Arrow: Nanda Parbat (315)


Team Arrow, 2.0

What did you think of  this week’s Arrow?   Some folks loved it: IMDB users have given it a +9 rating.   Some folk (I’m looking at you, posters) said it sucked.  I fall somewhere in between.

1. I did not see that ending coming!

R’as al Ghul wants Oliver to become the next Ra’s al Ghul.  How would that fit in with Oliver’s no-kill policy?  That’s probably going to be the main  conflict of the rest of the season, and it could be intriguing, dramatic arc.  But I wouldn’t put it past these writers to resolve it one the next episode.  (See #3 below.)

2.  I really miss the early days of Arrow Team 3.0.

Damn!  There are a lot of people roaming around the Arrow cave these days.  It makes me long for the days when it was just Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity keeping Starling City safe.  This longing for earlier times isn’t a feeling limited to Arrow;  I’ve mentioned it before.  I realize shows need to evolve to keep the story moving forward, but what gets lost in the change are the things that made us love a show in the first place.

3.  The writing on this show makes no sense.

Characters change personalities on a dime.  Actions and motivations can be inconsistent.  Oliver said he wanted to defeat Ra’s because he didn’t like being beaten.  Yet he’s never won a fight with Malcolm Merlin.  The past is often altered to accommodate the current story line.  So much of the drama is manufactured, it often feels like a soap opera.   One has to sometimes forgo the ridiculousness enjoy the bigger picture.

At least Felicity has been consistent with her rejection of Oliver from a few episodes ago.

4.  I sure hope Akio survives.

I’m sure the writers want us to believe Akio is dead.  We haven’t seen him in the present, and Maseo and Tatsu have both hinted at a dramatic turn of events.  It would be unusual move to kill off a child.  Then again, so was killing off your lead.

5.  Did the Lazarus Pit make its debut?

Is that what Ra’s was soaking in, or was it just a normal mineral spring-type thing?  Either way, it looks like the Lazarus Pit will make an appearance in the next episode.

We have to wait a few weeks before finding out about Akio and the Pit, but it’s a hiatus I can live with without too much angst.

Oh yeah.  Ray finished his ATOM suit.  *yawn*



2 responses to “Arrow: Nanda Parbat (315)

  1. The stuff that’s good about this show has always allowed me to ignore the stuff that wasn’t necessarily well done. So I get to a place where I continue to ignore the stuff I don’t like and just focus on the stuff I do.

    I did find this episode underwhelming. I’ve always liked Brandon Routh, but I’ve decided he has no (or little) charisma. He’s charming and appealing but there’s nothing compelling about him or his storyline–and there’s no reason there shouldn’t be. He and Felicity really don’t have any chemistry. She still kills her side of things, but after the scene is over, I’m always “eh.” I want her and Oliver to at least *interact* even if the romantic elements are on hold.

    In an interview with one of the showrunners, he referenced an ancient application of the word “assassins” that implied it was different from what we know. But I did some research and it’s really not. So it will be interesting to see if they actually go there.

    I’ve liked the growth of several of the characters, but don’t like the writers making them hypocrites (I’m looking at you, Laurel) or douchebags (come on, Ollie!) along the way.

    So I’m sad that I’m not sadder about the hiatus. At least I have Twelve Monkeys to keep me excited! 🙂

    • I knew nothing about the episode going in. I won’t say I was underwhelmed, but except for the ending, it wasn’t memorable. Brandon Routh hasn’t provided anything to the Arrow universe other than a foil for “Olicity.”

      Gah, the showrunners. Of course they try to change the dictionary to suit their own needs. Ha! I find the tweets by Marc whats-his-name (which I get second-hand from forums) to be this side of useless.

      I watched the first episode of 12 Monkeys. I recall the ending provided a hook for the next episode. But I’m damned if I can remember anything about the episode for the hook. Still, I might give it another try if there’s nothing else to watch.

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