A Somewhat Disappointing Wednesday

[Heh.  Better get this posted before the next Wednesday rolls around.]

It really was a disappointing week, if the only shows you’re watching are The Flash, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, and Supernatural.  I gave the week a .275 battering average.  It’s not great in baseball, and it’s worse in entertainment.

Supernatural:  Paint It Black (1016)

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother," is incorrectly attributed to Jesus.

Um, the quote on the church sign is not from Jesus. It’s the motto of Boys Town, NE, which the Hollies used to make into a song.

I became so restless with this fragmented episode, I did something I rarely do with Supernatural.  I fast-forwarded to near the end.  What seemed to be three separate stories, one of which seemed to be pure exposition and one barely tolerable to watch, finally came together, more or less, but it took its toll.

Everyone seems to agree that Rowena has not only worn out her welcome, she’s weakened Crowley as a character.  No longer is he the all-feared King of Hell, he’s become a manipulated little boy.  He’s no longer fun to watch.  And while we did get a bit of a payoff at the end, with a hint of a Men of Letters vs. Witchcraft battle to come, it means Rowena will be around for a while.

The other two story lines—that of Dean and Sam investigating post-confessional suicides, and a nun talking to another nun (who turned out to be a ghost)—eventually came together in a gruesomely entertaining way, but the time it took to get there was longer than my patience allowed.

Jensen Ackles had an opportunity to show us the range of Dean’s personality and the depths of his despair.  It’s always nice to see what he can do with great material.  Dean seems to be racing towards death as the way to fix his problem with the Mark of Cain.  I just hope the arc will give us something more than a rehash of season 3.

Arrow:  Suicidal Tendencies (317)

Oliver hands John Diggle his wedding ring.

The calm before the (two) storm(s).

It was the best episode of the week.  Or should I say best two episodes?   And therein lies the problem.  Two interesting stories that each deserved its own treatment—particularly the one showcasing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder—crammed into one hour of television.

While Oliver and company were dealing with fake Arrows in Starling City, Diggle and Lyla were spending their honeymoon in some fake country with Deadshot and a red-headed young Mary Campbell Winchester (i.e., Amy Gumenick).

The faux-Arrows are killing in retaliation for Oliver not accepting the job of Ra’s al Ghul.  The story is moderately complicated by Ray Palmer, who’s completed his ATOM suit and is now flying around the city, supposedly fighting crime, but mostly fighting the Arrow and trying to frame Oliver for the murders.

Sample dialog:

Ray (upon seeing Oliver walk into his office):  Arrow.
Oliver:  Super Suit.

The episode seems to be setting up the arc for the rest of season 3.

Elsewhere, Lyla is called away from her honeymoon for a mission in some “Fake-istan.”  What would a honeymoon be without the groom, so Diggle volunteers to go with her.  Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, and nutcase Carrie Cutter (Cupid) provide backup.  Floyd saves Carrie’s life, so at least her love-obsession has transferred from Oliver to Lawton.

Carrie Cutter now has the hots for Floyd Lawton.

One-sided love amongst the Suicide Squad.

The flashbacks this week are of Floyd Lawton, the soldier who returned home without being able to leave the war behind.  And it does a nice job of highlighting just one of the effects PTSD can have on it’s sufferers.

Over the seasons, Lawton has become a somewhat sympathetic character.  His flashback gave us not only an insight into how he became Deadshot, but also introduces the mysterious H.I.V.E. and who its first victim is to be.  (Hint:  it’s John Diggle’s brother, Andy.)  Those familiar with the DC Comics universe know about HIVE, but since I am one of the uninitiated, I do not.  (I do know I’ll no longer be putting periods between the letters.)

Arrow’s creators and writers have taken care to be consistent with HIVE, Lawton, and Andy Diggle; the storyline is apparently setting up the Big Bad for season4.  (David Ramsey mentioned at a fan event that next season will be about HIVE.)  I look forward to seeing how this plays out.  Just don’t muck it up, Marc Guggenheim.

7 responses to “A Somewhat Disappointing Wednesday

  1. I’m so far behind on TV (THREE episodes of SHIELD! Heck, it may even be 4!) I have to be really careful which of your posts I read. LOL

    I agree with you all around this week. I don’t like when people (aka entertainment writers) say shows should have shorter seasons to avoid a creative muddle as they try to stretch and fill, because I don’t WANT less content in the shows I love. I mean, Doctor Who being shorter didn’t make last season better. These episodes seem tailor-made to fulfill that assertion…except Supernatural’s problems have been here all season.

    ANYway. 🙂 SPN suffered most because of 1) lack of Sam and Dean and 2) the very weak, rehashy Rowena storyline. You are so right about Crowley. He doesn’t even have lines! He has reaction shots that are all the same. The actress does a good job with Rowena, but I don’t CARE about her and she does not frighten me as an enemy against the Men of Letters. Her “fight” scene with the coven head was boooooring.

    But the moments about Dean’s desire for more were awesome and appropriate for his story arc and time of life. More of that, please! For both guys!

    I really liked Lawton’s backstory and the whole storyline for the Diggle/Lyla adventure. I don’t mind when they split the cast that way, because otherwise it’s hard to get more of the secondary characters, all of whom deserve screen and story time. I don’t think he’s dead, either. The back of that roof looked undamaged. 🙂 (I thought his character was going to be in the spinoff, but he hasn’t been mentioned. Arthur Darvill is, though! I’m getting more and more excited about that show, whatever it is. LOL)

    Ray Palmer is a big fat hypocrite. He could have killed Roy! (Though it was annoying that Oliver stomped off without checking Roy, too–direction/editing problem again.) And Felicity reconciling with him without even a scold for endangering her friend? *scowl* I will be happy when they get rid of him for the spinoff.

    I will also be happy to have a new big bad next season. Haven’t been unhappy with what we’ve had this year, but HIVE sounds like it will be a challenge. 🙂

    • Your response made me realize the hazards of putting too many shows in one post. Of course, that’s AFTER I posted one with SIX shows.

      With Arrow, I didn’t mind the separation so much as I wish both stories could have been give a full hour to explore, especially with the wedding in one.

      You’re comments about Ray/Roy, Ray/Felicity were spot on. See? That’s why it would have benefited from a full hour. Then again, these guys aren’t always the best when it comes to storytelling and consistency.

      Arthur Darvill has a new show? When? Where? Sign me up! He’s in this season of Broadchurch, so there’s that. I often think about putting my Doctor Who season 5 disc in the player and then go off to something else.

      Goddamit! I can’t multi-task. I was trying to answer you while steaks were under the broiler, and I now have very well-done steaks. Ack!

      • Yeah, having a full hour for each storyline would have been okay, except I don’t want an hour with no Oliver or Felicity, much as I like Diggle and Lyla. LOL

        Arthur Darvill is going to play a guy named Rip Hunter, on the new spin-off that will have Ray Palmer, Sara Lance, Cupid, Captain Cold, Mick Rory, and Prof. Martin Stein. No explanation of the spin-off has been given, or how these people can be together when one is dead and one is imprisoned by Waller and one is only half a person. LOL Here’s a link: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/cws-flash-arrow-spinoff-casts-785372

        Ack! So sorry about the steaks! Hope they tasted good anyway. 🙂

        • Dammit. Here I thought Arthur Darvill was going to have his own show, but he’s just going to be another of the characters in The ATOM, or whatever it’s called. Since I don’t particularly like Caity whatshername, nor Ray, nor Cupid, nor Hot & Cold, I most likely won’t watch.

          Steaks were too bad.

  2. I think this was the episode this happened in…when Arrow confronted Ray in his suit and Ray had blasted Roy into the fence and Arrow walked away after the confrontation? It was obviously a directing/editing snafu and they kind of forgot what they’d done. Anyway, Stephen Amell answered questions on Facebook yesterday and someone said “Have you picked up Roy yet???” and Stephen answered “I am never going to comment on that colossal failure.”


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