Tuesday Night TV (at least on the CW)


Clive talks to the victim's neighbor while LIv and Ravi look on.

Scene of the crime.

I know I said I was going to cover iZombie this season, but this episode “Grumpy Old Liv,” left me uninspired.  So much so, I wasn’t going to write about it.  As it is, it’s taken me almost a week to post.

What did you think?  Did you feel the season premiere was a little dull, too?  Perhaps it’s because a so much time was spent building the over-arching scenarios for season 2; you know, much like series pilots are exposition-heavy by necessity.  We had to learn that Liv’s brother Evan survived, but wants nothing to do with her because she refused to donate her blood (like they’d take it anyway); that Blaine now runs a funeral home-slash-Utopia den; and that cured zombies (all two of them*) have a spidey-sense. for zombies  *Oops, I take that back.  There are three cured zombies—I forgot zombie-rat.

My friend Natalie’s fear for the potential ruination of sweet Major Lilywhite seems to be coming true.  Not only has he become Max Rager’s hit man, he’s still Clive’s #1 suspect for the Meat Cute (God, I hate that name!) massacre.  And Clive is nothing if not dogged.  Of course, Major was responsible, but these were very bad people.  And since zombies are already dead (according to the title song), does it really count as homicide?  Regardless, poor Major.

David Anders must never ever do a Jimmy Stewart impression again. Granted,  I did just watch The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance last week, so the real Jimmy Stewart voice is still fresh in my mind.  But that was terrible!  The only reason I knew it was a Jimmy Stewart impression was because close-captioning said so.

The Flash

The Flash confronts the Atom Smasher before he was named.

The Flash and TVLKAAS (the villain later known as Atom Smasher)

The Flash also debuted its second season last week.  Again, I was a underwhelmed.  Here are some of my idle thoughts on “The Man who Saved Central City” (since I can’t do a post without making a list):

  • Tom Cavanagh is still listed as a series regular.  (Rick Cosnett isn’t, but was under the guest star list.)  Is Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash  going to continue to appear in video messages to Barry throughout the season?
  • Joe and wee Barry were the best!  I don’t care if the show is filled with “too many” sappy moments.  Maybe someday I will, but not today.
  • Dr. Stein made a joke and named a villain!  Atom Smasher.  Of course, he had to explain it to everyone else, and these are really smart people.  Or maybe he was just explaining it to us.  Cisco was so proud!
  • It’s a tie for biggest surprise.  Ronnie Raymond died.  Again.  Poor Caitlin.  And Henry Allen was released from jail.  I didn’t see either of those coming.  But John Wesley Shipp will not be joining the regular cast.
  • I caught that nod to Batman.  I imagine everyone did.
  • I don’t know who Zoom is.
  • I do know who Jay Garrick is!  (I’m so  proud of myself.)  The actor playing him is exactly what I imagined… Holy cow!  IMDB tells me it’s Teddy Sears!  I didn’t recognize him with his longer hair.  Cool!

Were you more inspired than I was?  What did you like best?  Least?

3 responses to “Tuesday Night TV (at least on the CW)

  1. I haven’t watched iZombie yet. It was my least favorite of the shows we started watching last year, and my feelings at the end of the season have kept me choosing other things to watch instead. So it sits on my DVR.

    I probably enjoyed The Flash a tiny bit more than you did. I love the kind of hero that Barry is and the way Grant Gustin plays him. I’m pretty sure Tom Cavanaugh is going to be back as more than just video, based on something I read. I assume it will be another AU Harrison Wells or something like that. Rick Cosnett has a regular role (not sure official status, but he’s in every episode) of Quantico. So yay for him!

    I’m bummed about Ronnie. They say he’s becoming “a movie star” and I guess that means he has no time for TV anymore. 😦 But I love the dynamic of the rest of the characters, especially now that the secret is out among all who matter.

    What I REALLY REALLY love on Tuesdays is SHIELD. I could not care less what storylines they have for the season. I’m all about the people. Fitz KILLS me every episode. I love Bobbi and Hunter and Constance Zimmer is awesome as a whoknowswhat and they just make me happy every week. 🙂

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Doctor Who. Are you watching? He’s so different this season, and that makes me really happy.

    • Heh. Doctor Who was on its second or third episode before I realized the new season was airing. I thought about catching up at one point, but realized I wasn’t that interested. But with your comments, I’ll check it out.

      Yep, SHIELD has been highly enjoyable so far. You’re right, Fitz is AWESOME, and Iain De Caestecker is terrific. So is Elizabeth Henstridge. I”m glad they’re giving them a deeper story line.

      I did enjoy the second episode of The Flash this season MUCH more that the first.

      iZombie is troublesome, but I’ll write about that later.

      Oh yeah. I really enjoyed Killjoys and Dark Matter. I just wish OnDemand and SyFy channel had the entire season available for Dark Matter, like they did for Killjoys. DM is hard to come into the middle of it. I had to read detailed recaps online, and that’s so much less entertaining that watching tv. 😉

      • I don’t want to oversell Doctor Who, but I thought the tone was definitely back to the fun-yet-deep of yesteryear. The Master was never my favorite storyline, but I loved Missy in the first two episodes. Third episode was kind of classic, not too thrilling.

        I’m glad you’re enjoying SHIELD, too. 🙂 Not surprised it’s for the same reasons!

        That makes no sense that they won’t show all of Dark Matter! It really loses something if you can’t. Morons. :/

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