Tuesday TV: Nerds Rule!

Dear Comcast,

You suck.  Yet again your HD channels for the CW were so disjointed and distorted, they were unwatchable.  So when I tuned into my DVR recording of The Flash around 8:40 pm, I had to go to the SD version, which I had not recorded and was therefore able to watch only the last 2o minutes of it.  I take that back; it was only the last 15 minutes because I has to sit through five fucking-minutes of commercials.

I was a refund.

The Flash

Since I caught only 1/4 of the episode, you get only 1/4 of the photo.

Since I caught only 1/4 of the episode, you get only 1/4 of the photo.

Fortunately, since I do not like Ray Palmer of Starling City, nor do I care for Felicity Smoak when she’s with him, I didn’t miss anything of importance to me.

And I did get to see Cisco Ramon take a bullet bee for Ray.  Nerd Hero Alert #1! 

So Cisco “kind of” remembers Harrison Wells killing him.  It looks like the whole “Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash” intrigue will take us to the end of the season.  I’m totally fine with that.  (Unless it means Tom Cavanagh will be out next season.)

Agents of SHIELD

God dammit!  Just when I’m no longer interested in this show, an episode comes along that sucks me back in.  Actually, it’s more like particular scenes draw me in.  So much so that I have to comment on them.

The guest star credits last week listed an impressive number of people I recognized.  Among them was Dichen Lachman.  I’m no fan of hers since her boring character on Last Resort, but in this episode I noticed how truly beautiful she is.  Even with all the scars.

Who wasn’t on the list of guest stars?  J. August Richards.  Mike Peterson!  What a hugely pleasant surprise to see him.  Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to fly a plane in 2.5 seconds?

Last week seemed to signal the end of Fitz and Simmons, as they appeared to be opposite SHIELD teams.  Except, at the last minute, we discover they’re in cahoots!  Oh you crazy kids!  So jazzed to see  how Fitz’s arc progressed this week, what a disappointment it was to go through the entire episode without him.  Ok, he did show up for the final 3-ish minutes, but what a great 3 minutes they were.  Nerd Hero Alert #2!

This week’s episode also gave us insight into Melinda May and the op that gave her “the Cavalry” nickname, but also destroyed her personal life.  Yet, what I really noticed is that with all the “real SHIELD” vs. “faux SHIELD” goings-on, with agents seeming to switch sides, the show has become nearly as convoluted as 12 Monkeys.  And that show makes my head hurt!

Even the addition of some cute guy can't get me interested in Skye.

Even the addition of Cute Guy can’t make Skye interesting.

4 responses to “Tuesday TV: Nerds Rule!

  1. Definitely bored by the Inhumans storyline. Raina whines, the others exposit, Skye causes an avalanche. *yawn* I did like the background that her mother provided for the Cavalry story and the way seemingly disparate threads are actually woven together. VERY interested in theta protocol and what that’s going to lead us to. The truth behind the Cavalry was pretty heartbreaking. Poor May. No wonder.

    I don’t dislike Ray—I think he’s kind of funny—and I always love Felicity in Century City (at one point, she turns from morose Barry to greet morose Eddie and says something like “What’s with all the seriousness? I thought Century City was the fun one.” But once again Iris is given a thankless role (jealous girlfriend this time, and if Eddie won’t tell her EVERYTHING NO MATTER WHAT she’s done with him). I almost hope she gets killed because they never told her the truth. It would save her (and us) and give depth to that theme.

    I’m glad Cisco is having the memories. I like when altered time leaves an imprint, so that time travel has more of an impact than simple change, and it bothered me that no one would remember that event but the viewers, which would give it less weight except to make us scared that they’d do it again.

    Although…I’m still scared that they’ll do it again. LOL

    • Well, you seem to be all caught up with Agents of SHIELD now. 🙂 May’s story was indeed tragic.

      I wonder when the producers are going to realize that fans are really not that interested in Skye. Since it was probably one of the over-riding stories they had coming into the series, they want it to play out. But Skye is not a compelling character, no matter how hard they try to throw her in our faces.

      Oh God, Iris! Yet another character the writers can’t seem to get right. It’s really cringe-worthy. Unless it’s going to lead to some major developments down the line.

      So with Agents, we have a non-charismatic, so-so actress given an overly important role. And with Flash, we have a competent actress who’s given nothing to work with. Oh, the injustice!

      • Not everybody agrees that Skye sucks. A comic book site is doing a series called “Why X is the best comic-book show on TV” and they just did it for SHIELD and they were all positive about Skye’s role in the greater MCU. Marvel has an Inhumans movie coming out in several years, and SHIELD is laying the groundwork. Now, that doesn’t mean something can’t happen to Skye and move things in a different direction between now and then. It’s not going to make me stop watching the show in any case, because the parts I love so outweigh the parts I don’t care for.

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