The Flash: Grodd Lives (121)

Joe, Barry, and Cisco search the sewers for Grodd.

Searchin’, searchin’, searchin… (It’s an old song lyric)

Catching up on this week’s shows, with the first to air the last to be covered.  Or FILO, as they used to say in the olden days of computer lore.  Who came in first among our players?

1.  Iris!

Iris now knows that Barry is the Flash.  Thank goodness that dead weight of a plot point is over!  Throughout the episode she learns that she’s the only one who was kept in the dark.  Well, Captain Singh doesn’t know either, but he doesn’t count since he’s a recurring character and not a regular.

Iris actually handles these reveals with grace.  She’s not so much mad as disappointed.  Guess what, guys?  She’s as smart, strong, and capable as we expected.

2.  Barry

He’s only this high on the list because says he wanted to tell Iris of his secret identity, but Joe asked him not to.  (Incidentally, she doesn’t think that’s a good excuse.)  As for hero status, he saved Joe from Grodd, but Grodd is still out there.

3.  Eddie

Poor Eddie gets the sympathy vote.  Not only is he held captive, Harrison Wells akd Eobard Thawne  insults him about his unremarkable life.  Chin up, Eddie!  Even an “unremarkable” cop is still honorable and worthy!  (Sadly, I don’t think my encouragement is going to make a difference.)

4 & 5.  Caitlin and Cisco

Caitlin and Cisco help Barry save the (immediate) day and realize they’re a great team even without Wells.  Caitlin gets higher billing, though, because she acknowledged Iris’s contribution

6.  Joe

Is it really fair to give him bottom half-ranking because he got himself kidnapped by Grodd?  Possibly not, but it’s my list so there he stays.

7.  Harrison Wells aka Eobard Thawne
Evil Harrison Wells has evil plans.

Harrison Wells = Eobard Thawne = Big Ass Nut Job

What a meanie?  He kidnaps Eddie for reasons unknown, refuses to answer Eddie’s questions, boasts of his “superiority,” and even throws away Granda Flo’s (sorry, I don’t remember her name) engagement ring.  (With the teal colored box, I thought it came from Tiffany’s.)  It almost makes me not want Tom Cavanagh back next season.

8. CGI

A special Bottom of the List spot goes to The Flash‘s CGI team for the terrible rendition of Grodd.  What is it about gorillas that make them so difficult to portray realistically?  Whether it’s  a man in a gorilla suit or computer generated, no one seems to get it right.  It’s too bad, because The Flash‘s CGI has been on their A+ game all season.  Perhaps that’s the problem.  They’ve been so good, we just expected better.


3 responses to “The Flash: Grodd Lives (121)

  1. Yes to pretty much everything you said. Except… How is Eobard/Wells able to go home now? He was tinkering with something, but what? Where did he get whatever he didn’t have for 15 years that he now suddenly has and can restart the accelerator? They’d BETTER tell us in the next two episodes or I’ll be really annoyed.

    Every time Wells says something derisive about the present-day people and what’s going to happen, I desperately want someone to defy him and change things. Like, on 12 Monkeys, in the finale, one of the bad guys is talking about how the circle is closed, everything has happened as it was supposed to, Ramse dies and Cole disappears forever. But then, Cole basically says “eff that” and goes back for Ramse, changing everything unpredictably.

    I want to see Wells’ face when that happens on The Flash. LOL

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