Supernatural: The Prisoner (1022)

Dean and Sam prepare a funeral pyre for Charlie.

Dean and Sam say a final farewell to Charlie.

Season 10’s penultimate outing was an excellent episode.  It was well written; taut, suspenseful, action-packed, and emotional, with great performances all around.

You know what I liked about it?  Nothing.  So much so, I deleted it from my DVR without rewatching  it.

Mood-wise, the show is at an all time low.  I’ve never felt this depressed, even at the height of the apocalypse at the end of season 5.  But then, I didn’t like that storyline very much.

Jeremy Carver breathed new life into the series with season 8 and the trials to close the gates of hell, and in season 9 he dove into new territory by making Dean the mytharc-centric brother with the Mark of Cain.  It was a genius move, and has been the highlight of season 10.  (The low-lights being Hannah and Rowena.)

Who knew that Sam would fail so miserably at taking care of his brother?

Sam’s obsessiveness has had the most horrendous consequences.  We knew he was heading into shitty territory when he teamed up with Rowena.  But even when he showed flashes of strength, he was still headed down a terrible road.  Charlie died because he brought her into his scheme, and his attempt to kill Crowley failed miserably.  Holy crap!  Crowley’s red eyes were smoking.  Literally smoking.  Now that Crowley is out for his blood and Dean doesn’t give a shit, Sam is in a very dangerous and lonely place.  I’m not even sure Castiel can help, since his angel powers have been pretty useless recently.

I understand Dean’s disgust with Sam. Dean had been so “normal” in recent episodes; well-adjusted, open and honest.  But Sam’s subterfuge and Charlie’s ensuing death pushed him over the edge.

And yet Sam refuses to listen.  I suppose it’s all about the pathological connection these two have for each other, but we’ve been dealing with their codependence one way or another since season 1.  Einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different outcomes.  The Winchesters are definitely not sane.

So Dean has crossed a line, using the same words Cain spoke when attempting to kill a 12 year old boy.  Sam got himself in so deep I don’t see a way out.  Crowley is back to being super evil.  Super evil is not part of Crowley’s charm.  Granted, cowing to Rowena throughout this season wasn’t charming either, but Crowley is best when his evil has a slightly human edge to it.

I’m not looking forward to the season finale because 1) it’s going to be a cliffhanger, and I’ve already discussed what I think if them, 2) whatever happens, it’s going to be harrowing.  The only thing I’m looking forward to next week is seeing Julian Richings as Death again.  And possibly, hopefully, prayerfully, the end of Rowena.


6 responses to “Supernatural: The Prisoner (1022)

  1. I didn’t hate it quite as much as you did, but overall I felt the same way. The best part was the performances. And I even appreciated Sam’s desperation. This was different from “I can’t do this without him.” It was his failure to do for Dean what Dean had done for him.

    Of course, last time Sam was out there messed up and hurting and in danger, Dean did whatever he could and Kevin died. So there’s enough blame and recrimination to go around. I really, REALLY want next season to be different.

    I don’t like what Dean’s becoming, but I admit I wanted him to do exactly what he did, to everyone except Cy. And Cas. OMG, that was awful.

    The previews gave some hope. But I really want next season to be wayyy different. Did I already say that?

    • I didn’t actually “hate” it. I thought it was an excellent episode, but it was soooo doomed and scarey.

      I fear that Sam’s failure to “save Dean” will lead to more “Sam hate” on the message boards. It had died down with the close of TWoP, but all the posters moved over to, and I’m afraid the Sam hate is going to return.

      Guess I’m really a Sam girl. For some reason, I find Jared Padalecki’s facial structure really lovely.

      Good luck on hoping next season will be different. 😉

      • I’m sorry, I unfairly changed “liked nothing” to “hate.” 😦

        There are a lot of really well-done things that I want no part of because they’re dark and gloomy. Supernatural has always been the exception, but there’s a lot less balance this season. It’s almost like Sera’s back!

        When Dean said that to Sam, about he should be dead instead of Charlie, it was like a punch in my gut. Jared might have had his best performance of the season in this ep, and I totally agree about his facial structure. 🙂

        • No reason to be sorry! After your comment, I thought, maybe I came across a lot more negative than I meant to. (But not enough to edit the post. Heh.) Your analysis of dark being well done is spot on. I’m having to deal with that on Outlander right now. Thank goodness for Scotch!

        • Noooo! Don’t tell me it gets even darker! *weeps*

          Doesn’t matter. I think Jamie might > Sam. 🙂 (We’d gotten to the episode where they were arrested at the end for being witches. I’m on retreat until tomorrow and can’t wait to watch more tomorrow night. 🙂 )

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