Last Week’s Television Shows This Week

Where we discuss episodes from the past couple weeks.

1. Constantine and Grimm

I’d lost interest in these shows a while back, so the episodes had been piling up on the DVR.  Due to a tv drought (after all, how many times can you rewatch Outlander?), I finally caught up.  Guess what?  They’ve been kind of good.  Grimm in particular.

2.  Constantine and Supernatural
Sam and Dean check out the dump yard.

The Winchester conduct some good old-fashioned flashlight-foo.

“A Whole World Out There,” Constantine’s 11th episode (which aired way back on Jan 30) felt a lot like Supernatural.  Sure enough, this past week’s Supernatural‘s “Halt & Catch Fire” was eerily similar.  Both shows featured four college students (two guys, two gals) dealing with spirits beyond our realm.  Three of the students died:  first one of the guys, then a gal, then the other guy; leaving only the final gal to survive, but not before a close encounter with the dead spirit.  Methinks there is formulaic television at work.  Constantine‘s episode was more macabre than Supernatural‘s, but then, Constantine is pretty damned macabre in general.

3.  Arrow Last Week

Last week’s Arrow, The One Where Oliver Returned “Uprising,” left me uninspired.  Maybe it was because Felicity rejected Oliver.  Or because Ted Grant died (I’m assuming).  Two developments I  deeply dislike, so nothing to say.  Moving on…

4.  Arrow this week
Oliver as the Arrow confronts Laurel as the Canary.

The Arrow is not happy.

“Canaries” was much better than I expected on several counts.

  • Were you dreading the Arrow reveal to Thea as much as I was?  Oliver’s secret identity is already the worst kept secret ever.  Did we really need another person in the loop?  As it turns out, it’s just what the show needed.  Thea was proud of Ollie rather than angry, just as Moira was.  (I’m so glad they mentioned Moira.)  Thea’s embarrassment at not recognizing Oliver was an added bonus.  The whole scenario helped reestablish Oliver’s and Thea’s relationship, which was always an asset to the show.  But…
  • All of a sudden Thea hates Malcolm Merlyn again?  Granted, Malcolm deserves to be hated, but her turn-about wasn’t explained very well.  Did the producers realize they’d made a mistake with Thea’s story line this year and decided to backtrack?  (Probably not, because it fits well into the overall season arc.  But it did cross my mind.)  Character whiplash is nothing new to this show.  Last year’s victim was Laurel.
  • I’m not crazy about Starling City being overrun with vigilantes, nor am I a big fan of Laurel.  But if one stepped back one’s personal dislike for the character or the actor, you might have seen a story about a character”s fears and growth, and an actor who did an admirable job.  Yes, I said it.  Katie Cassidy did good.   Plus, I like her costume a lot more than Sara’s.  At least her top isn’t a low-cut corset with lots of boobage.
  • At least now Quintin knows that Sara is dead (again).  The final scene with Paul Blackhorne and Katie Cassidy was heart-breaking.

But really, flashback.  WTF?  Oliver returns to Starling City?  So much for spending 5 years battling the harsh elements on a hellish island.

5.  Supernatural:  Halt & Catch Fire (113)
The Winchesters reenact a scene from season 1.

Flashback, anyone?

The “Previouslies” went all the way back to season 1!  Young Sam with bangs!  It’s fitting, since “Halt & Catch Fire” felt like a season 1 urban-legend-with-a-twist episode.  Not bad, but kind of unremarkable, given how far the series has come.  Just when Dean says he doesn’t want to fight to remove the Mark of Cain…

Cain returns!  With awesome hair!

6.  The Flash:  The Nuclear Man (113)

So many characters brought their A-game this week, including the guest stars, it’s hard to rank them.

Joe enlists Cisco in his investigation.

Joe tops this week’s list of characters.

  1. Joe gets top billing this week for his gung-ho investigation into the murder of Barry’s mother.
  2. Barry.  Oh my God!  Barry vibrates when aroused!  And the ladies like it!
  3. Cisco helps Joe with his investigation, and creates some cool 3-D renderings of the crime scene.  Because 3-D is always cool.
  4. The guest stars.  Victor Garber, just because he’s Victor Garber.  And Robbie Amell, because he had to channel Victor Garber.  And, he finally got rid of the horrible wig a haircut.  I’d been wondering, why would you hire an attractive actor and then gum him up so badly?  Thank you!
  5. Caitlin.  She had to deal with her finance not really being her fiance.  But at least Ronnie surfaced long enough to kiss her goodbye.
  6. Dr. Wells. Did he sacrifice his tachyon device thingy to save the city?  Granted, his actions may not have been entirely selfless since he would have been killed in the explosion as well.

All that, and a surprising plot twist!  The murder scene DNA doesn’t belong to Dr. Wells, as Joe had thought, but to adult Barry.  As if the show wasn’t good already, it just keeps getting better

7.  Grimm

There have been a couple of good twists this season.  Sgt. Wu finally knows about the wide world of Wesen.  About damn time!  And Juliette has become part of the part of the lore, not just a bystander.  She even killed this week’s Wesen villain, the seemingly unstoppable scorpion-esque Manticore.

3 responses to “Last Week’s Television Shows This Week

  1. I think shows like Constantine and Sleepy Hollow are destined to be following Supernatural because they draw on the same lore. Constantine is also a WB production, but that’s a funny coincidence that they were so alike.

    Ha! I had the same thought about Cain’s hair. Did you watch Galavant? I’m tickled by the difference in Omundsen’s two characters. 🙂

    I think I’ve mentioned before that the problem I have with the DC-verse is that EVERYONE has a secret identity. The Flash has been faster to pull them out, I think, because they had the meta-human/superhero powers thing, but now Arrow is catching up. But I do feel it at least has grown organically for the most part, and they’re (mostly) a team, and if any city needed vigilantes, it’s Starling City. LOL

    I’ve learned not to dread anything re: Arrow. It doesn’t always please me, but more often than not, I like the way they handle things. And I can make a case (mostly) for why things work as they are, even if I don’t like them. For example, the reveal to Thea. She’s finally grown up a bit, for realz. Her reaction was SO refreshing and outward thinking. Felicity…last week made me cry, “I hate this show so much!” and yet, it was in character for her. She has strong convictions, and an about-face on Merlyn wouldn’t make sense. She’s also been in pain and her reaction to Oliver choosing to work with Merlyn is because that feels like one more rejection of her. He never puts her first. She understands and accepts that it had to be that way with Ra’s Al Gul and Thea, but she was so determined that it was wrong to team up with Merlyn, and Oliver’s choice had to feel like a slap in the face. So it all really felt like the only thing that could happen at this point.

    Which is okay. Show’s not over. 🙂

    On the OTHER side of things, yeah, Thea’s reversal pissed me off. Her whole response to Malcolm as a whole pissed me off. Okay, she was a moody, self-centered barely adult when he “rescued” her, and maybe his awful training methods and creepy attention gave her something she needed at the time. But she acted as if the Undertaking and her half-brother’s death mean nothing because “he’s her dad.” If she’d said just ONCE that she hated that part of it but he’s her father and she felt she had no choice at the time and he has a good side she can’t dismiss, I could have swallowed their relationship a little better. And then her reversal, her absolute disgust just because he manipulated her a little (hel-LO, where have you BEEN?) is not well motivated.

    Whew. Once more I said way more than I meant to say. LOL

    Anyway, I am loving the show and the shifting dynamics. I used to hate Laurel and never like her choices, but her development has been interesting to watch and mainly, I like her new friendships with Team Arrow. I liked that Ollie had such a rude, annoying reaction to everyone “defying” him but that he recognized the truth in what they said to him right away. He’s always been good at internalizing and absorbing those lessons and evolving as a character. I see a new maturity in him, too, and he just gets hotter every damn week. LOL

    On The Flash… I didn’t quite get what was happening with the blood splatter that Joe spotted, so my husband beat me to the punch in calling that it was Barry’s. I knew time travel was part of The Flash’s eventual skillsets, so when Cisco said in an earlier episode that there were two colors, ergo two people, I figured it had to be Barry. And I like that the promo revealed that they’re not going to hide it from him. But if he knows he was there and didn’t save her, then there’s no reason to go back, which means it didn’t happen, which is why time travel makes my brain hurt!!! LOL

    Wells is a very compelling character. He makes me want to like and trust him, and then he’s evil. He kills somebody, and then he says just the right thing to someone and makes the noble choice. I will never stop watching this show just because I will always want to know WTH with him. LOL

    And there we go. A comment that’s probably three times as long as the portions of your blog post I was commenting on. 🙂

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