Arrow: Broken Arrow (319)

or “The Episode that Made Me Cry.  A Lot.”

In an episode where Stephen Amell didn’t get to wear his green leather pants, everyone told Oliver Queen how much they loved him.  It almost made up for the lack of Stephen Amell in green leather pants. Watching Oliver control Ray’s movements just didn’t have the same impact.

Captain Lance orders police to ram the door to the Arrow-cave on Arrow.

“No plant life will be spared during this raid!”

1.  I miss…
  • cooperative Captain Lance.  I’m beginning to think his obsession with Oliver Queen as the Arrow might be his downfall by the end of this season.  Then Lt. Frank Pike showed up and dang near confirmed it.
  • Oliver and Felicity.  Perhaps it was the double-dose of Felicity and Ray this week (having finally seen The Flash in its entirety), but the lack of the old Oliver/Felicity spark is becoming painful.
    • At least they threw us a couple of fine bones* this week, but that’s matter for a different topic.

2.  Ray blabbers
  • Just the day before, on The Flash, Caitlin Snow observed Felicity and Ray, noting, “God, there’s two of them.”
  • Then, on Arrow, Oliver tells Felicity, “There’s a decent chance you and Palmer are related.”

Ha!  😀

3.  Who says Stephen Amell is wooden?

I wish I knew how to take screen caps.  Oliver’s reactions to Ray are priceless.  When Ray mentioned he was a minister at Diggle and Lyla’s wedding, Oliver’s face said “Of course you are!” without uttering a sound.  When Ray boasts about beating his bank manager friend at squash every Tuesday, Oliver rolls his eyes.  Ha!  Again.

Oliver reacts to something as Thea stands by.

“I can’t believe Ray just said that.”

4.  Felicity Smoak for the win!

*And gives hope to the myriad of Oliver/Felicity fans, when she tells Oliver…

  • “I know who you are.  Whether in a suit or under a hood, you’re the man that I…”
    • … Oliver looks so hopeful!…
    • … Then she makes it platonic.  :/
  • “Sometimes you’re so focused on people you love, you forget to see that there are people who love you.”
    • Ray droops.
    • I almost felt sorry for Ray.  But then I didn’t.
5.  Who gets the Lazarus Pit treatment?
  • Roy, after being shivved in Iron Heights?  Nope, it’s a fake out.  But Roy does leave town.  Is Colton Haynes leaving the show?
  • The Arrow-lair fern?  Way to go, Starling City Police Department.  In your haste to find incriminating evidence, you destroy an innocent, fern.  Nope, the fern won’t be taking a trip to Nanda Parbat.
  •  Thea Queen?  Yep.  Sliced through by Ra’s al Ghul, just like her brother.  And just like Oliver’s death, I  didn’t see that coming.

Is it next Wednesday yet?



3 responses to “Arrow: Broken Arrow (319)

  1. Random notes written as I read your post:

    Watching Oliver fighting remotely, I thought, “mm, that’s hot.” LOL I just wished it didn’t flash *quite* so fast. And I loved when he said, “Can you take this beating? I can pull you back.” Fully trusting Roy to make the decision. Not taking full control, which he could easily have done with the frustration of doing nothing that filled him all episode.

    I’m very saddened over the changes to Lance. They’re right, they fit the character and what’s happened to him all season, but I don’t like him anymore and that makes me sad.

    There was *just* enough Oliver/Felicity for me this week, even though most of it was in Oliver’s seething jealousy. His eye rolls and impatience were great. And the look on Ray’s face at the end was simultaneously heart-breaking—he’s a good guy who just loves her—and exciting because it means he’s about to bow out and leave things open. 🙂

    Oh, look! You’re talking about Oliver’s reactions to Ray. LOL I don’t know, I think people who complain about subtle actors being wooden are too used to over-the-top bad acting or something. Subtlety rules. 🙂

    Entertainment Weekly had a piece about Colton Haynes leaving. They (Arrow people) said he was never meant to be a large, ongoing part of the show, and they see big things happening for the actor. So I think it was the actor’s decision, mostly. He’s going to be in the finale, though, and they didn’t rule out times he might come back. I think he’s going out on a high note. His torment in these last few episodes was well done, and could be great for his sizzle reel.

    When I thought Roy was dead, I was thinking, “I’d rather they have killed Laurel, not Roy!” And then when he was okay and it looked like Thea was dead, I was all on board with that. Even if Roy’s not on the show anymore, he’s alive and part of the world. I don’t care enough about Thea. But of course the promo revealed the meaning behind Ra’s’ statement about giving Oliver no choice/incentive. He’s going to want to save Thea, and that might mean agreeing to become the Demon’s Head. I’m REALLY happy they decided to explore the insanity of the Pit with someone other than Oliver. LOL

    I can’t wait for next week, except there are only 4 episodes left! *sob*

    • “Random notes written as I read your post:”
      – How appropriate since the post was basically a collection of my random thoughts.

      “Watching Oliver fighting remotely, I thought, “mm, that’s hot.” LOL”
      – It kind of reminded me of Hugh Jackman in that robot movie I was too lazy to look up the title to. And that was hot. But yeah, it flashed by much too quickly.

      The good thing about Capt Lance is that it means there’ll likely be a good arc for the character. I’m all for any good material for Paul Blackthorne.

      Brandon Routh really did kind of break my heart. It’s nice to know he can play the serious/heartfelt as well as the goofy.

      Re: Colton Haynes – I never follow the entertainment new, so I never know what’s going on. (Jared Padalecki was married and nearly had a kid before I knew he’d broken up with his previous fiance.) Not sure if that’s a good thing (come into the show with no knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes) or bad (since I have nothing new to add).

      It appears that comic book heroes are to the 20-teen what Westerns were to the ’60s and medical shows to the 70s – and the ’90s, and even the “oughts.” Heh.

      ETA: Oh yeah, the Thea story is a great way to explore the problems of the Pit. The minute Ra’s said he wouldn’t give Oliver a choice was when I knew it would involve Thea. Just didn’t think it’d be a sword through the heart.

      • Yeah, Real Steel, I think. I haven’t seen it, but the EW recapper made that comparison, too.

        I think it’s a good thing, not knowing the BTS stuff. Sometimes what I learn helps me “get” what choices they make, but not knowing makes a purer viewing experience, I think.

        Yes! on the genre-of-the-day.

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