Supernatural March Madness Favorites

The poster for season 10 of Supernatural features all four regulars.

Wrestle your demons—an apt theme for Season 10

In lieu of Supernatural March Madness this year (and not wanting to completely ignore Supernatural specialness in March), I’ve decided to present my 32 favorite episodes.  I picked this number so that the episodes would fit into tournament-style brackets.  (Not that I’m going to create any.  But I might.)  The real NCAA March Madness has 64 slots, but 64 was too many episodes to pick in such a short time.  Thirty-two is the number of remaining teams after the first-round of March Madness, and this was a more manageable number for me.

So 32 it is.  This equates to 3.2 episodes per season, but since not all Supernatural seasons are created equal, I’ve chosen (or will be chosing) four episodes from each of my favorite seasons (1, 2, 4, and 8), two from each incomplete season (3 and 10), and three from the rest (5, 6, 7, and 9.)

Look for the my Supernatural Favorites posts beginning very soon, even possibly today.


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