The Week That Was & Is To Be

Six shows, three lists, two to anticipate, one post.

Dean Winchester manhandles some goons.

Do NOT mess with The Dean!

The Flash: Tricksters (118)

It’s back on form again again!  I rarely agree with Tom & Lorenzo on television matters, but their take on “Tricksters” was spot on.  Not much I can add except to reiterate:

  • Mark Hamill!
  • I am your father!”  I laughed so hard, I nearly spilled my drink (red wine. because everything goes better with red wine).
  • Poor Harrison Wells.  I, too, share TLo’s concern at this development.
  • What the hell? Now nearly as many people know Barry is the Flash as know Oliver Queen is the Arrow.
  • I really feel sorry for Iris—and Candice Patton.  Even becoming more involved in the STAR Labs/Harrison Wells mystery, the writers are still treating her as a fragile little flower.  They could (and should!) do more with her.  But they’ll most likely have the season reach its peak with Iris in peril, and call that making more of the character.  (God damn male show runners!  /Stepping off platform now.)  You can tell Candice Patton has the acting chops to deliver a great performance, if only she’d be given something great to do.
Arrow: Public Enemy (318)
  • Quentin Lance finally knows who the Arrow is.  Then again, so does all of Starling City.
  • I’m worried about Maseo (wanting Karl Yune to become a regular next season), as he seems to be the enemy now.  There’s a lot of ground to cover with the mystery of Maseo and Tatsu’s story.  The season is drawing down, so the writers better step on it and give us some answers.
  • Most importantly, Felicity didn’t say “I love you” back to Ray.
Supernatural:  Inside Man (1017)
  • Thank God Crowley threw Rowena out.  About damn time.  But, does this mean that Crowley is back to his brutal (pre-Sam-blood ) season 8 ways?  This could be the definition of “be careful what you wish for.”
  • Jim Beaver!  The Bobby Singers!  “Gentlemen and lady.”  😀
  • Dean was impervious to Rowena’s spell!  The Mark of Cain seems to good for something.
  • What could possibly go wrong with Metatron on earth??
12 Monkeys:  Shonin (111)

Day-um!  This isn’t a “must see” show for me. In fact, I was planning to stop watching.  Then “Shonin” aired.  My mind is completely blown, and I am now officially confused.  Really confused.


It returns this Saturday after a six-month hiatus.  (Only three months for me since I didn’t find it until late December.) I bought some Scotch for occasion.  I’m kind of looking forward to it, and kind of not.  Worried enough to wonder if I’ll be put off the series.  Maybe it’ll be better with the Scotch.

And in Non Sci Fi news…

Wolf Hall is coming to television!  I tried reading the (first) book, but its use of present tense distracted me to the point of not being able to concentrate on the story.  That’s what happens when you grow up with a reading problem before of days of dyslexia, learning disabilities, Asperger’s.   (To the point of being tested for mental impairment.  Really!  I’m not lying.)


7 responses to “The Week That Was & Is To Be

  1. Yep, I thought all the shows were better this week!

    The Tricksters was inspired. Mark Hamill was even better than he was as Luke, IMO. LOL And the toss-backs to his original character (which I never saw) and the father line were all great. This is one villain I’d love to see back.

    The Harrison Wells stuff…I can’t even. And I agree with you once again about Iris. It’s not like the same people (at least some of them) haven’t done a good job with women in Arrow.

    Arrow… You can’t get stakes much higher than this, and once again we have a show that could have been a season finale. I love Roy so much. LOL And I’m liking Ray better, that hypocrite douchebag. Oliver and Akeo make me happy, and Maseo makes me very, very sad.

    I like to think Crowley threw Rowena out because Dean’s definition of family hit home, and the Winchesters are more family to him than Rowena ever was. He can get some of his old mojo back, but I like his humanity so I hope we don’t lose it.

    What was the announcement when the angels called for backup? “The Bobbies are…” I can’t remember. Something like recalcitrant. It made me laugh. 🙂

    Haven’t watched Shonin yet. Maybe tonight. And tomorrow we will catch up on SHIELD.

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