Supernatural Favorites: Season 4

Let’s get right to business.  According to IMDB and, season 4 boasts seven (7) top 3 episodes.  They are:

  1.   Lazarus Rising (401)
  2. (3-way tie) In the Beginning (403), The Monster at the End of This Book (418), and Lucifer Rising (422)
  3. (4-way tie) Are You There God?  It’s Me, Dean Winchester (402); Yellow Fever (406); I Know What You Did Last Summer (409); and On the Head of a Pin (416)

The world and I are alike, in that I had seven 5-star rated episodes.  We are not alike, in that my favorites vary somewhat from above list.

Lazarus Rising (401)

Waiting all summer to see how Dean would make it out of hell was.. well, hell.  I was so excited for the season 4 premiere, I bought a big screen tv.  No lie!

Nearly everything was perfect.  Dean crawling out of the earth with a mysterious hand print on his shoulder, ear-splitting whines and breaking glass, guarded-then-happy reunions, mysterious eye burning.  And Sam’s new demon-smiting abilities.  We were introduced to Pamela (RIP), Castiel, and Ruby 2.0.  Two out of three ain’t bad.

Monster Movie (405)

Never judge an episode before you’ve seen it.  The idea of a black and white episode posed no interest to me when I read about it.  But it was light-hearted romp through Octoberfest, with a great damsel in distress, a crazy supposed villain, and an even crazier real villain.  Plus, Jensen Ackles in lederhosen.  Ha!

And now a short word of explanation.

It was a little hard picking just two out of my remaining 5-star episodes.  Since it’s a bit of a crap shoot, I’ll forgo “In the Beginning,” “On the Head of a Pin,” and “The Monster at the End of This Book” for two other little gems that were overlooked by that masses (i.e., IMDB and

Wishful Thinking (408)

What would you wish for?  Love?  Strength?  Invisibility?  A giant teddy bear?  What could possibly go wrong?  Nearly everything, including said teddy bear’s attempted suicide.  And it’s rather hilarious.

It’s a Terrible Life (417)

What can I say?  I like the alternate reality episodes, especially when they’re accompanied with bright colors.  So shoot me.  Plus, it provided a small breather after the intensity “On the Head of a Pin,” and before the mega-meta-madness of “The Monster at the End of This Book.”


One response to “Supernatural Favorites: Season 4

  1. Most of the episodes in this season have something in them that jump up with their hand in the air saying “pick me! pick me!” LOL

    I like After School Special because I always love getting insight into their childhoods (and Colin Ford just rocks!) and every episode with the scene-chewing Christopher Heyerdahl…

    But I think I have to go with It’s a Terrible Life (same reasons as you) and The Monster at the End of This Book (I LOVE the meta), with Lucifer Rising an honorable mention (Hey, assbutt!).

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