Outlander: The Search (114)

This Outlander post is brought to you by Highland Park 12 year old Scotch.  I was thwarted in my plan to follow the Sam Heughan whisky taste test as the liquor store was out of Oban.

Claire and Murtagh search for Jamie.

Claire and Murtagh search for Jamie.


Would you watch a television series featuring two women riding horses, having adventures, engaging the enemy?  Not sure?  How about if we throw in a little breast milk?  Great, yeah?  I know!


Would you watch a program without the male protagonist whom you’ve grown to love and adore over the last, if not 20+ years, then certainly the past few months?  You would if it featured the women who love him trying to rescue him, all the while riding horses, having adventures, and engaging enemies?  Me too!

Outlander tv fans,

How thrilled would you be if your favorite supporting character—along with several other well-loved secondary characters, who had all been missing in recent episodes—returned?  Damn right!

What started as an 18th century version of Thelma and Louise became a sort of “Cross-dressing Singer and Dancing Bear” roadshow.  There were moments of action and physical conflict, but it was the smaller, more personal moments that stood out.  Jenny proved her toughness wasn’t just talk when she took off with Claire three days after giving birth.  Claire proved her worth with a campfire technique learned from her unusual youth.  Murtagh proved to be more than a gruff, stoic highlander when he shared the story of his love for Ellen MacKenzie Fraser.  And strong, willful Claire collapsed in his arms, saying. “I can’t bear it!” It was the most vulnerable we’ve seen Claire.

Reviews of the episode are mixed.  So are my thoughts, which is probably why I’m late at posting.  While there were the wonderful character moments, the situation was much too dire to spend so much time on so many montages, not matter how beautiful they were.

Many other places have offered much better episode analysis and reviews; yet I have two burning questions that remain unanswered:

  1. Yes, the gypsies stole the “Singing Sassenach/Dancing Scot Review,” but  could the gypsies have matched Claire’s skills as a healer?  Perhaps if Murtagh and Claire had added that to the program, Jamie would have known which way to come.
  2. Once the “gig” was up, why did  Claire forgo her laddie singing costume to return to skirts, corsets, and 45 pounds of clothing?  Riding horses and infiltrating prisons would be so much easier in pants.
Angus, Rupert, and Willie volunteer to rescue Jamie.

The gang’s all here.

Prediction for next week:

Willie won’t make it.


2 responses to “Outlander: The Search (114)

  1. I wondered, when Claire started singing, why they dropped her healing and fortune-telling. I guess dropping the persona made sense because it was less acceptable for her to wear men’s clothing when it wasn’t an act, and it wasn’t the woman Jamie fell in love with so maybe she was returning to herself, and those were symbolic of it.

    But the Jenny/Claire stuff was awesome, again, and I did like getting some of the previous characters back.

    But…what kind of enchantress was Jamie’s mother? Murtagh gave her the bracelets, that guy with the croft near the prison gave her the pearls…it just seems so odd that she was so magical.

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