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Here at SciFi Chick(s) you’ll find reviews and/or recaps of select sci fi television shows.  I try to stick to reviews and commentary, but sometimes I do a fairly broad recap instead.  If you want detailed recaps you can find more thorough (and better) recaps at places like Television Without Pity (where reviewers are actually paid), network websites (ditto), show wikis, and plenty of others, I’m sure.

The term “sci fi” as used here is an all-encompassing term which includes horror and fantasy; and possibly some sci fi-adjacent entertainment.  You know, those dramas that are so fantastic they border on “science fiction.”  That’s how I ended up covering Last Resort for its too short duration.


Not much to tell here.  Just a chick who enjoys talking about her favorite some sci fi shows.

You may ask, “If there’s only one person, why is it called SciFi Chicks?”  Originally SciFi Chicks was a stand-alone website and had several authors.  But the site died out due to busy schedules, apathy, yadda, yadda.   When I moved the site to WordPress.com, I kept the plural “Chicks” because “SciFi Chick” was already taken.

The thoughts are purely my own, but your comments are welcomed and encouraged.

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