Arrow: The Fallen

To quote Felicity Smoak,

So… that happened.

John Diggle helps Oliver Queen lower his sister into the Lazarus Pit.

John Diggle helps Oliver Queen lower his sister into the Lazarus Pit.

But not before a lot of other shit happened.  Including a flashback that wasn’t particularly germane to the episode except for the “without [humanity, love, fill in the blank] we are just a shell” quote.  There was a sort of public service announcement from Tatsu on how to get information from a man.  She threatens a soldier with her sword to his throat.  He’s stoic.  She moves the blade to pierce his heart.  Nothing.  Moves down to the crotch.  He tells her everything!  Then, Oliver drops the vial containing the Alpha/Omega bio-weapon and it shatters on the pavement.  Bye-bye, Hong Kong.

1.  The many faces of Oliver Queen, part 1

The sad collection:

  • Panicked Oliver:  Thea is mostly dead.  In standard television medical procedure, the doctor tells Oliver he needs to stay out of the emergency room.
  • Shocked Oliver:  When he watches Thea flat-line, he’s knocked back against the wall.
  • Oliver in mourning:  While Malcolm Merlyn comes in to take the bedside watch, Olivier falls into a chair, drops his head in his hands and sobs.

Oh Oliver, I want to comfort you so much.  I’m sure I’m not alone.

At some point this conversation happens:

Malcolm:  She’s the only child I have left!
Me:  Yeah, because you killed your son.

2. The sad face of Ray Palmer

Felicity to Ray:  I’m breaking up with you,  Can I borrow your jet?

Ok, it was a tad more thoughtful than that.  Actually, it’s Ray who lets Felicity go, saying he now realizes Felicity couldn’t say to him “I love you,” because she’s in love with Oliver.  Felicity has the decently to say “I’m sorry,” for her feelings.  Aw, Felicity.

3.  Battle of the Supporting Actors

As he shows Diggle to his nicely appointed room, Maseo tells him Oliver will be lavished and respected in his new role. Diggle says he sees nothing honorable in the League of Assassins, just sees a bunch of cowards who are hiding from life.  Maseo says “Do not presume to know me until you hold your dying child in your arms…”

Oh fuck!  Akio is dead!  We sort of figured this happened, what with all the trauma Maseo and Tatsu talked about during the season, and no sign of their son in the present.  But still.  Shit.

Not to be outdone, Diggle asks Maseo what would his son would think of him now.  Really, John?  Is that fair?

 The Lazarus Pit

The side effects of the Lazarus Pit are so frightening, Malcolm is willing to let Thea die instead of revive her.  But Malcolm’s been a lousy father and Oliver won’t hear it.  Thea’s side effects aren’t too bad right now.  Initially she doesn’t know who Oliver is, and she asks for her mother.  She recognizes her father, Malcolm— but could she be thinking he’s Robert Queen?  It’s not answered. Well, at least she’s not insane.  For now.

Felicity Smoak:  Warrior

Oh Felicity, you’re so adorable, thinking you can go up against Ra’s al Ghul.  She tells Ra’s she’s not going to leave without Oliver, and if he doesn’t let Oliver go, she and her friends will start a war.  Ra’s is dismissive, but says he admires her fire.  He advises her to tell Oliver how she feels so that they can have the kind of closure he was never given, that of saying good-bye to loved ones.

1.  The many faces of Oliver Queen, part 2

It’s a scene so many years in the making, and so anticipated, it could have gone any number of ways,.  The path it took was just right; honest, sweet, endearing, yet not over-the-top. These are two people who have known each other for a long time, admired each other, been attracted to each other, (metaphorical) warts and all.  They’re the best of friends.  Not much needed to be said.

Oh!  The faces!  Sorry, I got lost for a moment…

  • Pensive Oliver
  • (Mildly) Surprised Oliver—Felicity says “I love you.”
  • Loving Oliver—Felicity said “I love you.”
  • Smiling Oliver—afterglow

Then Felicity had to go and ruin the moment by spiking his drink.


Everyone has a role to play.  Felicity’s in charge, Malcolm knows the secret tunnels, Diggle shoulders an unconscious Oliver.  Thea just tries to stay upright and coherent.  Even Maseo gets into the “saving Oliver act,” thanks to his verbal beat-down from Diggle.  (See #3 above.)

The escape still doesn’t go down, because more ninja assassins arrive.  Oliver quickly emerges from his stupor and orders the ninjas (it’s easier than writing “assassins” all the time) to stand down, because he is al Sah-Him, Heir to the Demon.  And one other name, Wahreeth al Ghul, which likely means Heir to the Demon.

I was sure Oliver would be pissed that Felicity spiked his drink, but instead he says “Thank you for trying.  I love you all the more for it.”  Aw.

The Good-byes

Oliver tells John “you’re the best man I’ve ever known. ”  Yep, everybody loves Diggle!  Of course, there are tears for Thea, and words of tenderness with Felicity.  They part.  As Oliver leaves, he looks back, but Felicity doesn’t!  What?  Well, Jamie didn’t look back at Claire when he left her at the Standing Stones on last week’s Outlander, so maybe not looking back is an indication of the strength of one’s love.  You don’t look back because you can’t trust yourself to keep going.  Either that, or your face is too messed up from all the sobbing

5 responses to “Arrow: The Fallen

  1. Oliver didn’t drop the vial! The bad guy had it go flying out of his hand during the fight, and it was out of Oliver’s reach. He’s got enough blame on his shoulders. LOL This one wasn’t his fault!

    I thought Amell did a great job with the range of emotion. But I was watching a standard signal on an ultra-high-def TV and it was so weird. Everything looks so fake! No wonder they call it Soap Opera Effect. LOL

    Ray made me sad. I wanted Felicity to say something about how she wished it was him, but that probably would have been cruel. A thank you would have been nice, but it’s against the law for TV characters to say thank you more than once an episode.

    Yeah, I didn’t like the confirmation that Akio is dead, though we hardly needed it. But I’m on Diggle’s side on this one. Maseo/Sahib killed the mayor. That’s kind of hard to get over.

    All I can say is that these showrunners are cruel, cruel people.

    • Well, yeah, Oliver didn’t drop the vial, but it was the shortest description I could come up with. It may not have been Oliver’s fault, but I’m sure he still blames himself for his arm not being longer. 🙂

      I thought you’d have more to say about Oliver and Felicity, you big ol’ romantic you.

      And about the new TV. I saw you say you get Starz for free for a couple months. You better check out Outlander! I’m just sayin… I want to hear what you think!

      • One of the recappers described the Olicity scene as just right. It wasn’t a big dramatic music-swooping thing, just a coming together of two people who really already were. I totally agreed. So there’s not much to say about it, you know? Especially since it’s over already. LOL

        I might try Outlander. I don’t like to jump into something in the middle, so I’d have to somehow start at the beginning. We’ll see!

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