What’s for Summer?

Now that my favorite television shows have finished their first-run episodes, what’s a person to do during the summer months (or, in the case of Outlander, more like an entire year)?  How about the SciFi Chicks Summer Series 2015, where I attempt to post weekly discussions favorite episodes (Supernatural and possibly Arrow), highlights and lowlights of the past season (Outlander), and various musings (including, but not limited to The Flash)?

Let’s start with a musing.

Sam Heughan and Jared Padalecki were two of Cupboard Maker Books' champions.

Two Sams: two of Cupboard Maker Books’ four author-nominated champions*

In my bi-annual visit to Facebook yesterday, I found an intriguing entry from my friend Natalie.  She told me to visit Cupboard Makers Books’ Facebook page and vote for my favorite “champion.”  Then, if I came to the book-signing event at the brick-and-mortar Cupboard Maker Books on Saturday, I might win a prize!

Rats!  If I’d been more timely I might have made the trip to Enola, PA.  Not just to perhaps win a prize, but to take the car out on the open road, perhaps get a couple of Natalie’s books signed (and maybe buy a new one), and meet other Sam Heughan/Jamie Fraser and Jared Padalecki/Sam Winchester fans.  (It fascinates me that these two men were picked, seeing as I opined a while back about their similarities.)

Now I’m curious.  Which champion did Natalie pick?  I’m going with one of the Sams—Heughan (Fraser) or Winchester (Padalecki).  Probably the former since she recently informed me she’s back to being a full-time Dean Winchester-girl on Supernatural.

But, she hasn’t yet commented on Outlander’s season finale, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul.”  That tells me she either didn’t see it (perhaps her free Starz subscription ended), or she was too disgusted with it to revisit. I hope she doesn’t think that just because she might violently disagree with me, her comments wouldn’t be welcome.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

Which segues nicely…

… into reiterating the comment policy.   All comments are welcome—even encouraged.  You don’t have to agree with me.  Everyone has opinions, and in most cases, no one’s is less valid than any other’s (discrimination being an exception).  I respect that, and would never try to change your opinion, and as long as you’re respectful.

Now back to less serious matters:

There are lessons to be learned from this missed opportunity.  Thus, I shall be attending my very own summer school, in which I learn to better use and become more involved with social media.

*Oh yeah.  Matt Damon and Joe Manganiello were also “championed.”  What was Damon doing in this list?  He’s not over 6′ tall!


6 responses to “What’s for Summer?

  1. I adore you. 🙂 It would have been awesome if you’d have come up! I should try to schedule something south that would be closer to you. 🙂

    I picked Jared, because there’s a character in the books I was signing that is inspired by Sam Winchester. Victoria Roberts, who writes highlander historical romances, picked Sam Heughan. 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to ask Geri why she picked Matt Damon, but it was funny because Michelle (the bookstore owner) thought he’d lose by a lot and he was winning early on!

    Alas, I have not yet watched the Outlander finale. At first, I was scared to. With almost all my other shows done and others not started yet, I started re-binging Doctor Who and momentum has kept me going on that. Soon, though, I promise!

    This month I’m also going to give Killjoys and Dark Matter a try. Both SyFy shows, and Killjoys has Aaron Ashmore from Veronica Mars and Smallville, so that’s a yay for me. 🙂

  2. So who did win? (My guess is Jamie Fraser, simply because the books and tv show are so popular right now.) And what book (or series of books) has the Sam Winchester-inspired hero? I might have to give it/them a read… once I finish Jane Eyre and The Turn of the Screw. And maybe an H.P. Lovecraft book or two. 😉

    I’ll have to check out the new SyFy shows. Although the Supernatural rewatches are keeping me busy for the moment. (Season 7 is playing this week. Once that’s done, I’ll have a break for a bit since I have the season 8 DVDs and can watch them any time.)

    • Huh. I remember typing out the final rankings. I wonder if I edited my comment and accidentally removed that part? Sorry about that!

      Matt Damon and Sam Heughan tied for last! 26 votes each. Joe Manganiello had 29, and Jared had 31 and won. We were all completely shocked. But I got to keep the poster the bookstore owner had made for the signing, and since she likes Dean more than Sam, one of the photos she put on it has them both on there. LOL

      My Goddesses Rising trilogy (Under the Moon, Heavy Metal, and Sunroper) have the Sam-inspired character. He’s prominent in all the stories, but “his” book is Heavy Metal. But they are VERY different kinds of stories from Jane Eyre etc. You might get whiplash. LOL

      I’m still binging Doctor Who, but we did watch the first episode of Dark Matter. It was okay. I kept pointing out which Firefly characters they correlated to. LOL

      • I’m having trouble finishing Jane Eyre. I tend to read before bed, and lately have been too tired to get very far. I’d say I’m trying to catch up for not reading as a kid, but I’m such a slow reader (I believe I had a learning disorder before they were ever a thing—I was tested for mental retardation in the first grade) I’ll never catch up.

        I was wondering where all these Doctor Who comments were coming from!! 😀 Your DVR must be HUGE!

        • I hear you on pre-bed reading. I was having the same issues.

          You don’t have to “catch up.” Maybe you got a slow start, but because no one is MAKING you read this stuff, you can pick only what you WANT to read. That’s a positive, IMO. 🙂

          I’ve been doing Doctor Who on Netflix. No hard drive space necessary! LOL

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