Supernatural Favorites, Season 7

[Note:  This week’s post was all set and ready to go, so this weekend’s big (and happy) news will have to wait until next week.]

Season 7: a wedding (ugh), Leviathans (blech), Bobby’s death (boo!), and Castiel’s redemption (sort of).  Oh, and Sam got his head fixed.  (More on that in a moment.)  According to IMDB,, and TV Fanatic, the top 5 episodes for the season are:

  1. Time After Time (712)
  2. Meet the New Boss (701)
  3. (tie) Death’s Door (710) and The Born Again Identity (717)
  4. The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo (720)

How close did these episodes come to my favorites?  Pretty darned close, although it wasn’t an exact match.

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Supernatural Favorites, Season 6

With the summer hiatus in full swing, it’s time to review my favorite Supernatural episodes from past seasons.  We finished with season 5 in March and it’s time to pick things back up with season 6.  The first season after Eric Kripke’s reign (and his five-season story arc) was inspired by film noir (I read that somewhere), with more emphasis on inner demons than external monsters.  It wasn’t one of my favorite seasons.

Per TV Fanatic,, and IMDB, the favorite season 6 episodes are:

  1. (3-way tie):  Weekend at Bobby’s (603, and Jensen Ackles’s directorial debut), You Can’t Handle the Truth (606), and Appointment in Samarra (611)
  2. The French Mistake (615)
  3. (tie) Caged Heat (610) and Frontierland (618)

(Incidentally, this list differs from my previous post of the Best of Supernatural Season 6 episodes, probably because I used a different metric back in 2013.)

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Supernatural Favorites: Season 5

The real March Madness is in full swing, and I’m not even half-way through my top 32 episodes.  Plus, new Supernatural episodes have resumed, so now there’s that delay too.

Season 5 was not a favorite of mine.  In fact, it was the first time I didn’t buy the season DVD set.  Thank goodness for TNT reruns.  If I’m on the ball, I can record my favorites when they come ’round.  Better still, I can now buy individual episodes OnDemand to enjoy any time I want, without commercial interruption.

My go-to sites say the top episodes of season 5 are:

  1. Swan Song (522)
  2. Two Minutes to Midnight (521)
  3. (3-way tie):  Dark Side of the Moon (516); Point of No Return (518); The Devil You Know (520)

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Supernatural Favorites: Season 4

Let’s get right to business.  According to IMDB and, season 4 boasts seven (7) top 3 episodes.  They are:

  1.   Lazarus Rising (401)
  2. (3-way tie) In the Beginning (403), The Monster at the End of This Book (418), and Lucifer Rising (422)
  3. (4-way tie) Are You There God?  It’s Me, Dean Winchester (402); Yellow Fever (406); I Know What You Did Last Summer (409); and On the Head of a Pin (416)

The world and I are alike, in that I had seven 5-star rated episodes.  We are not alike, in that my favorites vary somewhat from above list.

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Supernatural Favorites, Season 3

Season 3 was rough.  Would it have been better had the Screen Writers’ Guild strike not screwed things up?  Perhaps.  Yet, season 3 didn’t start with a whiz-bang episode, as seasons 1 and 2 did.  And then we had to wait out Dean’s death for a whole friggin’ year all friggin’ summer.  Gah!

Let’s get to the episodes.  According to the rest of the world (at least at IMDB and, the best episodes were:

  1. Jus in Bello (312)
  2. Mystery Spot (31)
  3. No Rest for the Wicked (316)
  4. Bad Day at Black Rock (313)
  5. (tie) A Very Supernatural Christmas (308) and The Kids are Alright (302)

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Supernatural Favorites: Season 2

If you bought the season 1 DVD set, you’ll remember the commentary Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles provided for “Phantom Traveler.”  In between the babbling, bumbling, and fake snoring (which may be why they’ve never done another commentary unsupervised), they talked about how the entire Supernatural team grew to know and trust each other throughout the season.  Jensen said the show would continue to improve and that season 2 would be better than season 1.

I scoffed!  I could not imagine how anything could be better than season 1.  Guess what?  It was!

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Supernatural Favorites, Season 1

[Can you tell what my favorite episodes are from the screenshots?  Without checking below the cut!]

Detailed analysis of season 1 data indicates my favorite episodes are not normal.  According to a compilation of IMDB and ratings, the six favorite season 1 episodes, in rank order are:

  • First place:  Home
  • Second place tie:  Pilot and Faith
  • “Fourth” place 3-way tie:  Scarecrow, Provenance, and Devil’s Trap

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Supernatural March Madness Favorites

The poster for season 10 of Supernatural features all four regulars.

Wrestle your demons—an apt theme for Season 10

In lieu of Supernatural March Madness this year (and not wanting to completely ignore Supernatural specialness in March), I’ve decided to present my 32 favorite episodes.  I picked this number so that the episodes would fit into tournament-style brackets.  (Not that I’m going to create any.  But I might.)  The real NCAA March Madness has 64 slots, but 64 was too many episodes to pick in such a short time.  Thirty-two is the number of remaining teams after the first-round of March Madness, and this was a more manageable number for me.

So 32 it is.  This equates to 3.2 episodes per season, but since not all Supernatural seasons are created equal, I’ve chosen (or will be chosing) four episodes from each of my favorite seasons (1, 2, 4, and 8), two from each incomplete season (3 and 10), and three from the rest (5, 6, 7, and 9.)

Look for the my Supernatural Favorites posts beginning very soon, even possibly today.

Arrow-thon: season 2

Two weeks down, four to go.  Gah!

Stephen Amell has beautiful hands.  Just thought I’d mention that in case you were looking elsewhere.  😉

Stephen Amell stars as the Arrow.So, season 2. Laurel got whiplash from flip-flopping not once, but twice: first on her Arrow vendetta, then with the Ollie/Sara hookup.  (She’s a better person than I, who did not forgive them.)  Oliver broke his “no killing” vow to save Felicity by shooting Count Vertigo (the first) dead.

Things picked up in the last third of the season, what with Slade Wilson’s crazy-ass vendetta.  Oliver made up with his mother just in time  to see her murdered, but not before she told him how proud she was that he’s the Arrow.  If I’m supposed to feel sorry for poor widdle Thea Queen-Merlyn because everyone lied to her, it’s didn’t work.  Brat.

On to my
Favorite Season 2 Episodes
Again, chronological order

I had trouble narrowing down the last two episodes.  Each of the four episodes had things I really liked, but also things I really hated.

1.  The Scientist (208).  Barry Allen visited Starling City in hopes of meeting his idol, the Arrow.  He got more than he wished for—in a good way.  This was the point where Slade Wilson’s five-year revenge plot took off.  We’d had glimpses of Miracuru prior, but this is was where it became a real threat.

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Arrow-thon: Season 1

One week down, five to go. Last time I counted weeks to a new episode was when Supernatural season 3 ended.  If that was the “hiatus from hell,” this is the “hiatus from purgatory.”  I could have watched one Arrow episode per day, which might have entertained me until the show returns in January, but where’s the fun in that?  Nope, it’s better to cram everything in to just a few days.

John Diggle trains with Oliver Queen.

No Arrow post would be complete without shirtless Stephen Amell.

Arrow hasn’t been quite what I expected.  And that’s a good thing.  “The Hood,” as he’s called in season 1, is a flawed hero.  He not always right, and he doesn’t always win.

Oliver has a weakness where women are concerned.  He repeatedly refuses to see his mother’s and Helena Bertinelli’s (the Huntress) duplicity, and he prioritizes Laurel above all else.  It’s a major source of disagreement between Oliver and John Diggle.  Hearing them argue, it feels like we’re listening to the left and right sides of Oliver’s brain.  Diggle is the voice of reason to Oliver’s emotions.  In nearly every case, Diggle is right.  (The one exception being Diggle’s former commanding officer in “Trust But Verify,” but that didn’t involve a woman.)

“The Hood” isn’t invincible.  The Dark Archer took him down twice.  Even when Oliver “wins” the fight, in the season finale, he still isn’t able to stop the destruction of the Glades.  That’s a pretty bold move by the directors.  Then again, according to “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” if Oliver had succeeded, he’d have hung up the hood and taken up with Laurel.  Nobody wants that, right?  And now,

Five of my favorite season 1 episodes:
(in chronological order, because I’d never be able to rank them)

Yao Fei teaches Oliver to shoot a bow and arrow.

The legacy begins…

101.  Pilot:  It sets everything in motion.

103.  Lone Gunman:  Walter is targeted by Deadshot, and Diggle learns The Truth.  (I chose this episode over “An Innocent Man” (104) because Diggle’s pretty pissed at Oliver’s secret identiy.)

106.  Legacies: I was surprised this “throw away” episode of bank robbers turned up on my list for two reasons.  1)  When Diggle lies to Oliver, Oliver graciously and immediately goes with the flow, and 2) the “sins of the father” theme is more heartfelt than most episodes.

114.  The Odyssey:  Felicity learns of Oliver’s identity.  Yay!

121.  The Undertaking:  Walter returns home!  If I could wish for anything, it’d be more Walter.

122.  Darkness on the Edge of Town:  The season finale is too dark to put here.  But this episode works, if solely for the Felicity /Diggle exchange:

Diggle:  Let’s go, Barbie.  Your new last name ain’t gonna be Merlyn.
Felicity:  But I love him!  He’s my man!  (softly) You’re my knight in shining armor!

Honorable mentionYears End and Vertigo.