Flash vs and Arrow

The Flash:  Fallout (114)

Firestorm splits into his two inhabitants.

“Nuclear Man” fallout: Nuclear men.

Ranking this week’s characters:

1.  Iris

She rises to the top mainly because she’s finally being given a worthy story line, that of investigating the suspecious activities going on at STAR Labs.  Bonus points for no longer working at Jitters.

2.  Everyone else

In an episode of significant events, no one really stood.  Everyone was great.  The Firestorm arc concluded nicely, leaving open the probability for a return sometime in the future.  (Unless Robbie Amell’s movie career takes off.)

Arrow:  The Return (314)

Some bad (i.e., groan worthy) stuff, some good stuff.  We’ll discuss only the good stuff, because I’ve read enough complaining on the forums.

1.  Dead characters returned

It was Arrow‘s 60th episode, so it was nice that an effort was made to include some of those who’ve been killed off.  Not only did Tommy make an appearance, so did Quinton’s old partner, Lucas Hilton.  It was nice to see Colin Donnell and Roger R. Cross again.  It would have been lovely to see Susanna Thompson and Colin Salmon, too, since Moira and Walter were mentioned.  But one can’t have everything.

Then there was the not-dead Slade Wilson.  As whack-a-doodle as Slade is, it was great that Manu Bennett was included in the guest cast.

2.  Team Arrow pre-Team-Arrow

We got to see Felicity Smoak and John Diggle in there jobs prior to joining Oliver Queen’s crusade.  Plus the often-mentioned Andy Diggle.  But couldn’t they have found an actor who looked more like David Ramsey?

Thea Queen battles with Slade Wilson.

You go, girl! (Does anybody say that anymore?)

3.  Thea

Despite a small moment of bratdom early in the episode, she proved her mettle.  She endured the pain of a separated shoulder without whimpering, defiantly stood up to Slade, and showed a moral strength we hadn’t seen before.

4.  Oliver tells Thea she killed Sara.

Whew, that secret is over.  The scene was very well done, not falling into cliches.  Thea’s response was dramatic without being obnoxious, and Oliver’s pain visible.  Stephen Amell and Willa Holland were superb.

5.  The future of Oliver’s flashback

Once debriefed of the (stupid) Starling City China White/Omega mission, Oliver will get to go anywhere in the world he chooses.  Except that we’re only halfway through his third year of “five years in hell,” and we know he was on the island when the series started.  Will Oliver choose to return to the island?  Or will he be the victim of a huge snafu? My money’s on the latter.

In Arrow-related news, my Sincereously t-shirt came today yesterday.  (I started this post on Saturday.)  Stephen Amell wants to see pictures of folks in their shirts, but I shall decline.


One response to “Flash vs and Arrow

  1. I never thought I’d say this, but my favorite thing going on Arrow right now is Oliver’s relationship with Thea.

    And on The Flash, I was dreading Ronnie and Martin being merged, but I really like how they did it, and I look forward to them coming back.

    (Also, I saw The DUFF today, and I love Mae Whitman and Robbie Amell so hard. He did a great job being a redeemable dick. LOL)

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