Supernatural: Angel Heart (1020)

Sam and Dean head to the scene of the Supernatural.

Sam and Cass are on the case.

Trivia time!  What movie was featured that’s in my list of top 10 favorites?  I can even tell you why it’s a favorite, but that tale would belong under Sea Stories.

Terrible episode title; not too bad actual episode.  After the preview of the “teenage girl” monster, the episode actually had a lot of substance.  But I’m not here to discuss substance.  I am here to make a list.

1.  Amelia

We got a new Claire earlier this season.  This time it’s a new Amelia.  I don’t remember the old Amelia, but this one seemed appropriate given her emaciated appearance.  Living on angel juice for two years probably isn’t calorie intensive.

What was the name of the episode where Jimmy sacrificed himself?  I thought Amelia was present, so why didn’t she know that Jimmy had died?  It’s not enough of a conundrum to lose sleep over, but I am curious.

One Supernatural forum discussed why Castiel couldn’t heal Amelia.  The consensus was that Cass is losing his powers, and is one of the reasons some fans fear his demise at the end of this season. My consensus is that Cass couldn’t heal Amelia because her injuries were caused by another angel. Nor do I have a sense of foreboding for Castiel.  But I’m a simple soul.

2.  Miniature golf!

Dean and Claire bond over miniature golf.  It’s a great scene of coming to terms with Jimmy’s sacrifice, quoting golf-centric comedies, and giving Dean a lead to follow.  Although how he went from putter to angel sword, I’ve no idea.

3.  Dean and the Mark of Cain

So the Mark isn’t particularly helpful when going up against a Grigori angel.  Well, that’s a bitch.

According to Castiel, Dean snapped when interviewing Ronnie, and he’s getting worse.  Personally, it seemed like normal Dean behavior, but in true Supernatural form, one must use any occasion to remind us of the ticking time bomb that is Dean Winchester.

4.  Hot Topic

Castiel bough Claire a Grumpy Cat plush from Hot Topic!  Grumpy’s a cultural icon I know only from the many plush toys sold last Christmas, as well as Friskies’ limited edition Grumpy Cat canned cat food collections (which Shadow and Romeo enjoy to varying degrees).

Speaking of Hot Topic, here’s a video of Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) as Castiel shopping at a mall.  First stop, Hot Topic.  It’s “Casplay” cosplay.  And it’s hilarious.

5.  Heaven

Yeah, having Jimmy and Amelia meet in heaven was cheesy, but I did tear up.  Twice.  I’ll blame it on how nice Misha Collins looked in his dark blue sweater.


3 responses to “Supernatural: Angel Heart (1020)

  1. Thanks for the questions you posed, because they made me look up things I wasn’t sure of. Claire-the-character has aged enough that I wasn’t sure it was a new actress, and it doesn’t matter that it is. But I wasn’t sure about Amelia. The episode was The Rapture, and Jimmy made Castiel take him back as a vessel after he was mortally wounded, knowing Cas couldn’t leave or Jimmy would die, because Claire was the alternate vessel. (Gee, remember how big a deal it was to find a vessel and get it to say yes? After the fall they seemed to take bodies willy nilly. But I guess they could be lesser angels, needing less-strong vessels.) ANYway, Jimmy and Cas were going to cohabitate. I’m not sure, but I think when Cas went all explodey and God sent him back, Jimmy went to heaven and it was just Cas. But Amelia would have thought they were still cohabbing, and maybe she thought that could change.

    Speaking of Amelia, her name was driving me crazy because I could swear that was the woman Sam fell in love with when Dean was in purgatory. And it WAS. Why would they do that? LOL

    I, too, was annoyed by Cas saying Dean snapped. He did no such thing. I don’t know if that was inconsistency or if there’s something going on there. Dean seems more in control than ever.

    The golf game was awesome. 🙂

    • Yeah, I was ok with Claire aging, too. And since I don’t remember Amelia 1.0, I’m ok there, too.

      As I remember “The Rapture,” Jimmy is mortally wounded and agrees to take Castiel in lieu of Claire. It’s then that Castiel tells him there’s no going back, that Jimmy is gone. My question was, where was Amelia in all this? Was she unconscious? Or was it retcon? I don’t mind either way, it’s just something that popped into my mind.

      And yes, I do believe your’e right. Amelia was the vet Sam “fell in love with.” No idea why they’d do that. “Natalie” or “Gail” would have been a much better name for the woman Sam fell in love with!

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