

  1. 1. YES! And it’s Electric Light Orchestra, which I know from growing up but couldn’t name a single one of their songs for you.

    2. Sam/Jared got a haircut. Made him 15% more appealing, IMO. LOL I read an article that said Sam will have plenty of arc in the second half, though it does tie in to Dean’s.

    3. YES YES YES. Any of those storylines/characters/etc. work great when they’re grounded in the brothers’ storylines, but expanding them definitely exposes their weakness. They do seem like they SHOULD be interesting, but since they’re not, I hope they’ve learned their lesson.

    4. No, I don’t think they ever actually knew where Crowley’s bones were. They thought they had them, and then realized they didn’t, and then Castiel burned them to kill Crowley, except that was a ruse. Crowley might have moved them, though, because of the vulnerability, no matter where they actually were before. I suspect they picked Guam because it’s so unlikely!

    I had a similar thought on the Mark of Cain. I wasn’t sure if i just didn’t get it properly back then, so I kind of want to watch that episode and see if they actually transferred it or just kind of extended it.

    5. I LOVED that his ringtone was the same! LOL

    • 1. See Ruth’s comment below re: ELO songs. I think I have a cassette tape o_O of ELO somewhere. I could check the song titles, but I no longer have a cassette player. I suppose that’s what iTunes is for. 😀

      2. Actually, I didn’t like the haircut. Tips ended in a little flip up. (Tom & Lorenzo can’t stand Jared’s hair.) Good to know about Sam’s storyline.

      4. Holy cow! I’d forgotten all the bruhaha with Crowley’ bones. Hee. Cain returns in episode1014, so that question will likely get answered.

  2. Electric Light Orchestra – band that made the movie “Xanadu” tolerable. Songs: “Mr. Blue Sky” “Don’t Bring Me Down (Groos!)” “Sweet Talkin’ Woman” “Rama-Lama-Lama Rock and Roll Is King!”

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