Outlander: Wentworth Prison (115)

Claire finds Jamie in his prison cell.

Claire (almost) saves Jamie.

Dear Kristin Dos Santos and Diana Gabaldon,

I hold you both personally responsible for the internet frenzy over the final two episodes of Outlander.

First you, Kristin.  You take your inside knowledge of the episodes and make several posts about their brutality and horror at Eonline.  One post would have sufficed.  It’s like you’re gloating, “I know something you don’t know.”

And you, Diana!  For a highly intelligent woman, you continually put your foot in your mouth.  No one else on the Outlander team interacted with the worried fans.  Why would you even bother posting at all, let alone state that one of the “alleged” rapes is not defined as such?  Talk about adding fuel to the fire.

I suppose it worked, though.  It certainly garnered a lot of free publicity for Outlander and Starz.  I suppose the best thing about all the hysteria is that it prepared us for the worst.  (Even if the worst is yet to come.)

Much like Supernatural’s “The Prisoner,”   “Wentworth Prison” was extremely well done, with great writing, excellent direction, and superb performances.  It pulled at our emotions and kept us riveted to the screen.  Whether it was “enjoyable” depends on your definition.  A well-executed production?  Yes.  Made you happy?  Uh, no.  Still, I have highlights.

Barefoot Prisoners

Were you surprised the prisoners about to be hanged at Wentworth Prison were barefoot?  It was totally unexpected for me, and it somehow made the whole scene all the more horrifying.  While it may have given those of us with a bit of a foot fetish a tiny bit of pleasure, it also epitomized Jamie’s vulnerability.

RIP Tarran MacQuarrie

I thought you had died two episodes ago, so seeing you again this week (and last) was a surprise.  But in the end, we’re all turned to dust.

Black Jack Enters

When Jack Randall showed Jamie the Duke of Sandringham’s petition against him, you knew exactly what he was going to do with it, given a brazier was nearby.  When he put the petition into the flames, my heart dropped 10 feet.  And I was reminded of the 25 feet my heart dropped when Sam Winchester’s attempt to kill Crowley not only failed, but left him completely at Crowley’s mercy.  All that planning and all those hopes brought not just to nothing, but to unspeakable retribution.

Dog on a Leash

With Jamie manacled to the wall, Black Jack and his stooge Marley managed to stay just out of reach.  Jamie’s lunges were consistently brought up short.  Only when Jack succumbed to his desire to admire his handiwork (i.e., Jamie’s back) was Jamie able to fight back.  It was one of the most interestingly choreographed fights I’ve seen on television.  When Marley yanked the chain knocking Jamie off his feet, it was a visceral.  The sparks from the brazier only added to the visual spectacle.  Very well done!

A Single Man Tear

Someone on an Outlander forum pondered, “Is Sam Heughan the king of the single tear?”  No, that honor goes to Jensen Ackles.  He’s employed it so often, the Supernatural crew dubbed it the “OPT,”  One Perfect Tear.  The two that Sam has managed so far on Outlander pales in comparison to Jensen’s 200 or so.

Tidbits from Ronald D. Moore’s Podcast

Tobias Menzies is one kinky dude.  Episode director Anna Foerster isn’t far behind.  Apparently Tobias wanted to use Marley’s dead body as a bed, and Anna (who also tried to use a “poop bag” on one of the hanged prisoners) loved it.  Thankfully it was disapproved.  And using the mallet for something other than it was intended was so awful, Ron Moore wouldn’t even discuss what it was.  Thank you, Ron!

That’s it, lads and lassies.  Steel yourselves, May 30th is coming.

4 responses to “Outlander: Wentworth Prison (115)

  1. My husband laughed throughout this entire episode because I spent the whole thing screaming, groaning, flinching, kicking, hiding, and making other noises that have no description.


    I’m not sure I can say much more than that.

    Oh, except to confess that I’m totally spoiled. I kept yelling at Claire to kill Randall. Though she knows the day he died, why wouldn’t she even try? Where the hell was her knife? Why show it being given to her if she doesn’t freaking wear it?! I know if she’d used it on Marley she’d have had it taken from her, but it would have evened the odds. And she obviously didn’t have it because he didn’t find it (not that he was really looking that hard) and she never used it. Anyway, all the modern heroines I watch would have been a little better at fighting Randall. Even Felicity. Maybe. 🙂

    I don’t know if I can watch any more!

    Okay, now that I’m caught up, some overall comments.

    Thank you for making me watch it. 🙂

    I love how deeply immersed we are in 18th century Scotland, even if my husband can’t understand 3/4 of what they say. 🙂

    It’s very compelling TV, and often made me choose it over other shows in my DVR playlist. My main complaint is slowness. A lot of episodes developed at a tedious pace–never all the way through, but at least at times in every episode. Which did contribute to the immersion, but still made my mind wander at times.

    I will be very sad when Jamie is not available to me on a daily basis. Binging this was highly contributory to my enjoyment. 🙂

    • Keep that blanket or whatever to hide behind for just one more show. BTW, you can most likely turn on close-captioning to help with the accents. That’s what I do.

      Claire not having her knife has elicited some comments. Others thought she should just have gouged Randall’s eyes out while he was choking her.

      Several reviewers have commented on the pacing in nearly every show, so you’re not alone.

      I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it. I like having someone I can talk about it with. 🙂

      • I hadn’t thought about the closed captioning option. I get too distracted by words. LOL But I’ll suggest it to him.

        I have to admit my issues with pacing have a lot to do with being spoiled by the kinds of high-action shows and movies I prefer. It rarely made me sleepy, unlike some other shows.

        I’m so not ready for the next show…

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