The Flash: The Trap (120)

Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco fine the "Time Vault."

What happens in the Time Vault, stays in the Time Vault.

For an episode with The Big Reveal (that Harrison Wells is a guy from the future named Eobard Thawn), “The Trap” it felt a bit underwhelming.  (Which is why this post is a tad late.)  The Little Reveal, that of Iris realizing Barry is The Flash, was much more satisfying.

Reminiscent of  an episode of Lost, one or two questions were answered while 45 others were raised. Perhaps those of you familiar with The Flash from DC Comics lore know the answers.  Or do you?  If the television show creators have tweaked the story, then you might be in the same boat as the rest of us.  If so, ha-ha. 

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3 responses to “The Flash: The Trap (120)

  1. I was not actually underwhelmed by this episode. The tension wasn’t so much in the reveal of who Eobard Thawne is (because we the viewers already knew all of that) but in the consequences of pursuing that truth. I thought the opening scene in the vault was very tense.

    And now we know that the ease of opening said vault was intentional. I knew Wells knew what they were up to all along!

    All the little nuggets of information about the future open up some nice narratives. We already had “there’s no point in Barry going to the past because he knows he didn’t save his mother but if he doesn’t go then she might not die and he might not be the Flash at all!” that they actually haven’t even TALKED about. Now, just like Cisco asked regarding the suit, how will knowing about Barry’s job and Gideon and Iris affect the decisions they make?

    Eobard has already changed his past because he said the particle accelerator had to be put online earlier than it happened in his history so he could get home. But then he had to very carefully cultivate event after that so the timeline doesn’t change. I found it very interesting that the newspaper was 2024 but Eobard told Cisco, “to me, you’ve been dead for centuries.” So the Crisis is only 10 years away. Doesn’t seem like much time to develop Gideon (with an OS Cisco can’t touch) and get promoted to Director of CSI. 🙂 I mean, Barry can’t do those things if he’s disappeared as the Flash. Right?

    So I guess I don’t have a burning question so much as a burning desire to see where the hell they’re going with all of this. 🙂

    In other areas…Joe’s so annoying. I want to know what happened to Iris’s mother so I can have a better understanding for his ridiculous insistence on keeping secrets from her. And geez, Louise, if you think Eddie’s the wrong man, just say so! Don’t be a bastard to the poor guy, who hasn’t done anything wrong.

    I liked the flashbacks and emotional connection between then and the present for both Joe and Iris. Now that Iris has guessed, she is going to be SUPER pissed! 🙂

    • Your were in the majority. My underwhelmedness (hee) is unique. But yeah, that first scene? I kept yelling “Get out of there!” forgetting (honest) that Barry had super speed. 😮

      Someone else mentioned Joe could easily become next season’s bad guy. Don’t forget, these are the same guys who do Arrow, so stupid plot points are their specialty.

      As for all you timey-wimey stuff in the middle? *whooosh* That’s the sound of it flying over my head. 😀

      • Ha! I was doing the same thing! (Urging them out and to hurry before I realized that duh, he can do it so fast they don’t get seen.)

        Ugh. I don’t want Joe to be a bad guy! Touching on my Arrow comments (read: novel), this is an area where I don’t like too much adherence to the comics. Everyone in the DC universe is destined to become a metahuman with a secret identity. I like when they touch on it (like Ted on Arrow was a vigilante and had a nickname, but not a costume or powers) but it can get ridiculous.

        Timey-wimey stuff is always destined to whoosh.

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