The Flash: Out of Time (115)

Holy cow!  Was that the season ending?  It sure felt like it!  At least we’ll have to wait only one week and not four months to see how things are resolved.  Thank goodness for small favors.

How did our beloved cast of characters fare during this jam-packed week of mega-action?



The Central City Police Department comes under attack.

Three of this week’s top 4 characters are Central City policemen.

1.  Cisco

When we heard Wells’s voice-over in last week’s previews saying “You’re like a son to me,” did anyone else think he was talking to Barry?  I certainly did, but it was actually Cisco.  Aw.  It’s great Cisco’s been getting some well-deserved love and respect.  But the moment Wells revealed himself, you knew Cisco would be a goner, right?  (Incidentally, I checked IMDB to see how many episodes Carlos Valdes was credited for.)

2.  Joe

I was all ready to give the #1 spot to Joe this week, then Wells had to go and… you know.  Joe was the main target of this week’s villain, and he valiantly stepped into the hero’s spotlight, defying warnings, protecting loved ones, standing up for gay rights, and whatnot.

Man, can Jesse L. Martin bring on the pain or what?  That last scene with Joe all battered, bloody, and broken made me squirm mightily.

3.  Captain Singh

He saved Joe’s life!  At great risk to his own.  This show does a great job of defining the lesser characters in quick, blink-of-an-eye moments.  (At least if you’re male, that is.)

4.  Eddie

Eddie’s a prime example of being defined as more than just a love interest for Iris/foil for Barry.  He’s also an honest cop and caring partner.  I loved how he defiantly refused to leave Joe alone.  Not to mention calling Iris on her flirt-with-Barry crap.

5. Rob, Captain Shingh’s weepy fiance

He says Captain Singh thinks highly of Barry.  Aw.  He can return anytime.

(Isn’t it funny how absurdly progressive Central City Hollywood is?  One second it’s “Family only,” next it’s “Oh sure, you can see your gay fiance, nor problemo,” without the blink of an eye.  The definition of family, particularly with respect to medical concerns, is a huge reason behind gay rights, and look how easily The Flash just glided over it.  Ah, Utopia.)

5.  Harrison Wells

Aha!  The Big Reveal!  It’s times like these when not being a comic book buff can be a hindrance.  Fortunately, someone on The Flash forum at informed me Eobard Thawne is from the 25th century.  It makes me wonder if I’m providing any value-added to The Flash review universe.  (I’ll take a cue from the writing staff on Starz’s Outlander.  Some are old friends with the Outlander books, some are newbies.  So perhaps there is a place for the uninitiated.)

6.  Caitlin Snow

Man, she’s a terrible liar!  (That’s a good thing, of course.)

7.  Barry and Iris

Does anyone else see a distinct lack of chemistry between these two?  Both Grant Gustin and Candice Patton are engaging actors playing very likable characters, but that kiss just fell flat.


One response to “The Flash: Out of Time (115)

  1. 1. Cisco killed me. I really hope after what happened at the end, he’ll be saved. I read an interview with the showrunners that said Carlos carried the scene. The reaction, the crying, was all him.

    2. Joe/Jesse isn’t my favorite character/actor on the show, but he really did. 🙂

    3+5. I was just happy that it was normal. As surprised as *I* was that the captain is gay, no one else even blinked an eye. As for the fiancé thing, they played it just the way they’d have played it if Rob was Roberta, IMO. And also IMO, that’s the way it SHOULD be. Now we just need to reach a point where no one feels to cheer and applaud when it happens. 🙂

    4. Totally agree. I think it’s hard to give every character in a show like this enough time and development, so I appreciate Eddie’s moments like he had in this show. 🙂

    5. All along, I’ve been torn about him. He displays such goodness as well as awfulness. The showrunners have said he’s not evil—it really hurt him to kill Cisco, and he meant everything he said. But he has a goal that he feels necessitates the actions he’s taken. So…I’m thinking he’s going to continue to be complex.

    And you totally are! I don’t know this stuff, either, and my husband was never a DC guy so I know more than he does. LOL Your research is as beneficial to me as your lack-of-background thoughts are. 🙂

    6. LOL She really is. I like that there’s a character so without guile. But I do hope she doesn’t become too one-note because of it.

    7. Completely! I like the character and I think the actress is very natural (better, for example, than the one who plays Linda). But there’s definitely something lacking.

    I haven’t watched SHIELD yet, because Number Two has been too busy. Did you try iZombie? We liked it. Not quite as much as I liked the Veronica Mars pilot, but we’re eager for the next episode.

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