Aftershocks: an After-Action Report

Adrian Pasdar makes his appearance via iPad.

Adrian Pasdar and his (fake) mustache make an appearance via iPad.

“Aftershocks,”  as in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD‘s return to television after its time out for the highly enjoyable Agent Carter.  Not to be confused with Law & Order‘s “Aftershock,” the episode in which Claire Kincaid (Jill Hennessy) died.  Or was in a coma, depending on who you asked (the latter mostly fans of Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston)/Claire Kincaid fan fiction).  And Lenny Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) in which fell off the wagon and marriage-faithful Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) hooked up with a college student (pre-fame Jennifer Garner).  But I’m digressing to an earlier obsession.

So, I recorded Agents of SHIELD‘s 2015 premiere when it aired last week, but just got around to watching it.  Sorry I waited so long!  It was excellent;  in turns emotional, worrying, and humorous.  Of note:

  1. Adrianne Palicki is now a regular.  You more or less saw that coming, right?  Either way, it’s a great move.
  2. Much of the episode was spent on how the characters were dealing with Tripp’s (B.J. Britt) death.  I’m so glad it was addressed it. He will be sorely missed, but was kind of underused this season.
  3. Coulson’s scene with Tripp’s mother was heart-breaking.
  4. I’m surprised to say it.  Chloe Bennett did a great job conveying Skye’s confusion regarding her powers, guilt at causing Tripp’s death, and fear of being something, for lack of a better word, inhuman.
  5. Speaking of Inhumans, how ironic that Raina, so thrilled at being transformed, turned into something porcupine-ish.  Ha!  But it is rather a waste of Ruth Negga’s beauty.
  6. Kyle MacLachlan continues to eat up his scenes, delightfully so.  Oh Skye’s father, don’t ever change your crazy self.
  7. Nick Blood’s American accent was so good, I didn’t even realize Hunter had lost his British accent until a few lines into the scene.  I don’t care if Bobbi said he sounded like a douche.
  8. Did you see the Fitz and Skye bonding coming?  I didn’t, but I sure did love it.  Perhaps because of Fitz’s brain injury, but he seemed to sense Skye’s isolation and fear.

Not such a highlight?  Simmons’s new-found bigotry.  Granted, it puts her nicely at odds with Fitz, but it feels a bit incongruous.  Or maybe not, given the events of the past few episodes.


5 responses to “Aftershocks: an After-Action Report

  1. I agreed with most of what you said. Actually, I think I technically agree with everything. 🙂 I love Ruth Negga but feel Raina got what she deserved. I’m intrigued by Gordon and the other inhumans and whether they’re “good,” “bad,” or a mix. I’m going to miss Tripp SO much.

    The episode was so loaded with tension I couldn’t stand it. I’m kind of in awe of their ability to do that.

    Loved Coulson’s plan. I know not to take anything at face value now, but some of it still surprised me. I really hope Bobbi and Mac(k) aren’t doing something awful. Every time I think I couldn’t love Fitz more, I DO OMG. And as much as I hate the direction Simmons is going in, I think it’s pretty well supported. She’s never been unable to figure out stuff before, and she’s probably frightened by how fast this “science” is outstripping her knowledge and ability to adapt.Her infiltration of Hydra also put her deep inside the corruption of it. And she watched people die or kill because of the changes they underwent, willingly or not. So she’s reacting out of an uncharacteristic fear she doesn’t know how to handle. Hopefully, she’ll come back from that! Because I miss Fitz-Simmons a ton. 😦

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