Supernatural: The Executioner’s Song (+2, or 3)

Your thoughts on “The Executioner’s Song?”  Here’s mine.

Dean Winchester does battles with Cain.  Yes, that Cain.

It’s the Battle of the First Borns.

1.  Jensen Ackles is back, baby!

In the past I’ve called him the most underrated actor in Hollywood.  But recently he hasn’t overwhelmed me.  His performances haven’t been bad—I don’t think Jensen’s talent or work ethic would allow that—but they haven’t been as riveting as I’ve come to expect. It was wonderful to see him back in full form again.  Every single one of Dean’s scene in “The Executioner’s Song” was magnificent.  Even before his confrontation with Cain, Dean’s fear and sorrow drew me in and didn’t let go.

2.  The brotherly love is the best!

How fitting that Dean falls into Sam’s arms after the battle.  And although the brothers act as if everything is good, Sam knows Dean is in serious trouble.

3.  Cain’s predictions for Dean are frightening.

Cain says Dean will kill Crowley, then Castiel, and finally Sam.  Could this be the arc for the rest of the season?  If so, the second half of season 10 might be as exciting as that of season 8.  Too bad Cain won’t be part of it.

4.  Is Cain really dead?

When Dean dealt the final blow, I felt a little sad that we won’t see Timothy Omundson again.  Or will we?  We didn’t see the final strike hit its mark, nor did we see a body.  Timothy Omundson isn’t on the Supernatural schedule for the rest of the season (yet), but they’ve surprised us before.  Jim Beaver and Richard Speight Jr. have shown up sans credit, so I’m still holding out hope.

5.  We can stop the Crowley-Rowena saga any time now.

Yes, Ruth Connell has been a delight.  But Crowley’ mommy issues have grown old.  Time for Rowena to go the way of Cole and Hannah.

The Plus Two

TNT was kind enough offer a Supernatural President’s Day marathon, which helped ease the cabin fever brought on by a minor snow storm.  The marathon included a couple favorite episodes from not so favorite seasons.

Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie

This episode delights in so many ways.  There’s Jared Padalecki’s impeccable facial expressions and intonation when Dean tells him of the Plucky’s connection.  Investigating the ball pit/land shark death (a classic in and of itself!) brought us the hilarious “ball washer” exchange and Jenson’s perfectly timed “[Shark Week:  it’s a] Whole week of sharks.”  The kid in the lion suit escaping bad-cop Sam, trying to open the door with lion paws causes me to burst into laughter every time.

And that’s just scratching the surface of hilariousness.

The French Mistake

What other show would have the audacity to kill off its creator and executive producer?  I didn’t care for “The French Mistake” when it first aired, but it’s grown on me in the intervening years.  Casual observation:  Why must really tall guys marry petite women?  It’s not fair to us tall chicks!

“Changing Channels” was also part of the marathon, but unlike most fans, it’s not one of my favorites.  Nor, like “The French Mistake,” has it grown on me.  I still groan loudly at the “Nutcracker” and genital herpes scenes.

And today, TNT is airing yet another Supernatural marathon.


6 responses to “Supernatural: The Executioner’s Song (+2, or 3)

  1. 1. He was finally given something worthwhile to do. I haven’t found this season to be highly compelling, and I liked the episode with young Dean so much better, but I agree that Jensen was fantastic in this ep. He had a good foil in Timothy, too, helped up his game. 🙂

    2. ALWAYS.

    3. Gah. Please no. LOL

    4. I had similar thoughts. And they’ve done stuff like that before (like Cas burning Crowley’s “bones.”

    5. They have SO dropped the ball with this one. Crowley is way too passive. He’s being given nothing to do. He has no GM (goal and motivation) so his C (conflict) is weak and meaningless. Why couldn’t they do more with his returned humanity and how that drives his ambition in new ways? Like hey, maybe he could decide to rehabilitate the souls in hell! LOL

      • I don’t care about Cas or Crowley being killed. I care about DEAN killing them and following Cain’s predicted path. I didn’t really like the Mark of Cain storyline turning him into that kind of killer anyway, and while I can handle him fighting it, I really don’t want to see more bloodbaths, ESPECIALLY if he kills people he cares about.

        If I hadn’t loved this show for a decade, it would be way too dark for me right now. LOL

        • I thought season 5 and the Sera years were darker. Or maybe it’s just because I didn’t find them interesting.

  2. I am really sad that Cain was (apparently) killed off. He was such a meaty, complicated foil for the guys. And Omundson acted the hell out of the character. With Ackles, the two of them gave that confrontation and fight between their characters palpable weight.

    Rowena had potential when she first appeared, but she’s done so little but whine and suck up to Crowley, that it’s been wasted. She and Crowley both need a definite goal to work towards to make them interesting again. I say, give Rowena more power as a witch so she’s a clear threat and pit them against each other.

    • Yep, Rowena definitely had potential, but the writers blew it. There’s still time to turn it around, but I’ve already lost interest.

      I think whether or not Cain returns will depend largely on Omundson’s availability.

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