And Now for Something Different

We Interrupt Supernatural Favorites-a-thon…

…to bring you this Outlander Sam Heughan news commentary.

If you watched the recent #Hangoutlander session with the women of That’s Normal, you’ll know their love for Sam Heughan has died down.  Their complaints?  1) He’s let his looks go during the off-season, growing his hair out and sporting a scraggly beard.  2) He seems to be a bit naive with his new-found fame, making un-star-like comments (whatever they may be).  However, Outlander Online posted a page from Cosmopolitan magazine featuring Sam and some of his quotes.  To wit,

British women can be slightly more reserved.  Scottish are little more crazy and fun, and American are more forthright, which I really enjoy.  I haven’t met enough American women.  I think we need to rectify that.

I’d say he’s adjusting to his new fame and giving just the right sound bites quite well.



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