A Really Disappointing Tuesday

The Flash:  Rogue Time (116)

I’m so disgusted with “Rogue Time,” this week I’m going to rank the principles in reverse order, from worst to best.

  1. The Writers!  What a horrible, horrible way to disengage all the greatness of last week.
  2. Everyone else.  Not even the few who were on form get special mention.

A year or so ago, I began binge watching Continuum.  The season 2 finale was a doozy, with the heroine in dire circumstances, several deaths, and extreme realignment of alliances.  I pondered for months how everything would be resolved.  And what did they do?  They set everything back one week!  I was so disgusted, I stopped watching.

It’s a pitifully lazy writing technique.  It’s an easy pass.  “Oh, we wrote ourselves into a corner.  No worries.  We’ll just undo everything by going back in time.”

I love time travel as much as the next person, maybe even more. But there has to be some relation of the present in the past, or there are no consequences and no one is held accountable.

Cisco Valdes lives to see another day, and get kidnapped.

He lives! Oops, hope it’s not a spoiler.

For all of Harrison Wells’s warnings to Barry Allen that “there will be consequences if you mess with time,” the relationship between last week’s outstanding episode and this week’s not-so-good one was over within five minutes.  I would much rather have had more of the Weather Wizard story line, with the fallout paralleling Joe’s predicament, Captain Singh’s injuries, and Cisco’s suspicions.

Sure, Barry was encouraged by last week’s events to tell Iris of his feelings (again), with terrible results.  And Harrison Wells once again told Cisco he was like a son. At least this time Cisco didn’t die. (I doubt too many people were invested in Mason Bridge to care about his death.)

Oh yeah, we (the audience) now know who Harrison Wells really is.  So there’s that, too.

Agents of SHIELD:  Love in the Time of Hydra (214)

Despite a good half-season run, I think I’m done.  Shoving the still uninteresting Skye down our throats in not one, but two story lines was simply too much.  Even the idea that there are now two SHIELDs isn’t enough to draw me back in.  I wasn’t a Battlestar Galactica fan, so the presence of Edward James Olmos isn’t a draw.  Then there’s the trope adversarial character played by Kirk Acevedo who questions the loyalty of Bobbi Morse.



4 responses to “A Really Disappointing Tuesday

  1. I was really disappointed with this week’s episode, too. A little less with the writing (which I agree could have been a lot stronger) or the time travel (I thought the easy solution to the WW story allowing a whole slew of other problems was fine, but you’re right, there wasn’t any direct correlation between him and Cold) and more with the direction. Barry was ridiculous in his awkward, over-the-top giddy goofiness. I felt he was pushed to portray Barry in a different way than he’s been doing. Not enough weight to his performance, and the rest of the cast also felt as if they were resistant to a particular director’s style or something.

    I may be perpetually behind on SHIELD, so I skipped reading that part. 🙂

    • Perhaps the cast was as disappointed with the episode as the rest of us, therefore not really giving it their all? 😉

  2. I’m caught up on SHIELD now, and I think they’ve had some brave storytelling, making the other SHIELD just as “heroic” (and flawed) as our SHIELD team. I loved the most recent ep, with the flashbacks.

    I commented on how the show attracts some top talent, despite its low ratings. Lucy Lawless, EJO, Kirk Acevedo, Drea DeMateo, Christine Adams…I’m not necessarily a fan of everyone who appears, but a lot of them have impressive credits.

    I don’t care much about the Skye storyline and was never excited about the Inhumans, but the political jockeying does, surprisingly, intrigue me, and I look forward to seeing where it’s going. Mostly I love so many characters (Hunter is top on the list!) I don’t want them to go away. 🙂

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