Arrow: Al Sah-Him (321)

Oh fandom, you’re so funny.  One of the first comments I read after “Al Sah-Him” aired was “I hate this show.”  To which I ask, “Then why the hell are you watching it?”  I know, I know.  Sometimes it’s hard to let go of a show you used to enjoy.  But why spend precious time watching something that’s gone sour for you?

In the holy triad of this week’s CW shows, Arrow comes in last.  But it wasn’t a total loss.

Katrina Law plays Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow.

Nyssa: Can we keep her?

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Outlander: The Devil’s Mark (111)

This week’s post is brought to you by Macallen 12 year old Scotch.  Outlander is doing a bit of damage to my pocketbook.  Also my sobriety.*  I just learned you do not drink Scotch on ice.  About that I will paraphrase what I said about my (previous) preference for blended Johnny Walker Red:  I’m secure enough in my Scotch drinking to not worry about what the snobs enthusiasts say.

*Not to worry.  Alcohol isn’t really my drug of choice.  That would be chocolate.

I’m not sure this is my favorite episode (so far), but possibly it is.

Jamie brings Claire to the stones at Craigh na Dun.

Perhaps you can go home again.

Emmys for everyone!

The performances were off the charts.  The way Caitriona Balfe’s voice broke as Claire told Jamie her true story; the many facets of Sam Heughan’s face as Jamie listened, without saying a word.  Lotte Verbeek was riveting as Geillis Duncan sacrificed herself to save Claire.

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Supernatural: Book of the Damned (1018)

Remember when I was so enthralled with the Sam/Charlie chemistry that I forgot Charlie is gay?  One of my dreams was that Sam and Charlie would go off searching for the Book of the Damned.  I got half my wish.  Charlie returned with the book, and it is truly one damned book.

Charlie and Sam discuss the Book of the Damned on Supernatural.

Geek love: still hoping…

As we near the end of season 10, nearly everyone is behaving less than optimally.  In other words, the ususal.  Surprisingly, the brooding Winchester brother is not the one you’d think it would be.  Who’s behaving and who isn’t?

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Outlander: By the Prickling of My Thumbs (110)

Dougal MacKenzie flies into a rage after the death of his wife.

Dougal MacKenzie loses his schniz over the death of a wife we’ve never seen or heard of before.

[This Outlander “non-recap” is brought to you by this week’s Scotch, “The Glenlivet, 12 years of age.”  Hey, that’s what it says on the packaging.  I do not like it as much as last week’s 12-year-old Glenfiddich, but I will persevere and finish the (relatively small) bottle.  Not all at once, mind you, but soon enough to try a different Scotch next week.]

In an episode seemingly designed to lessen my enthusiasm obsession, who ruled the day?  Who lost?  And who sucked arse?


1.  Colum MacKenzie:   Do not mess with the laird.  Gary Lewis (the only Outlander actor whose Scottish brogue is perhaps even more pronounced than his character’s) for the win.  The diminutive actor made not one, but two strapping men cower.  And rightfully so.

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Outlander: The Reckoning (109)

It’s back!

Outlander finally returned after a three- six-month hiatus.  (I discovered the epic series in late December, so my wait time was half that of original viewers.  And even that was too long!)

How did you celebrate?  I pulled out my knitwear (two handwarmers and a 99% finished cowl) and poured myself a glass (or 2) of Scotch, discovering I prefer 12-year-old Glenfiddich to my previous regular Johnny Walker Red.

In keeping with my penchant for lists, lets begin.

1.  Jamie’s voice-over…

… was key to this episode.  It gave us a chance to see what the Scots were up to while Claire was busy being arrested and nearly raped; helped us see Jamie’s perspective of that Controversial Scene; and gave us insight into the politics at Castle Leoch.  But most importantly, it helped move Jamie from the naive young man he was to the intelligent, savvy, adult he is to become.

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The CW’s New Wednesday Line Up (And a Poll!)

Arrow and Supernatural returned with less of a bang than The Flash.  But then, you’d be hard pressed to do as well as “Out of Time.”  I have nothing other than a few random-ish thoughts about both.  How ’bout you?  Anything more cohesive?

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The Flash: Out of Time (115)

Holy cow!  Was that the season ending?  It sure felt like it!  At least we’ll have to wait only one week and not four months to see how things are resolved.  Thank goodness for small favors.

How did our beloved cast of characters fare during this jam-packed week of mega-action?



The Central City Police Department comes under attack.

Three of this week’s top 4 characters are Central City policemen.

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And Now for Something Different

We Interrupt Supernatural Favorites-a-thon…

…to bring you this Outlander Sam Heughan news commentary.

If you watched the recent #Hangoutlander session with the women of That’s Normal, you’ll know their love for Sam Heughan has died down.  Their complaints?  1) He’s let his looks go during the off-season, growing his hair out and sporting a scraggly beard.  2) He seems to be a bit naive with his new-found fame, making un-star-like comments (whatever they may be).  However, Outlander Online posted a page from Cosmopolitan magazine featuring Sam and some of his quotes.  To wit,

British women can be slightly more reserved.  Scottish are little more crazy and fun, and American are more forthright, which I really enjoy.  I haven’t met enough American women.  I think we need to rectify that.

I’d say he’s adjusting to his new fame and giving just the right sound bites quite well.


Three Yays for Arrow: Left Behind (310)

John Diggle takes up the slack in Oliver's absence.

John Diggle—the Un-Arrow

Yay!  :mrgreen:

(Green Arrow—get it?)  Oliver is alive!  Ok, we knew that would happen, but still.  Heck, even Stephen Amell said Oliver was dead (as a deterrent to Olicity) on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Yay!  |_|

The Lazarus Pit wasn’t used.  (That we know of…)

Yay!  🍸

The whole resurrection scenario dovetailed nicely with the flashback.  And Maseo really is Maseo, not whatever League of Assassins name he gave in the last episode.

We shall not dwell on the episode’s negatives.

Your thoughts?

[The Flash and Supernatural thoughts coming soon.]