Supernatural: Brother’s Keeper (1023)

The synopsis of “Brother’s Keeper” starts something like this:

Dean comes to a stunning decision that will alter his life — as well as Sam’s…

Yeah, Sam’s life would have been altered, all right—in that he wouldn’t have had one.  Talk about understatement!

Sam and Dean fight it out.

Can Sam be Dean’s “keeper’ if he’s dead?

The other night I was trying to recall the various Supernatural season finale’s over the years, in anticipation of how bad this season’s might be.  We’ve had an epic car crash, a couple deaths, a crossroads deal, the beginning and the end of the apocalypse, demons released from hell, and angels released from heaven.  Given the events of the last few episodes, this season was definitely heading for an Epic Cliffhanger of Winchester Angst (ECWA, for short).

Things were looking mighty bleak, and I fully expected one of the brothers to die.  So, having Dean and Sam together in the Impala was, for them, a happy ending.  Never mind the ominous “darkness” enveloping them.  I’m more concerned about getting the Impala out of that massive rut without damaging the axle.  In other words, not that scary.

It’s actually similar to the ending of season 2.  A major story arc wrapped up, but an army of demons escaped hell to wreak havoc for season 3.  In retrospect, Eric Kripke said the demon army story arc didn’t work because the budget wasn’t big enough to do all the things they’d wanted.  Does this mean the Supernatural budget can now support fantastic visual effects?  Or does it mean season 11 is going to be as unspectacular as season 3?

My biggest hope for “Brother’s Keeper” was to see the end of Rowena.  I was pretty sure it would happen because she’s more than worn out her welcome.  For me, she’s become the personification of fingernails on a chalkboard, not because she’s female, or because she’s evil, but because she’s tiresome.  But instead, Rowena lives.  And Death dies.  It wasn’t a fair trade-off.

I’m on the fence as to how interested I’ll be for the next season.  As nice as it is to have Sam and Dean back working together (I do believe Natalie got her wish!), will it be enough to counteract whatever shenanigans are planned for Castiel, Crowley, and Rowena?  If this season did nothing else, it proved that Castiel and Crowley are not that interesting when given their own story lines.

Perhaps it’s time to stop watching Supernatural.  I’m not a Nielsen ratings household, but I figure I have a doppelganger somewhere who is.  If the ratings fall far enough and the show is cancelled, it will free Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki to move on to bigger and better things.  Then again, that’s been my hope for five years and it hasn’t come to pass yet.

Julian Richings, as Death, weilds a sycle on Supernatural.

RIP, Death. I’ll miss you, Julian Richings.

6 responses to “Supernatural: Brother’s Keeper (1023)

  1. Objectively speaking, the show seems to have tread all the ground allowed by the boundaries of their world–even though those boundaries keep changing. It’s really hard for me to see how it can be creatively cohesive next season. But the stubborn J-squared lover in me will never give up on the show. I’ll watch to the bitter end. 🙂

    I actually liked Rowena a little better in the last couple of episodes. She had something to do, I guess. And she demonstrated an impressive amount of power at the end, so having her back a couple of times next season would be okay. In fact, if she finds it in her best interests to fight the darkness, she could be an interesting ally/enemy in the way Crowley often has been.

    The Darkness is a big problem. As a nemesis, it fails on a lot of levels. It can’t do anything new that demons haven’t already covered, IMO, and I’m not interested in Sam and Dean being forced to kill humans taken over by the darkness. But hey, maybe the writers have something really cool in mind. We’ll see!

  2. I see some potential with The Darkness, that could make season eleven fairly epic. But only if they handle it properly in the writers’ room. If it were me, I’d make it the last season and go true apocalypse. I’m thinking–the world as it was in “The End”, with everyone on the planet aware it was all going to hell and fighting for survival. Sam and Dean might find themselves gaining unlikely allies in vamps and angels and such, and end up being the center of a community of survivors.(For example, Adam and his golem, the Antichrist kid, miscellaneous hunters, and random regular people.) Which, just maybe(through a two hour wrap-up movie), find a way to lock up The Darkness again and save the world. A major group effort that may or may not require the Winchesters to sacrifice themselves for real and forever.

    I’m curious how they’re going to handle the destruction of Death. If Dean truly killed him, does that mean no one will die ever again? That could make for some gory stuff in the above scenario. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Death zapped somewhere else at the last second.

    • I like your ideas, Suzanne, even if I’m soooo tired of doom and gloom. LOL (Not just with this show, just overall.)

      I wondered the same thing about Death, but they already did that twice. They had people in a town not dying because the reapers had been taken to use in a spell, and they had Dean take over Death’s job for 24 hours. Anything they wanted to do would be ground already tread.

      I don’t think he really killed Death, because if it were possible for Death to be killed by his own scythe, he never would have handed it over. And how can Death die if Death has to take him? Too circly. LOL

    • Perhaps they should add you to the writers’ room! The only problem with coming up with something that good is that the season isn’t likely to be good as what you propose. But you never know. Carver seems pleased to have something up his sleeve.

      • Yeah, that’s true! I don’t know, Carver irritated me a bit. “…it gets worse.” Dean was just about to kill his brother and go off alone in a vacuum for eternity. I don’t think it gets much worse. LOL

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