Two New Supernatural Fans

This week we bring you a Very Special Fourth of July post in our weekly Summer Series 2015 (posted on the 3rd of July, because that’s when the Federal holiday is “observed” [i.e., takes the day off] this year.)

Last weekend I was watching the Home Shopping Network, as is my wont.  One of the items they were selling was the Roku 3.  The host (one of my favorites) talked about how much she loves hers.  In extolling the virtues of being able to stream Netflix, she said she and her daughter had just discovered and were binge-watching a show called Supernatural.  She then gushed “It stars two of the best-looking guys ever!”

And to think, that’s the reason I didn’t watch Supernatural at first.  In case you’ve never heard the story, when I saw the advertisements for Supernatural, I figured it was one of those shows aimed at teens and 20-somethings.  (It is, or was.  But that’s not the point.)  The actors were just too pretty to be any good.  Right?

Yet, for some reason, one Thursday night I had the tv tuned to the WB.  (I think it was because a friend had mentioned she liked Smallville so I decided to check it out.)  Apparently I was too lazy to change the channel and thus watched the ensuing show.  The episode was “Something Wicked,” and you know what?  Turns out those pretty boys can actually act!  

To this day, “Something Wicked” remains one of my favorites.  🙂

Sam and Dean confront Death in "Brother's Keeper."

And here we are, 10 years later.

3 responses to “Two New Supernatural Fans

  1. Luckily it wasn’t “Bugs”! LOL “Something Wicked” is one of my favorites, too, and it probably hooked me for good because it concentrated on the whole reason for my passion for the show: brotherhood. I am a sucker for an intense brotherly relationship. 🙂

    “Looks” is icing for me. Something of a flavor enhancer, like the black-and-white sesame seeds that have been in our dinner lately. Subtle, surprisingly good. 🙂 I won’t ever watch a show or stick with a show because of it, but I guess to avoid being hypocritical I have to say it’s part of what kept me watching Outlander. LOL I’m not sure his acting alone would have been enough. Go ahead, you can judge me. 🙂

    • [I typed this whole thing and then realized I had to log in to show it was from me. New computer, you see.]

      Haha, looks is what’s kept you watching Outlander, eh? I guess I was so turned off by Supernatural initially because I thought the JJs were TOO good-looking. Granted, good looks is part of being a screen actor, unless one is a character actor, but even they tend to be more attractive that the normal person in real life. In fact, the Twitter handle of the guy who played the Dean on Community is “TVUgly,” or something like that.

      (The new computer seems to be working now, but I’m still getting a red wifi light. I don’t think it’s my router—I’m checking that later this afternoon. I’ll most likely be taking it back to the store tomorrow (avoid weekend crowds where possible!), not necessarily to return it, but to see what can be done to fix it. If it needs fixing, that is.)

      • I feel compelled to clarify… LOL “Looks” oversimplifies it. I think “charisma” is a better word. His accent and movements and the look in his eyes all contribute, so it’s more than just what he is to look at. You know. 🙂

        You have my full empathy on the computer stuff. I hope you get it straightened out!

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