Orphan Black Season 3

Good news!  Orphan Black is back!  Bad news: it’s on at exactly the same time as Outlander, so clone viewing will be taking a back seat in this household.

I’m still pretty damned confused.  After nine months, all the talk of Leda, Topside, DNA trademarking, and clone-boy program, the episode required major brain power to reconnect all the dots, especially when the dots weren’t connected in the first place.

Side note:  I’m am now officially, certifiably claustrophobic.  Helena’s crate scenes scared the bejesus out of me.  We’re talking massive physiological trauma.  Talking scorpion?  Piece of cake in comparison.


3 responses to “Orphan Black Season 3

  1. I just watched the first episode last night. I think I decided sometime last season to just ignore the confusion and go with whatever’s happening. LOL The true joy is really in watching Tatiana Maslany in her many roles. I mean, in this episode, she played a NEW clone, Sarah-being-Rachel, and Allison-being-Sarah, in ADDITION to Helena and Cosima and Sarah and Rachel and Allison. And then on top of it, she did one of those scenes where FIVE of them are all in the same scene, but they were dream versions so all slightly different from the way they usually are. I mean, this woman is freaking AMAZING.

    I was pleased the guy playing the boy clones isn’t nearly as good. 🙂 Of course, so far the boy clones are caricatures we get 5 seconds of at a time, so I shouldn’t be mean. They are all universally creepy, however.

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