The Flash: Fast Enough (123)

Just a few thoughts on The Flash‘s season finale:

Barry, Cisco and Martin Stein review schematics.

Everything’s better with Victor Garber, er Martin Stein.

A New Voice-Over

The words were mostly the same.  “My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive.” But this one was more emotional.  I hope they keep this one or record a new one for the second season.  Because the one they’ve used throughout this season has been terrible.  It’s stilted and too loud, like Grant Gustin was trying to be heard over the din of Central City.

So. Much. Angst.

Good grief.  Even I, the world’s sappiest sap, got tired of all the father/son melodrama.  We get it.  Joe is like a father to Barry.  Barry is like a son to Joe.  One scene would have been enough (but even that would have been too much for some), but how many did we have?  Three?  Four?

I always keep a wedding dress at work, just in case.

Caitlin wore a wedding dress to her impromptu wedding, while every one else—including the groom—wore their street clothes.

Where were the Legends of Tomorrow guys?

IMDB said we’d have Ray Palmer, Captain Cold, and some other Legends of Tomorrow guys in the episode.  Well, Cold showed up at the end, and Eobard Thawne did mention Rip Hunter.  But I would have preferred seeing Arthur Darvill on my screen.  (Hmm.  The cast for this episode at IMDB now has no mention of the Legends of Tomorrow guys.  But they were still listed there as late as last night.)

So, the whole episode was for naught?

The bulk of the episode was Barry deciding if he should go back in time to save his mother.  Joe said yes, Henry Allen said no.  Then Joe said no.  In the end, Barry went back.  But his future self told him not to save her?  Did I interpret that correctly?  So basically, nothing changed.

RIP Eddie Thawne

You had a couple moments of brilliance, but by and large, you were pretty dull.  Still, thank you for saving the entire cast of The Flash from being murdered.

What’s next?

Well, there is that anomaly/black hole above Central City.  Will Barry be able to close it, succeed in stopping it, or will it suck the entire earth through its vortex?  Stay tuned!


3 responses to “The Flash: Fast Enough (123)

  1. I guess there could have been a little less Barry/Joe, but I was full-on in love with every scene Grant Gustin was in. He did a tremendous job. I’m not sure I know another male actor who would cry so unabashedly. His dad was good, too—in the pilot/early season, I thought he was stiff and poorly cast. But he’s really done a bang-up job.

    Anyone with a pro account can add stuff to IMDb, and I think anyone can get a pro account (not sure about that). So I’m guessing someone assumed from the Legends of Tomorrow presentation, since it included scenes from the Flash finale that hadn’t aired, that we’d be getting some of those characters. But they never intended it—the showrunner said they happened to be shooting the people-in-the-street stuff at the end of the episode at the same time as the Legends of Tomorrow presentation, so they asked if they could borrow Hawk Girl for that shot of her.

    I was glad they didn’t shoehorn more in, because I wanted the focus to be on the Flash’s situation. I am bummed, however, that LoT doesn’t air until mid-season next year. 😦

    Yep, future-Flash waved off now-Flash back in the past. Don’t know why, but he obviously has an advantage in what he knows would have happened. Almost as good–maybe better–that he got to say goodbye to her and give her some peace as she died.

    I’m thinking, however, that stopping Eobard from going back and Eddie subsequently killing himself were ill advised. Obviously, Eddie thought he was saving Iris (and he kind of was), but he made Eobard not exist, which made him NOT go back in time and kill Barry’s mom and then build the particle accelerator that created The Flash and it was such an explosion of alternate timelines in the past, present AND future that the universe seems to have gone “eh, eff it, I’ll just start over” and destroy the planet with the singularity. Otherwise, how did Flash not lose his speed, at minimum?

    Anyway, fun show, looking forward to next season. 🙂

    • “Singularity!” That’s it. Man, I couldn’t remember its name, only that it began with an “s.” D’oh!

      Oof! That timey-wimey stuff could blow your mind if you let it. Have you ever dealt with anything like that in any of your stories? I think you’d have a great take on something like that. 🙂

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