The CW’s New Wednesday Line Up (And a Poll!)

Arrow and Supernatural returned with less of a bang than The Flash.  But then, you’d be hard pressed to do as well as “Out of Time.”  I have nothing other than a few random-ish thoughts about both.  How ’bout you?  Anything more cohesive?

Arrow:  The Offer (316)

Also known as “The One with All the Daddy Issues”
  • It didn’t take Oliver long to decide whether or not to accept Ra’s al Ghul’s offer.  I’m surprised it was resolved in one episode.
    • Or was it?
  • For someone hell bent on The Truth last season, Thea sure is spouting forth the lies.  Then again, character consistency has never been this show’s strong suit.
  • Loved the Oliver/Felicity exchange and googly eyes.  But hey, Felicity, it was you who put the kibosh on the relationship, not Oliver.  At least the last time.  (Remember? When he returned from the dead.)
  • Next week:  a wedding!  And Deadshot.

And the poll!  (Forgive me.  I majored in speech science, so any excuse to use the phonetic alphabet is taken.  Plus, I love the character map.)

Supernatural: The Things They Carried (215)

  • Meh.  I did wonder how long it would be before someone complained about the opening’s gruesome death being female.  Answer? About 18 minutes.
  • No more Cole, please.  He’s not that interesting.  He’s kind of the poor mans Jeremy Renner.
  • And pretty, pretty please: No. More. Worms!
  • Jared’s hair distracted me.  I kept wanting to play with it.  How about a man-bun, Jared?  Attractive, not distracting.



3 responses to “The CW’s New Wednesday Line Up (And a Poll!)

  1. Huh. For once I’m going to disagree with you all over the place. LOL (Note: disagree in a “I reacted differently” kind of way, not a “you’re wrong” kind of way. 🙂 )

    I don’t think Thea is inconsistent so much as better informed. Last season she knew nothing, so it was easy to be on her high horse. Now she’s behind the scenes and can understand why lies and secrets can be…well, maybe not important, but easier? Although I’m not sure where the lies are. Yes, she kept to herself that she let Nyssa out. But she told Laurel and Nyssa and even Ra’s who killed Sara. She seems to be letting out truths far more than she is telling her own lies.

    I think you’re being unfair to Felicity. Oliver said “I love you,” not “We can be together now.” One doesn’t mean the other. Also, when he returned, he didn’t make any overtures at all, really, before Felicity said she didn’t want to be a woman he loved. He’d spent months saying no no no, so what she said was valid. If he’d let them be together sooner, she might never have had a reason to say that.

    Oh, come on. So EVERY gruesome death that opens the show—and every show opens with a gruesome death—has to be male? Come on. People need to shut up. LOL

    But I will say I’m not thrilled with their casting of unimportant female characters in general. Maybe they don’t have a lot of options for spouses and roommates and witnesses, but they all seem to be plastic, weak, and substance-free.

    I LOVE Cole. I love his trajectory (over the three episodes), I love how he bonded with Dean-o and how no one tells him he can’t say Sammy, I love how he fought so hard not to let that thing take over him, and how he didn’t blame Sam in the end for not being able to save Kit. It was refreshing not to have someone act predictably in the face of all that stuff.

    Ugh, no man bun please. LOL His hair did look oddly thick and dry. With his FB videos and photos lately, I think he’s had it cut since that ep was filmed. Please let that be true!

    • I actually laughed out loud at your response! Not because I think what you said is silly, but because… well, EVERYTHING! It just tickles me.

      ALTHOUGH, I actually agree with you about the female victim thing. Oh, fandom, you’re so transparent. And the woman who played the wife is actually a stunt woman, apparently. I looked her up on IMDB because she seemed a little familiar. She’s been on the show several times, but as a stunt double.

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