Supernatural Favorites, Season 3

Season 3 was rough.  Would it have been better had the Screen Writers’ Guild strike not screwed things up?  Perhaps.  Yet, season 3 didn’t start with a whiz-bang episode, as seasons 1 and 2 did.  And then we had to wait out Dean’s death for a whole friggin’ year all friggin’ summer.  Gah!

Let’s get to the episodes.  According to the rest of the world (at least at IMDB and, the best episodes were:

  1. Jus in Bello (312)
  2. Mystery Spot (31)
  3. No Rest for the Wicked (316)
  4. Bad Day at Black Rock (313)
  5. (tie) A Very Supernatural Christmas (308) and The Kids are Alright (302)

Picking only two episodes from this short season is tough, because there was “A Very Supernatural Christmas” and four other 5-star episodes.  But I’ll try.

1.  A Very Supernatural Christmas (308)

Such a very Sam and Dean episode, complete with wee Winchesters.  Sam doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas because it will be Dean’s last.  But after the episode’s highly entertaining villains are done away with—by Christmas tree branches, no less—Sam relents and gives Dean exactly what he wants.


2.  Jus In Bello (312)

It was a close race for second, but “Jus In Bello” wins out.  I’m not sure why.  It was so tense throughout, with multiple twists and turns, it kept me on the edge my seat.  And the ending was a killer!  Literally.

Damn it!  Just when Sam and Dean bond with FBI Agent Victor Henriksen, he bites the dust, along with the adorable Nancy, and every other guest star.

Honorable Mention: My Other 5-Star Episodes
  • Bad Day at Black Rock (303): I do enjoy the humorous episodes, and this one was delightfully silly.  Crazy Gordon’s Jesus-loving friend Kubrick (Michael Massee) was a fine addition to the growing list of Winchester foils.  I was sorry his recurring role was so short-lived.
  • Bedtime Stories (305):  Supernatural‘s take on several Grimm fairly tales was closer to the original lore than the stories we’ve come to know.  The doctor who clings to his daughter’s life is a good man and a sympathetic soul.  I always well up with tears when he confronts his daughter’s spirit and then lets her go.
  • Mystery Spot (311):  Dean dies over and over again, each time more outrageously.  Sam is initially shocked, then resigned, eventually becoming more and more frustrated.  But what was laughable turns deadly serious as Sam obsessively adjusts to life without his brother.  Add a beloved foe, the Trickster (Richard Speight Jr), to the mix and you get a superb look into the Winchester brothers’ co-dependence.

Extra Honorable Mention goes to “Fresh Blood” (307), in which arch-nemesis Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown) meets a bloody and most gruesome death (along with his pal Kubrick).

RIP, excellent Winchester adversaries.


3 responses to “Supernatural Favorites, Season 3

  1. I’m going to say:

    Bad Day at Black Rock, again because of Jared Padalecki. “I lost my shoe.” And it was just so clever all the way through.

    Mystery Spot might edge it out, because I’m still in awe of the quality and the brilliance with the tonal shift. The guys are SO hilarious during the 100-death-scene march, and then when it goes dark, it does it seamlessly. And the Trickster’s role is beautiful.

    Ghostfacers, because again we have tremendous chemistry between Ed and Harry, humor that turns dark, and a poignant ending topped off with classic Supernatural.

    • I like your choices. Ghostfacers tends to be polarizing. The “cool kids” dislike Harry and Ed, but I like them. I enjoyed Ghostfacers, too, but the death of the poor intern was such a juxtaposition of the lighter-hearted moments of the episode.

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