The Flash: Who Is Harrison Wells? (119)

Joe, Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco examine a long-dead body.

Who is Harrison Wells? He would be the pile of bone and dirt on the table.

And yet another mini-crossover.  That’s ok, I don’t mind.  Actually, I kind of likeCisco and Laurel.  But not enough to put Cisco at the top of the list.  (Besides, it’s someone else’s turn.)  Nope, this week’s ranking is quite a surprise.

1.  Eddie Thawne

Framed for the murder of two police officers, Eddie refused Barry’s offer to help him escape.  Instead, he insisted Barry get him out of police custody “the right way.”  When Eddie encouraged Barry to work within the system saying, “You’re a scientist.  Hell, you’re the Flash!”  I got goose-bumps.  In my mind’s eye, Rick Cosnett has all makings to play a villain (and time will tell), yet his portrayal of a good cop not willing to break the law was a joy to watch, with the added bonus of expressing his admiration for Barry.

2.  Iris West

Sure she had some stereotypical girl-friend scenes, but she also showed us a resourceful side and did some ace investigative journalism.  Hell, she even solved the case!  Way to go, Iris.  May your character continue to develop.

3. Cisco Ramon

Am I wrong to want Cisco to hook up with Laurel Lance?  Yeah, I thought so.

4.  Caitlin Snow

It’s admirable that she’s not willing to go along with the guys who suspect Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash.  Then it’s hilarious when faux-Barry makes a pass at her.  She almost gives in. *snicker*

5. Harrison “Eobard Thawne” Wells

All those who are trying to build the case against Wells are walking a dangerously fine line.  After all, he is the smartest person in the room.  He’s keenly aware the others are suspicious of him, and he’s able to piece together the fragments of their actions.  None of this bodes well for anyone other than Harrison Wells.

6. Joe West

While it makes since to convince Captain Lance (Hi, Quentin!) to sit on the discovery of the real Harrison Wells’s body, it’s not good police work.  And keeping the truth from Iris isn’t good parenting.  Perhaps his insistence on keeping Iris in the dark has something to do with death of his wife.  You know who probably knows?  Harrison Wells.

7.  Barry Allen

Barry’s at the bottom of this week’s list for the sole reason of letting faux-Eddie into the house.  Why did he not listen to me when I told him to not open the door?  I get so tired of the television characters not heeding my warnings.  (Although Grant Gustin was as faux-Barry and make a pass at Caitlin was a hoot.  It’s fun to see an “all-American boy-next-door” type play a sleeze.)


One response to “The Flash: Who Is Harrison Wells? (119)

  1. Yep, as annoying as the writing was in places, the acting definitely made up for it. 🙂 I love when goody-two-shoes types get to go bad. (a la Demon!Sam) But Barry not thinking, and Caitlyn not using the serum before taking Hannibal to the police—those were unforgivable flaws. So was the ease with which they got into Wells’ lair, but I at least have a rationalization for that one. His controls were well hidden and biometric access was too risky if he had to change who he was again. He’d get locked out of his own lair.

    But I loved Iris getting to kick ass, even though it wasn’t really her, and she can definitely play a better role if they just give it to her! She’ll find out the truth this season, I think, and then maybe we’ll get some meat. Eddie was my favorite, though, for all the reasons you said. Even his short moment of evil was delicious.

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