Arrow: My Name Is Oliver Queen (323)

Felicity, Diggle, and Oliver plan their next move.

Remember the good ol’ days when it was just Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity?

Arrow has wrapped up season 3 in a neat little bow.  One thing I love about Arrow is they don’t leave the audience hanging with a cliffhanger.  This season’s ending signaled an end to the Arrow and a new life for Oliver Queen.  I’m not sure I can live with this much finality for four months, considering it’s a finality I don’t particularly like.  Then again, maybe it’s good for Oliver to take a vacation with Felicity; for John to spend some quality time with Lyla and Sara; and for the new masked heroes to keep Starling City safe.

What did you like most about “My Name Is Oliver Queen”?  What did you like least?

The old Ra’s al Ghul is dead.  Yay.  Nyssa is alive.  Yay!  Malcolm Merlin is the new Ra’s al Ghul.  Hiss.  Nyssa bowed to him.  Boo!  Does this mean the League of Assassins will play a part in season 4?  Will John Barrowman still be a regular?  I hope not, because we’ve had our fill of the League for awhile.

Wrapping up Maseo and Tatsu’s storyline was heartbreaking, in both the flashback and the present.  It’s possible we might see Katana again, but not Maseo.

We got our “Oliver and Felicity happily ever after” moment, but not for Oliver and Diggle.  It’s sad to see the man Oliver first took into his confidence turn his back, but John has always overcome his objections for the greater good.  (Remember how pissed he was when he first found out Oliver was the guy in the green hood?)

What was your biggest surprise?

For me, there were two.  The best one was Felicity saving Oliver in the ATOM suit. Too bad she couldn’t get the helmet off, because I sure would have liked a kiss.  At least Oliver gave us a huge smile.  The second was Malcolm becoming the new Ra’s.  It wasn’t nearly as much fun as the first one.

Is the set up intriguing enough to bring you back for season 4?

I don’t know.  I’m not really invested in the Black Canary or Speedy.  John’s future is uncertain (to an extent); the ATOM’s (or is it Atom’s?) future is elsewhere (right?); and Oliver is out of the picture with Felicity.

Even if Oliver does return, what’s the future of the sentimental hood and the green leather pants?  The green leather must return!  Please?

Final(e) thoughts

I’d been wondering why Arrow had been one episode ahead of The Flash and Supernatural for the past couple months. Apparently, Arrow had to be wrapped before The Flash.  Will Oliver make an appearance in The Flash‘s finale?  Or is he off on his pre-honeymoon with FelicityA quick scan of IMDB tells me Oliver will still be on vacation.  But you know who will be there?  Rory Williams!  Er, I mean Rip Hunter.  Which means, Arthur Darvill!  In that the case, I’ll be there, too!


3 responses to “Arrow: My Name Is Oliver Queen (323)

  1. Arrow came back from hiatus at some point before The Flash did. I’m not sure if there was a story reason or if it was logistical.

    I didn’t know RoryIMeanRip was going to be in The Flash finale! I’m excited! Did you see the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow? It’s pretty good considering they didn’t shoot a pilot. The end made me laugh and throw my head back. I hit it on the headboard. Ow.

    I cried when Tatsu killed Maseo. I was hoping the flashbacks would end, but then I thought, “no, we don’t know how/why he got back to the island” and then they showed us, so hopefully that will be it. Presumably he comes to terms with his darkness and need to follow through on his father’s wishes, with no more drama that needs to be shown. 🙂

    I liked pretty much all of this episode. I love when I can’t see the actual planning behind the plan. I didn’t realize Nyssa was with Oliver all along, and I thought the delivery of the virus was clever (clever-awful), and it was nice to see some resolutions while knowing the show will be back. I’m sure they’ll have a very compelling motive to get Oliver back in a mask of some sort. I’ll miss Roy, though.

    When he’d defeated Ra’s, I started to say, “I thought they were going to shoot” and they shot him before I finished. And he went over the dam! I was like, no way, not again! and again before I finished, he was saved, and I knew it was Felicity. I loved her interaction with Ray, too, and his emotions in the moment. I always love it when goofy characters get intense. 🙂

    • OMG, that video is AWESOME!! And I notice Oliver appears to be back in his leather pants. I had thought ATOM was going to be all on his own, but I guess it’s all part of a bigger team, eh? Actually, it looks like The Flash season finale is going to feature all these guys.

      Moving on… I totally felt the same about the flashback Tatsu and Mateo. Even though we knew how it would end, we kept hoping it wouldn’t.

      At the dam, I figured Oliver had on body armor, but when he went over the dam, I said out loud “How is he going to survive this?”

      Ray’s ending, with the “why does nothing ever work on the first try?” and then the explosion, and the P in “Palmer Technology” falling off was quite funny.

      • I didn’t think about the season finale that way. Hmmm. it kind of makes sense that they’d introduce the characters like that, but if they do, will it take away from Flash’s showdown with Reverse Flash?

        One of the sites (EW, I think), said you can see a lot of the Flash finale in the trailer, and some of it is pieces from earlier in the season of both shows. I did see Eobard/Wells’ futuristic vehicle in one shot. Either way, I’m excited!

        Ray’s “death” even funnier knowing he’s going to be in the spinoff. 🙂

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