The Flash: Crazy for You (112)

If you’re looking for insights into the DC Universe, read no further.  No really.  Read No Further.  Is this Peek-a-Boo character a real DC villain?  Don’t know.  Obviously, Grodd is important.  He was teased in a previous episode, yet I remain as clueless as ever.  (Although The Hollywood Reporter did a nice job of filling in some specifics.)

Iris meetsLinda, Barry's lunch date.

Iris, meet Linda. Jealous yet?

Instead, let’s look at how our regulars stacked up this week.  The race for the #1 spot was this><close this week.  But… heroes will out.

1.  Barry Allen

He saves people.  He has movie night with his adopted dad.  He has emotional moments with his real dad.  He met a girl.  He sang!  Truthfully, the singing was what vaulted him into the #1 spot.  (Now, can Barry and Joe have karaoke night instead of movie night?  Please?  Pretty please?)

2.  Dr. Caitlin Snow
Dr. Caitlin Snow tends to Barry Allen's wounds.

Caitlin tends to Barry’s wounds. Again.

She named this week’s villain, got Barry to sing (even if she couldn’t sing herself), and was such an adorable drunk, I forgot about the vomiting.  Wobbly, but able to take off those fab shoes without toppling over, asking for help out of the “evil dress,” telling Barry he deserved to peek at her “goods” for all the saving he’s done.  She said all the right things to indicate a healthy libido, but not seductively.  I do kind of love her.

3.  Henry Allen

Barry got to see his dad without glass between them.  The first “chance” meeting was sweet.  Then, when Henry was beaten for helping the good guys, Barry spent some quality time with him in the prison hospital.  Most importantly, Henry told Barry he doesn’t know who the Flash is.  Although he really does.

4.  The Promise of Romantic Entanglements!

(It’s not a character, but it deserves mention.)  Barry has a date!  And Iris seems just a bit jealous.  But could there be a chance for Barry and Caitlin?  I first felt the chemistry when Caitlin chastised Barry for meeting with Iris as the Flash.  The producers may have seen it too, because there appears to be some teasing in that direction.  I’m along for the ride, wherever it takes us.

5.  The Adults.

Dr. Wells and Joe didn’t have a lot to do this week, other than their jobs.

6.  The Non-Adults

Technically, Iris and Eddie are adults legally, but they don’t get special billing like Tom Cavanaugh and Jesse L. Martin.  After a promising start to Iris’s new status as more than romantic interest last week, the show backslid this week.  And Eddie had only one three-word line, “And we’re late.”

7.  Cisco

Oh Cisco.  From Hero to Zero in two weeks.  The more grown-up 2015 Cisco plays more dramatically (and that’s a good thing), but you don’t let your evil super-empowered nemesis out of his cell, no matter what he promises you.  Granted, Cisco did have some good fight moves (just not good enough), and he advanced the FIRESTORM plot.  Now I’m wondering, will Victor Garber and Robbie Amell be tag-teaming as Firestorm?  That would be cool.


2 responses to “The Flash: Crazy for You (112)

  1. 1. YES. I was impressed by his singing and want more. And he was as adorable with drunk Caitin as she was with him.

    2/4. My husband and I both felt some chemistry between B & C. I feel none between him and Iris, and I’m fine with that never going anywhere. I wasn’t all that impressed with Linda, whoever she is in the DC-universe-where-EVERY-SINGLE-CHARACTER-is-destined-to-be-super, but she’s fine as a rebound/palate-cleanser. What I’m hopeful of is that they will follow the trail blazed by Arrow and not the one trod by Smallville. I lost interest in Smallville so I never knew where it ultimately went, but while I *was* watching, they adamantly refused to consider putting Clark and Chloe together. It was barf-inducing Lana and mildly annoying Lois, and I got tired of it. Arrow, on the other hand, decided hey, it doesn’t MATTER what the comics did, we can do whatever the hell we want, and Oliver and Felicity ROCK. If the chemistry between Barry and Caitlin works (and I’m not saying it will, but it does have way more potential than anything else so far), then give it a try! And if it doesn’t, no biggie. I love M/F friendships as much as romantic relationships.

    3. Really liked getting him something to do. The first time he was on screen, I was like, “ugh, he’s so stiff and poorly cast! And then I remembered he was the Flash on the previous series, and he’s been steadily better since. He delivered that speech about what he’d say if the Flash was his son so well.

    7. I love Cisco. Poor Cisco. He’s the only one who really screws up. I loved that he was prepared for Hartley’s moves, and that he fought back–really well for a few seconds!–but hate that he’s always in the doghouse. But love that they give him redemption, even though they keep taking it away.

    And I really don’t think I could dislike a character more than I dislike Hartley.

    • I love Cisco, too. And while it’s nice he’s a little more grown up, I do kind of miss his child-like humor.

      I think your response to Hartley is exactly what they’re going for. 😉

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