Hello. Remember me?

When last I was online—two months ago!—I was preparing a list of my top Supernatural episodes from season 8 (my favorite), and procrastinating on anything Outlander.  So what got in the way?  My computer.  It didn’t die, but it caused enough problems to be annoying.

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Mark (A.) Shepard star in the CW's Supernatural

Are you looking forward to Supernatural;s 11th season?

I’m grateful I was able to buy a new computer on a moment’s notice.  But a new computer is not the same as an old, familiar one.  In my case, it involved getting used to a new operating system, as well as the lack of programs I’ve come to rely on.

Wouldn’t you agree that a blog post is needs a nice photo or two?  Perhaps not, but who doesn’t enjoy looking at Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki?  Even after updating my photo editing software, I’ve been reluctant to use it.  Perhaps it’s fear that it will require a learning curve.  You know, like the change from Windows 7 to 8.  And then 10.

Now that fall is in the air, perhaps it’s time to get back on the blog wagon.  September is already half over 😮 which means the new fall television season is just around the corner.

This season’s coverage will be new.  Of course, Supernatural will be on the menu, but I’m not sure I’ll continue covering The Flash and Arrow.  I haven’t watched reruns of either show this summer.  I had planned on rewatching The Flash, keeping an eye on  Harrison Wells’s behavior.  But the misuse of Iris for most of the season was too much to endure.  As for Arrow, my interest is waning.  There’s not enough of the good stuff (Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle) to balance the bad (Malcolm Merlin, too many masked heroes running around Starling City).  But I’ll certainly continue to watch.  (Until I don’t.)

The good news is I will be covering iZombie.  I started watching the show around its midseason, then caught up with summer reruns.  The season ending was such game-changer, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store this fall.  (And no, the irony that senior-esque I continue to watch the youth-skewing CW does not escape me.)

Rose McIver, David Anders, Malcom Goodwin, Robert Buckley, and Rahul Kohli strike a silly pose to promote iZombie.

The cast of iZombie is THRILLED I’ll be covering season 2.


What about you?  Any new (or returning) series you’re looking forward to?  Post in the comments and I’ll check out your recommendations!

3 responses to “Hello. Remember me?

  1. *tackle hug*

    I’ve missed you!

    I wasn’t thrilled with the iZombie finale (not that it was bad, just ugh) so I’m wary going into the new season.

    I’m not like super-excited about anything at the moment except actually having new TV to watch. In the scifi arena, we really liked Killjoys and Dark Matter this summer and look forward to having them back next year.

    How about Supergirl? Minority Report? Those fit your category, but I don’t remember…I feel like you were meh about the idea of Supergirl. I like the idea of MR but not excited by the trailer.

    • I’ve missed you too!

      What didn’t you like about iZombie’s finale? Blaine was un-zombie-fied, so what will he do now? Liv used up the last of the zombie serum on Major, so what will the effects be? What will Ravi do? What will happen with Peyton?

      I’ve not seen either Killjoys or Dark Matter, will check OnDemand. You are right, I’m not at all interested in Supergirl. Didn’t know Minority Report was going to be made into a tv series. (Pretty lame for a “television reviewer,” huh?) I am looking forward to the show with Arthur Darvill, although I’ve obviously forgotten its name and am too lazy to look it up. Heh.

      • Legends of Tomorrow, coming in January, is the one with Darvill. 🙂

        I like Killjoys because of the awesome chemistry between Dutch and Johnny (Aaron Ashmore, whom I’ve always loved). Platonic, but perfect for shipping. 🙂 The brother is only okay as an actor, but the character is interesting. The political stuff I can take or leave, but the interpersonal relationships and what’s been done to each person is what I love. Dark Matter is a broader, more Firefly-like story as far as all the characters and threads go.

        Okay, iZombie. I’ve liked the show’s mostly light tone, and the way relationships have been the core of the story. The finale made everything really dark, and dark isn’t my preference. Compelling conflicts, to be sure, and I loved what she did to Blaine and what that might mean for the coming season, but Major was always optimistic and idealistic and I think that’s all ruined. How can there be anything positive between him and Liv now? I’m not thrilled about the island they put Liv on, and they way they did it. Again, the conflict about her brother is compelling and adds some complexity to her kind-of-cliched family dynamics, so it’s not BAD. I just don’t like it. She has no one now. Peyton has freaked out, Major will hate her, her family won’t understand, she’ll be full of guilt for all the bad choices she made…it just felt like drowning in despair and self-pity. I don’t want to watch main characters who are drowning.

        But I’m making assumptions, so that might not be how it feels! So we’ll see. 🙂

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