Supernatural: Book of the Damned (1018)

Remember when I was so enthralled with the Sam/Charlie chemistry that I forgot Charlie is gay?  One of my dreams was that Sam and Charlie would go off searching for the Book of the Damned.  I got half my wish.  Charlie returned with the book, and it is truly one damned book.

Charlie and Sam discuss the Book of the Damned on Supernatural.

Geek love: still hoping…

As we near the end of season 10, nearly everyone is behaving less than optimally.  In other words, the ususal.  Surprisingly, the brooding Winchester brother is not the one you’d think it would be.  Who’s behaving and who isn’t?

7.  The Styne Family

And now, a completely new set of villains.  Who the hell are these people?  As if our heroes don’t have enough on their plate with demons, witches, and fallen angels.

6.  Castiel
Castiel once again holds his fake FBI badge upside down.

Upside down? Again?

Dammit, Cass!  Did you not hear me screaming, “Don’t take his handcuffs off!”   Metatron could have maneuvered around the library just fine while still shackled.  Especially if you had supervised him more closely.

Then there’s that whole lying to Dean thing you’re doing.  You’ve known the Winchesters long enough to know that nothing good ever comes from one brother lying to the other.

At least you got your grace back.  But man, those were some broken wings.  Even worse than Ezekiel’s  Gadreel’s after the fall.  Angel’s got some serious healing to do.

5.  Metatron

Ordinarily, Metatron would be at the top, er, bottom of the (numerical) list, but the Stynes are an unknown, and Cass pulled not one but three boners this week.  Nothing good is going to come of vengeful former angel with the Demon Tablet.

I do appreciate the glimpse into Metatron’s literary world, though.  Gives me an idea of what to read once I tire of the Outlander book.  (Which is quickly approaching as I near the end of book #3.)

4.  Sam Winchester

Sam, Sam, Sam.  Where does this “I love hunting, but only with my brother,” come from?  Only yesterday last year you said you’d let Dean go if he died.*  (Of course, we know differently from “Mystery Spot,” all of season 4, and half of season 8;)  Here’s my theory:  You’ve always been the “special” one who’s needed tending, and Dean has always done his best to provide it.  Now that Dean is the supernaturally afflicted one, the roles are reversed.  Your attempts to nurture have brought about your maternal familial needs.

Bang-up job you’re doing with that, what with the lying and sneaking around with Castiel.   Let’s not even get started on your deal with Rowena.  That’s not going to end well.

*Yeah, yeah.  Charlie said he was lying to hurt Dean.  Ok.

3.  Charlie

It’s interesting how certain online communities attract like-minded fans.  Unfortunately, the majority of the community I’m most familiar with dislikes Charlie.  I’d say it was just the typical fandom dislike for any female on Supernatural, but this group is apparently none too fond of Bobby either.  “Heathens!” I say.

But I love Charlie.  And she did find the Book of the Damned for the boys.  So, yay.

2. Classic rock!

Not just classic rock, but two songs that fit seamlessly into the show.  “The Boys Are Back in Town” as Sam and Dean hit the road highlights Dean’s angst-free enthusiasm we’ve been missing for a long time.  “Behind Blue Eyes” describes everyone so obviously, even someone like me, who is the worst at discerning symbolism, gets it.

… the bad man – Dean
… the sad man – Sam
… behind blue eyes – Charlie.  Charlie?!?  NO, it’s Castiel!  Stupid episode editor.

1. Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester means business.

The non-angsty Winchester brother.

The light gray heather hoodie gave us a hint of the new, refreshing Dean.  Dean’s never worn a hoodie!  (Has he?)  He tells Sam about meeting with Rowena and Crowley, learning the Mark of Cain is a curse, and that Rowena is Crowley’s mother.  Oh, and that Rowena tried to kill him but the Mark saved him. Then apologizes for not telling Sam sooner when it was just last week, or rather the previous episode.

The book is calling to Dean, urging him to use it; but instead of silently brooding, he shares the information with Sam and Charlie.  He fights off the supercharged Styne boys with the sassy, in-you-face cool that is classic Dean Winchester.  And when he learns no good comes from using the book, he insists they get rid of it.

How long will this adult, surprisingly well-adjusted Dean last?  I predict he’ll crack somewhere between the 21st and 23rd episodes.  Heh.


3 responses to “Supernatural: Book of the Damned (1018)

  1. Dean wore a hoodie in Faith in season 1, when he was dying the first time. Not sure if he’s worn one since, but I wonder if they had him wearing it this time to convey the same vulnerability. OR because, as you said, Sam is the nurturer this time, and Sam’s usually the one wearing the hoodie. Though it’s gone back and forth so much I’m not sure the symbolism matters anymore. 🙂

    Loved Dean’s approach to everything, and his strength. Hated Sam’s counterpoint, with his failure to destroy the book. What an IDIOT. (I hear that in Napoleon Dynamite voice 🙂 )

    I love Charlie, too, and the freshness she brings to everything. I love her kicking ass. I love that in the opening scene, I thought, “It’s the Arrow ha ha ha” and then later found Amell tweeting the same thing. LOL But they never explained what the hell she was doing in Russia and Alaska. Jacob was after her by that point, so she’d already found the book, so why not go straight to the Winchesters with it? Logic problems there.

    • Oh yeah. “Faith” doesn’t count because he was dying…. Or maybe it does? Could there be symbolism here? Hmmm…

      Re: Russia and Alaska: Maybe Charlie went the long way around the world after finding the book in Spain? Yeah, just go with that. 😉

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